Monday, May 22, 2017

Don't Worry, Home Haircuts Actually Aren't that Hard!

Even if you're not that crazy about frugal living, every household tries to keep expenses low wherever (and whenever) it's possible.

Family haircuts are one of those things that might fly under your radar. Especially if you've got a few kids running around the house, haircutting costs can really pile up. At the same time, though, quite a few people hesitate to go the home clippers' way. For some, it seems a bit difficult and/or they worry they won't be able to shape proper haircuts.

Get the Kids Ready for Summer with Moccs & More from Freshly Picked #Giveaway

Do you love styling your baby in the hottest moccs available? If you do, I'm sure you've heard of Freshly Picked. Freshly Picked has an incredible selection of gorgeous, trendy moccs that are comfy for babies to wear, and stay on their feet.

Freshly Picked all began with Founder, Susan Petersen, creating moccs out of scrap leather at her kitchen table, back in 2009. Today, Freshly Picked has shipped their stylish moccs to the rich and famous, and to mocc-lovers all over the world.

The Mom in the Mirror

Do you ever stumble into the bathroom early in the morning, still half asleep? You know... when the rest of the family is still snoozing, and the house is still quiet. You haven't had that first sip of coffee yet, so you're still in a fog. You use the bathroom, wash your hands, and you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror. There's just enough light coming from the night light your child insists that you leave on for them, for you to catch your early morning self, staring back at you in the mirror... and honey, it ain't pretty!

The Benefits Of Growing Your Own Vegetables

It might seem odd to try and grow your own vegetables when the store is more convenient, yet more people are now looking to starting their own vegetable gardens. The benefits of growing your own produce isn’t just limited to food; it’s ethically sound, it’s easy on your wallet, and it can be good for you physical and mental health. Keep reading to find out why it may be time for you start your own vegetable garden.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Cars 3 Road to the Races is Racing into Theaters June 16th

Who's ready for Cars 3 Road to the Races to hit the theaters?  We love the Cars movies and can't wait to see Cars 3.  The Cars 3 Road to the Races tour is the perfect way to gear up for the opening of the movie.  The tour rolled in to the Charlotte Motor Speedway this weekend.

Acts of Kindness- Out for Dinner

Often, when you hear about an act of kindness at a restaurant, the story is about a patron being kind. This one is about a kind waitress!