Friday, July 28, 2017

Take Me Out to the Ball Game! Frederick Keys Baseball #Travel Friday

We recently won tickets to see our local minor league baseball team, the Frederick Keys of Frederick, Maryland. It was my daughters first time going to a baseball game and we had an amazing time!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Have You Lost Your Joy? How You Start Your Day Makes All the Difference!

How do you start each day? Right now, my morning routine is all off-kilter. It's summertime, everyone is home, and if I'm honest, I'm counting the days until school starts. I love having my family home with me, but trying to work from home with a full house can be quite stressful. We've taken a lot of trips this summer, and have been very blessed to be able to do so. Those trips have helped Sacha and me keep the kids busy, and filled with child-like wonder. These off days at home, however, have been less than pleasant. Constant travel and days where the high temperatures keep us from being able to play outside have given way to bad attitudes- including my own. How do I keep my heart in the right 'frame of mind' when there are constant mini-explosions and meltdowns all around me?

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Moving House With Kids: Make The Experience A Nice One

If you plan on moving house with your children, there are a number of different ways that you can turn this (possibly) negative experience into an exciting one instead.
Here's how.

Paint a picture
This can mean either metaphorically or literally. Being able to visualize you and your child's future together, is not only a wonderful bonding moment, but it allows room for your child to adjust mentally, and even have something to look forward to. Talk about how you can decorate their bedroom. Ask what colors they want it to be, and what theme it should have.

EatSmart Precision Elite Digital Kitchen Scale #review

Thank you to Precision Elite Digital Kitchen Scale for the product. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

For those who are looking to lead a healthier lifestyle or even if you're an avid burger maker and griller in the summer, you need the EatSmart Precision Elite Digital Kitchen Scale. It is easy to operate and easy to read. 

Soak in the Beauty of Your Surroundings #WordlessWednesday

There's beauty all around... will you choose to look for it today?

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Child Illness Misdiagnosis: A Step By Step Guide To Putting Things Right

Lots of children have to visit doctors and spend time in the hospital. That is because their young bodies are still getting used to the world. So, there are often many complications that need sorting out during those early years. In most instances, doctors will take a look at the symptoms, perform some tests, and then present the parents with a diagnosis. That information will shape the way in which the parents choose to treat their child. The issue is that more professionals than ever before are making mistakes. That could lead to severe consequences for the individual, and it could mean the child suffers greatly. With that in mind, all parents should follow the step by step procedure outlined below.