Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Tired Toes? Pamper Your Feet With Arbonne! MBPHGG17

Thank you to Diandra Adams of Arbonne for providing me with product in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions shared are my own.

This week marks the beginning of my third trimester! This has been an incredibly exciting and busy time for our family. On top of the usual holiday craziness, we have also been house hunting every weekend. By the time Sunday night comes along, my feet are in serious need of TLC.

Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin with Ikotton #MBPHGG17

I was offered a chance to sample Ikotton products in exchange for my honest review.   All thoughts are my own.

I have always been one that finds undergarments uncomfortable because as I grow wider the length of the items does not fit my body type.  My friend, Donna, introduced me to Ikotton and I can tell you I will never go back to standard camisoles or panties.  

Happy Hanukah! Ben Schwartz Eight Days of Latkes Song & Recipe Button: DreamWorks Animation Home for the Holidays

Time for some magic from your friends at DreamWorks Animation Television with Home for the Holidays! Based on the popular Netflix original animated series, Home Adventures with Tip & Oh, the Home for the Holidays special finds Oh experiencing his very first Christmas on earth. Unfamiliar with any of these human traditions, Tip does her best to explain Christmas to Oh and they decide to bring the holiday magic to Boovsland.

Getting Crafty This Christmas

Christmas time is the perfect time to get crafty. Why? Well, nobody really knows! Perhaps the thought of Santa’s elves working tirelessly in their workshops inspires us to get a bit creative? Who knows! But, whatever the reason, Christmas is a time to get crafty, and if you want to do so then make sure to take the crafty hints and tips found below.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Tackle Your Cold Weather Dry Skin With Rustic Edge Goat Milk Soap and Lotion #GIVEAWAY #MBPHGG17

Thank you to Rustic Edge for providing me with product in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed below are my own.

Cold weather dry skin is a huge issue for millions of people and I am one of them. My little boy also has to deal with very dry and painfully red skin during the cold months. Finding remedies that do not burn or irritate the skin even further is a difficult endeavor! I've known the owner of Rustic Edge Soaps for many years now and her unique line of soap, lotion, body scrubs and shampoo bars are the perfect solution for your dry and sensitive skin, all throughout the year.

Monogrammed Gifts to Warm Your Heart & Home by Viv & Lou + 2 Monogrammed Gift #Giveaways! #MBPHGG17

Thank you to Viv and Lou for providing me with product in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts are my own.

The holidays are inching near! I have been so busy decorating  my home for the holidays, and have been in a frenzy trying to get everything wrapped and baked, attend all of the holiday festivities happening in our family, and of course, I am trying to take it easy here and there to actually enjoy the holiday season. As I finish up my holiday shopping this year, I am shying away from gifts that are just being given to have something to give to someone. I am making an effort to make each and every gift intentional, and giving personalized gifts makes them all the more meaningful.

Warm Up with Vegetable Soup #tastytip

It's been cold, wet and snowy here in NC the past couple of days.  I have had the hardest time warming up.  I love vegetable soup and I always feel like it warms me to the bones, so that was our Sunday dinner!  It is so easy to make and I always keep the ingredients on hand for this yummy dish!  

Monday, December 11, 2017

Personalized Holiday Books & More from I See Me #MBPHGG17

Thank you to I See Me for providing me with product in exchange for my review. All thoughts shared are my own.

Last year, I started a sweet tradition with the little girls in our family. I gave a personalized gift to each of them, and hoped that I could continue to do the same this year, as well. Personalized gifs are so special. I started gifting them when my son was just a tiny guy, and as he gets older, I can see how much he appreciates the effort and the thought. My hope is that when all of the kids are grown up, they'll have these wonderful gifts, along with precious memories to look back on.

SureCall EZ 4G is My Christmas Miracle #review #MBPHGG17

Thanks to SureCall for providing me with a sample in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts are my own.

This package from SureCall could not have come at a more perfect time.  We are in the process of moving.  Our new home is further outside of the city limits than we are now.  It's a couple of miles form my parents home and I know how much they and I when I am there struggle with a cell phone signal.  It's not that big a deal for them because they have a land line so they don't use their cell phones at home often.  They aren't texting parents.  The first day we walked through our new home my husband and I both commented on our cell phone signal.  I figured it was something I would deal with a little later.  Well, a little later has come and so has SureCall.

Last Minute Ideas for Stocking Fillers This Christmas

With christmas fast approaching, there’s a good chance you’ll be in one of two camps;
either, you’re prepared and ready like the person that gets to the airport a few hours early
before their flight with all their toiletries in a clear plastic bag; or you’ve put things off and are
leaving things to the last minute for a mad dash.  If you can relate to the latter you might want to
check out the 2017 Christmas Gift Guide if you’re still yet to find If you’re looking for some
inspiration.  This article, however, covers last minute ideas for stocking fillers.

A Little Story About Coffee, Sort Of: Motivational Monday

What better way to start a Monday morning than with some coffee? Yesterday, a friend shared something that I thought was pretty great. It started with coffee, but turned ended up being about much more. 
Say what you will about social media, but over the years I have read some of the most timely posts. I've been really struggling over the last couple of weeks and I know there have been (at least) a few times when I wasn't the most pleasant person in the world.
The post really touched my heart while reminding me how important it is to stay full of joy, peace, and gratefulness.  
I hope you enjoy it too! 

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Unique Gifs for Car Lovers

Have a car lover in your life? It's fun to want to give them a fun car related gift for the holidays, but it can also be stressful trying to find them something that hasn't been done a million times over. Thinking outside of the box can be a challenge, but giving something that the recipient may never have thought of can make giving the gift even more exciting and fun- for them, and for you!
Here are a few clever gift ideas for car lovers to think about this holiday season.

14 Days Until Christmas Eve

Today marks 14 days until Christmas Eve and I have to say this year I have been slacking with the shopping.  For some reason my heart is not as into it as it been in other years.  So while I try to work out of my "funk" I wanted to share my tidbits for how to handle the last minute shopping, the gift exchange at work, and of course my favorite... baking.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Weekends with the Wigglesworths- The First Snow of the Season

Happy Saturday! I've been waiting for this particular Saturday for a couple of weeks, and now that it's here, it is snowing! Today, the plan is to surprise D by going out with a few of her close friends for pizza and a movie to celebrate her 10th birthday. Now that it's snowing, there may be some trouble with the plan.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Safety Tips for New Drivers

Getting a driver's license is a rite of passage for many teens. After spending months in a driver's education class, and practicing driving with parents and instructors, it can be so exciting to finally have that little card or slip of paper that allows kids to get behind the wheel and out on the road all on their own. Letting them go, however, is another story. It's natural for parents to worry about their new driver, and though it may taper off down the road, anxiety will be high for many months after a teen starts driving. It's a good idea to have a heart to heart with your new driver about safe driving practices, and to even provide them with a few safety tips that they can refer to when they're off on their own.

If I'm Dreaming, Please Don't Wake Me Up!

When winter arrives in our little corner of the world, it seems as though the energy changes. My husband gets an extra pep in his step as he relives his fondest childhood memories of playing in the snow, my children exuberantly rush to transform into big marshmallow puffs of layers and the visual beauty of the world outside of our window becomes breathtaking. 

Keep Track of Anything & Everything with the TILE Style & Sport Combo Pack #MBPHGG17

Thanks to Tile for providing me with a sample in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts are my own.

Are you prone to losing things? My family has a running joke at my dad's expense... he is notorious for losing his keys. He has a huge ring of keys and you can hear him coming from a mile away. Yep- we know him by the clang of his keys. He leaves his keys everywhere, and tends to misplace them at work... a lot. For years, my mom, sister, and I suffered through not being able to leave restaurants, church functions or family gatherings until dad found his keys. Dad doesn't really misplace his keys anymore, and it's all thanks to a handy and smart little device.

Best Dressed: Preparing Your Teen For Prom In Plenty Of Time

At this time of year, it might feel a little early to be thinking about prom. You may be busy with the holidays coming up, but before long, you’re going to find yourself relaxing a little bit and maybe even with some time to kill. And so it’s the perfect time to be planning out prom with your teen. Before long, you’re going to be back in the swing of your weekly routine, and your teenager is going to be buried under school books. So, you may not have as much time to plans things out with them as soon as the new year kicks off. But by starting now, not only can you get ahead, but you’ll have plenty of time to ensure that things are exactly how they want them.

Homemade Biscuits & Honey Butter #Recipe: A Holiday Tradition

This post is sponsored by Aunt Sue's. All thoughts are my own.

When I think about holiday gatherings and family traditions, I think of honey butter. It might seem strange to some, but when my husband's family gathers for a meal, there are always fresh biscuits and honey butter at the ready. My mother-in-law loves to bake baking powder biscuits for our family. She knows the recipe like the back of her hand and can whip up a batch in mere minutes. The icing on the flaky, yet fluffy and warm biscuits? Honey butter, of course- something that I'd never even tried until I became a part of my hubby's family, and I'm not sure how I ever lived without it beforehand.

Homemade Home and Beauty Products from Thompson Traditions #review #MBPHGG17

 Thank you to Ashley Trull Thompson from Thompson Traditions for the products. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

I was so happy to connect with Thompson Traditions again as I've been lucky to sample some of her products in the past. This round came with a bit of stuff for the home and a little stuff for me. Being 7 months pregnant and having a 2 year old, I love having a few spa products I can use in my home at my convenience. If you know someone who feels the same, check out what Thompson Traditions has to offer. 

The Honest Truth About Getting Gifts for Your Child's Teachers

I am currently in my seventh year of teaching at one of our local middle schools. By the time students get to middle school the gift giving begins to dwindle because now students have 6+ teachers instead of one or two. Purchasing six extra gifts can be a bit time consuming and if you have more than one child then you really have your hands full during the holiday season.  I'm here to give you some dos and don'ts about teacher gifts to make sure your time and money are appreciated. 

Sweetly Delicious Gifts You Can't Pass Up On This Christmas

Whether you are a Christian or have another faith, or if you have no faith at all, at the very heart of Christmas is a feast for everyone to come together and celebrate peace and love. These are the core ideas of the festival and it doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from, when you join around the dinner table and eat together, it is this that speaks to everyone.

It's Time To Assess Your Sleep Hygeine

When it comes to feeling good every day, sleep is often the most important thing to keep you going. We all know how terrible we feel with a lack of sleep, and often this is what plagues us. Working long hours with a small amount of time for recreation can tempt us to stay up late, and every morning we dread that 6am alarm clock. If you’re to live long, healthily and with a great degree of energy, you must sleep.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Delight Your Senses with Yankee Candle Holiday Scents #MBPHGG17

Thank you to Yankee Candle for providing me with product in exchange for my review. All thoughts shared are my own.

One of the best parts of any holiday, is decorating your home to look and feel the part. I don't have a ton of space to decorate the way I would like to for every holiday that comes along. Christmas is one of the holidays that I go 'all out' for in terms of decorating, but again, there just isn't a lot of room in our adorable Craftsman home. Adding candles to our decor is one of the ways that I add a touch of holiday sparkle to my home.

How to Gift a Car for the Holidays

We've all seen the commercials with gorgeous new cars donning big, beautiful bows and being given as Christmas gifts. Many of us may scratch our heads at the idea, but the truth is- there are actually a good amount of people who gift cars during the hoidays. Whatever the reason, gifting a car is a wonderful gesture, be it for someone in need, or for a friend or family member. There's definitely a right way to go about gifting a car, and if it's been something that you've been thinking about, read on to find some great tips!

Make a Statement in Gorgeous Fashion Jewelry from Statement Bauble + $50.00 GC #Giveaway #MBPHGG17

 Thank you to Statement Baubles for providing me with product in exchange for my review. All thoughts are my own.

Ring a ding-ding! This mama loves bling! I'm not usually one for flashy anything, but I do enjoy wearing tasteful bling! My style is pretty classic. I love to wear black accent jewelry with neautral colors or gemtones. I'm not always able to dress up as much as I'd like to, so being able to wear gorgeous fashion jewelry helps me to amp up my look, wheteher I'm spending a day at home with the kids, or headed to a meeting.

BOB Books Helps Your Child Learn to Read! MBPHGG17

Thank you to BOB Books for providing me with product for my review. All thoughts and opinions shared below are my own.

My four year old soaks up information like a sponge. She's always asking brilliant questions and making observations that surprise me and my husband. She has a desire to learn, and that makes it fun to teach her. We do a lot of home school activities with her to satisfy her curiosity, and she has been showing all the signs that she's ready to start reading!

This Year, Give Them Brain Power With NeuroBox #MBPHGG17 #Giveaway

Thank you to NeuroBox for providing me with product for my review. All thoughts and opinions shared below are my own.

As someone who lost my grandmother after seeing her battle with Alzheimer's, I know the importance of keeping your brain healthy. The brain remains a great mystery to everyone, including the world's top scientists, but they all do agree that keeping your mind active is important to your health. With so many brain-boosting products on the market, it's hard to know what actually works.

Don't Miss Out on Peace and Joy this Holiday Season

I've been feeling sort of Scroogey lately. I love the Christmas season, but this year, it comes with much more stress than I'd like to admit. I am used to feeling on top of my game at all times, and this year, I just feel tired... burnt out. My kids have been sick multiple times this fall, and just the other day, I couldn't get out of bed, thanks to a shared 24 hour stomach virus. One step forward, seven steps back.

Fun and Educational: Gifts To Inspire The Family to Learn

Now, when it comes to Christmas presents, it’s understandable that most people tend to veer towards the fun and cool, or whatever happens to be in style that year. There is another option, however, and that is to buy a present that A. is fun B. they’ll love, and C. ensures they will learn something at the same time! Below, we take a look at a few gift ideas that will teach your family members a thing or two...and they might not even realise they’re learning.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Winter Driving Tips to Keep You Safe

When was the last time you took a drive on a snowy or icy road? You probably wouldn't venture out for a drive in the snow just for the fun of it. Snow and ice, while beautiful, can be incredibly dangerous and cause headaches for motorists. The reality is that it's not always possible for everyone to stay off the roads when winter weather strikes. Many professionals still have to have a way to get to work, even when many other businesses or schools are closed. There are, of course, lots of wonderful tips to help keep you safe if you do find yourself having to drive on snow-covered roads.

Delicious Holiday Confections Delivered Right to Their Door- Dancing Deer Baking Co. #MBPHGG17

Thank you to Dancing Deer Baking Co. for providing me with product for my review. All thoughts and opinions shared below are my own.

There's something everyone at my house can agree on, we all love cookies! Being pregnant during the holidays is basically my idea of heaven. I get to eat all the most delicious treats without any judgement. Also, I always get first choice of my favorite flavor!

Surprise A Special Kid In Your Life With HATCHIMALS SURPRISE! #MBPHGG17

Thank you to Spinmaster and Hatchimal for providing me with product for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed below are my own.

If you have children (and probably even if you don't) you understand the craze that surrounds Hatchimals! Kids everywhere are going bananas for these amazing little electronic animals that actually "hatch" in an egg and become an adorable pet that interacts with people and in the case of the new Hatchimal Surprise eggs, interacts with it's very own twin!

Get Your Home Smelling Amazing with Scentsy Products from AmyLeigh

*I received the products in this post free of charge for Mommy's Block Party holiday gift guide, all opinions are my own.

Are you looking to find some awesome Scentsy products?

Is Your Family Prepared for Pets?

Around 6.5 million pets arrive in American shelters every year, with 1.5 million of these sadly euthanized as they are unable to be housed. Having a pet is a big commitment, one which might come as a shock to some families who may not be prepared for the level of care and attention a pet needs. How can you and your family decide on whether you are ready to keep a pet?

Learn While Playing with HABA's Zookeeper Sorting Box and Marcus & Marcus Learning Chopsticks #review #MBPHGG17

Christmas always provides challenges. Your kids are great and deserve presents, but you don't want a ton of presents cluttering the house. You want the presents to be worthwhile and maybe a little educational when possible. 

Hendrix still very much enjoys playing with toys, all of his toys. He'll rediscover something he hadn't played with in a week and it is like it is brand new. I love toys that come with a variety of learning components since Hendrix spends so much time with them. HABA offers a wide selection of toys that are very well made and are excellent learning tools. 

Christmas Movie Memories #Wordless Wednesday

Snapped this picture of my daughters watching Pooh's New Year movie. I love that they are both at an age where they can make special memories together! Times like this remind me to slow down and enjoy what's going on around me, you never know what you might be missing.

Find Your Favorite Brew from Intelligent Blends #MBPHGG17

Thank you to Intelligent Blends for providing me with product in exchange for review. All thoughts are my own.

I have found myself extra stressed this holiday season. The kids have been sick, which means that I have also been sick off and on. Work is always piling up, kind of like the diry laundry in the wash room. Someone always needs something every moment that I am awake, and some days, I long for a quiet moment, just to sit in a dimly lit room, in total quiet, first thing in the morning. My first cup of coffee each morning helps set the tone for the rest of my day, so why not start off with an extrodinary blend?

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Books to Delight Chicagoans #MBPHGG17

Are you stumped when it comes to giving the perfect gift to that someone in your life who has Chicago roots? My husband's family hails from the Chicago area. This Jersey girl doesn't know much about the northern midwest and doesn't pretend to, either. For years, I've heard about how amazing Chicago is, and how much I just need to get there to experience this wonderful city. I did once have to catch a connecting flight in Chicago, but my husband told me that I can't count that as actually having been there- even though, technically, I have.

Put Your Favorite City Or State On Display With Point Two Maps + #GIVEAWAY #MBPHGG17

Thank you to Point Two Design for providing me with product for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions shared below are my own. 

A few years ago, my family moved into a large plantation style home. It was literally one big, blank canvas. The previous owners (and also builders) had the intention to make it a venue as well as a home. The finishes were all very fancy and high-end but also neutral. The wall colors were all neutral as well and as beautiful as this home was, it was begging for color and personality! I've spent the last few years turning this stark castle into the warm home of our dreams and little by little I have found treasure companies that have helped me to do so. Point Two is a company that creates art that helps YOU tell your story. 

How to Drive Safely in Unexpected Winter Weather

Have you ever found yourself away from home when unexpected winter weather hits? Mother nature is often unpredictable, and even the most sophisticated weather technology sometimes gets the forecast wrong. This time of year, it's best to be prepared for driving in wintry weather, just to be safe. Temperatures can change drastically in a very short amount of time, and using good judgement and proper driving techiques in inclement weather can keep you and your family safe.

Oilogic- All-natural Solutions For Busy Parents #MBPHGG17

Thank you to Oilogic for providing me with product for my review. All thoughts and opinions shared below are my own.

I have always been one to try natural solutions before jumping to stronger medications (within reason, of course). I find that a lot of the time, the natural way can be more effective and safe while saving me some money. Unfortunately, a lot of these methods have not been approved for kids and I prefer to not use my kids as guinea pigs! 

5 Tasty Treats to Enjoy Over the Holidays

In addition to trying to find the perfect gifts this holiday season, I've also been looking for the perfect treats to enjoy.  Don't get me wrong, I have a few favorites that have become a tradition to make and are well loved (be sure to check #3), but there's always room for more. Because I don't want to go overboard, I've only selected 5 recipes (4 really, because we always make #3) to test out. Check them out and let me know what you think!

What to Look for Before Buying a Memory Foam Mattress
Getting a comfy sleep at night is priceless. Your complete day is affected by your night sleep. While the normal mattresses do provide you with a proper rest, but a lot of consumers are going for memory foam mattresses to add to their overall comfort. Memory foam is ultra-supportive, comfy and thick material which adjusts to different body types when resting and gets back to shape once you rise. It supports the body in every position, permitting hips, back and shoulder to rest effortlessly.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Family Travel Hacks for tYour Next Road Trip

Planning for a holiday adventure with your family can be exciting and stressful, especially if you happen to be traveling with little ones. For many families, road trips are happy events, which can bring about bonding and make for fun memoties. They can also quickly be cast aside, and deemed as stressful, causing unwanted anxiety for parents who have to make the trip a success, while keeping the kids happy, and keeping the family safe on the road. Here are a few simple travel hacks to make the trip a safe and memorable one.

Interior Design: Give Your Shack Its Mojo Back

If your house is looking a little worse for wear then it’s time you did something about that. The word “renovation” might make you wince as you start to imagine money vanishing from your bank account but it doesn’t have to be a costly venture. Here are some simple time-effective and cost-effective ways to give your shack its mojo back.

Must have appliances for any kitchen!

 Thank you to Bulbhead for providing products for review. All thoughts are 100% my own.

My husband grew up in the house we live in. It was not his primary residence growing up but the modest 900 square foot ranch home served as a living space for his grandfather when he was working on the farm. That almost always included my husband by his side and he was told from an early age that this house was his. Fast forward to 2006 and my husband took over responsibility for the house that was in dire need of some love and just a short eleven years later this house has more love and blessings than we ever thought possible. 

Holiday Top 5's!

Gifts, Music, Movies OH MY!

 Check out my list of holiday top 5 favorites and maybe snag some ideas for your upcoming shopping adventures, mood-setting music choices and memory-making movie marathons! 

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Are Your Craft Skills Feeling Rusty? There's No Better Time To Get Them Back!

Are you the kind of person who collects crafting magazines but never actually makes anything from them? Or perhaps you have a Pinterest account that's absolutely filled with ideas and inspiration for projects that you have no real intention of ever actually trying? Don't worry; it's nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, you're in pretty good company. The truth is that plenty of people find themselves in the same exact position where they would like to be able to make things and start little projects of their own, but they lack either time, the energy, or the motivation to actually turn them into a reality. Of course, that's not the way things have to be. If you've really got a drive to create something, you shouldn't let any of the stresses of modern life stand in the way. And hey, what better time of year could there be to start working out those crafting muscles again? With that in mind, here are a few incredibly simple things that you can do to finally get started with all of those crafting projects you've been putting off.

Try something new

art, artistic, arts and crafts

Stop by Earth Fare Greensboro and Check Out Their New Look + $25.00 Earth Fare Gift Card #Giveaway

This post is sponsored by Earth Fare. All thoughts are my own.

When I think of healthy, fresh foods, I immediately think of Earth Fare as my go-to grocery store. The first time I stepped foot in an Earth Fare store was several years ago in Asheville, NC. I was highly impressed by their extensive line-up of healthy foods.
Established in 1975, Earth Fare has been offering healthy choices to local communities for decades. The Greensboro, NC Earth Fare store has been around for sixteen years, and recently got a bit of a facelift.