Monday, January 23, 2017

Children in Church: Welcome in this Place

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Nothing is as easy as 1-2-3 when you have kids. Babies are babies- they're adorable, they're unpredictable, and yes- they make noise. Sometimes they make noise during church. at restaurants, etc. So are we to make the parents of these precious children feel isolated by complaining about something as trivial as this?

Church is to be a welcoming place, for all people- including families with young kids and/or babies. The minute complaints are issued about kids being kids or babies being babies and doing what they do best, the message that is sent (whether or not it be intentional), is that the kids aren't welcome in church.

Nursery is awesome- and if your kids will go without having a complete meltdown, I envy you. Mine will not, and I care too much about the well-being of my baby to leave her screaming for an hour.
How about a little compassion for the exhausted and tired parents who give their all just so they can be in church on Sunday morning? How about a little patience, tolerance, and grace for the families who just want to sit and worship together for 15 minutes or an hour, if they're lucky, a week, despite the wiggles and the occasional baby talk?

No parent should have to come to church feeling anxiety over whether or not someone is going to complain about their baby or their child. Honestly, that's absurd. No family should be made to feel like they have to 'sit worship out,' or spend the service in the lobby. No parent intentionally sits in worship with a dispruptive child- I promise you this. A parent's decision to take their baby or child out during worship is just that... the PARENT's decision.

All this just to say to the other parents out there, please don't ever feel like you can't bring your babies or kids to church (this is a general statement, including all churches). I know in my heart that God desires their presence, their beautiful worship (claps, coos, cries- all of it), and there IS a place for them (and no- it doesn't have to be in the nursery or the lobby). If you don't have kids, or don't have little ones anymore, I humbly ask that you put yourself in the shoes of the tired mama/dad or the parents. Perhaps think back to a time where you were the parent of a sweet baby or child who made some noise, or wouldn't sit still- and you felt all eyes on you, just waiting for you to make the decision to walk out of the crowded room with your child... when all you desired was to worship and fellowship with your brothers and sisters in Christ.

Let's have the church be a welcoming place. Let's show love and compassion. Let's ask ourselves if we're speaking life before issuing complaints that can hurt others. Let's tear down the walls of isolation, instead of allowing them to be built up. <3 p="">

Shoplet teams with House of Doolittle #review

Shoplet has what you need to take your business into the new year.  They have some wonderful products from House of Doolittle that are perfect for those business meetings.  I love all the products that Shoplet has allowed me to share with all of you.  I hope you will take some time to look around their web page for all your business needs.  Chances are they have everything you will need!!

I love notebooks and will enjoy using this beautiful one.

Glad it has lined pages...those are a must for me.

Very professional meeting planner. 

Has room for all the information you will need to jot down for your meeting.

Want it?  Buy it!
Head over to Shoplet for all your office supplies, cleaning supplies, medical supplies, office furniture and House of Doolittle products.  You can also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram.

Special thanks to my wonderful friends at Shoplet!  It is always a pleasure to work with them and share all of their wonderful products.

One Sip Gets Me Going! #mondaymotivation

I don't usually need too much motivation to get up and moving in the morning because I am a morning person.  I love Iced Coffee. I have my favorite flavor and my favorite cup.  I make it in a big Tervis tumbler every morning so that it will last until snack time at school. It's my every morning treat! If you are a coffee drinker in the morning, you know how that first sip tastes.  Yummy!!  

What gets you going in the mornings?

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Make your kiddos smile with a simple act of kindness #RandomActsofKindness

I don't know how I forgot about the most simple little thing in the entire world to do to make your kiddo smile. Stick a little note in their lunch box!!!!

Something simple... just a little "Hope you are having a GREAT day! Love~ Mom "

I used to do this all the time with my oldest daughter... then the whirl wind of my Irish Twins came... and I TOTALLY forgot about it! Those crazies are now in 1st & 2nd grade.. and I stuck notes in their lunch boxes on Friday... and they were SO excited when they got home!!

So this week... Stick a little love note in your kiddos lunch and make their day! 💗

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Weekends with the Wigglesworths- Make a Good Memory Everyday

I have a confession to make, I am a General Hospital fan. I have been watching the show, on and off, since I was a little girl catching it with my Gram and my Mom. I was catching up on episodes yesterday, and one of the characters (Michael, in case you were wondering)  said something that I thought was pretty great. I can't remember it verbatim, but it was something to the effect of "I try to create a good memory each day, so that I don't have time to worry about the past".

For some reason, this line really struck me. I try to find the positive in each day, but I love the idea of really focusing on creating a positive moment for each day. Today, it looks like the weather will be more spring-like than winter, so I think maybe we'll head to the park and have a picnic. I don't have any ideas for what to do after, but I am sure we will find something. 

Focusing on creating a happy memory each day really falls in line with my goal of living a more purposeful life. The word purposeful has been on my heart since the end of last year, so it kind of became "theme word" for 2017. 

What happy memories will you create today? 

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