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Sharing the Love with Cosmic and Eternal Love Bracelets and Coloring Books #review #giveaway

I'm excited to share this beautiful bracelet and coloring book with you!  The Radha bracelet is very feminine and delicate.  It is so pretty and I absolutely love it, but it is very tiny and doesn't fit on my wrist.  My niece will love it and it will look beautiful on her tiny wrist.  I love the little feathers on it.  My favorite part is that it has a very cute magnetic clasp that doesn't even look like a clasp.  That makes it so much easier to put on yourself.  I also love the coloring book that I received.  I love to color.  It is so relaxing and this is one beautiful coloring book.  The details on each page are amazing and I love that there is a sweet love story that goes along with the page you are coloring.  You definitely want to check out these wonderful things from Amrita Sen.  There are some other beauties on the webpage.  

Beautiful bracelet

Love the leaves.

 Nice magnetic clasp

Isn't it lovely??

My new favorite coloring book

Can you imagine this page filled with color?

Look at the amazing details.

                                                                      Radha Bracelet
Bracelet: As unique as you are! Complete any wardrobe choice with this gorgeous silver and pearl beaded bracelet. Enjoy designing your own signature looks by combining this piece with other pieces in the set.
Some info about Amrita Sen...
 I am a musician and a visual artist.  Oftentimes, people think of music and visual arts to be distinct and unrelated art forms, at least from a technical standpoint.  But for me, when I perform or write music, I see art.  When I draw or paint, I hear music.  I know there are other people like me who “hear color and see notes.”  And I think there are even more people who appreciate those things that combine the two worlds.
When I first learned of the coloring book format, I realized it was not only a way for people to meditate and express their creativity, but it was also a way for people to tap into senses that they thought didn’t exist.  What if a book could make you feel the emotion of a deep love story, see how a world is built and how characters navigate that world and hear the soundscapes they lived in?  And what if you could put your own spin on this book?  That’s what I am hoping to achieve with Cosmic and Eternal Love.  I hope that readers and coloring book enthusiasts have the same multi-dimensional creative experience I had.  I am excited to share this universal story that has existed in Indian mythology for many millennia, and I am even more excited that I had a chance to make it contemporary and fill it with pop music.  Inside the book, you will find 15 original compositions that allow the book to be read like a musical play, -albeit a play with very modern pop music with hints of Bollywood tunes.  I hope you have as much fun as I did!

 Want it?  Buy it!
Head on over to the Cosmic and Eternal Love webpage.  There are so many beautiful items to look at and purchase.  You can also connect with them on Facebook and Instagram.

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Special thanks to Amrita Sen for allowing me to share her beautiful bracelet and coloring book with you all.  It was a pleasure to work with you.

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Pump On the Go with Kaylaa Bags Breast Pump Bags #Review + Breast Pump Bag #Giveaway

Breast Pump Bag I recieved from Kaylaa designs.

Last month, I returned to work part time as a nurse.  This was after spending 3 blissful (and exhausting, and amazing, and challenging, and surreal) months with my new baby girl.  I have been blessed to be able to exclusively breastfeed my sweet girl and it has been amazing to watch her grow so much from what my body provides for her! As I returned to work, I knew that we would face some new challenges on our breastfeeding journey. Being away from my daughter meant I would have to pump and provide bottles for her sitter…

I developed a healthy dose of what I like to call “pump anxiety”…
Will I be able to pump enough?

Will she consistently take a bottle?

Will my supply tank being away from her?

How will someone as unorganized as me keep up with transporting pump parts and bottles here there and everywhere?

I am happy to report that after a month of being back at work, I have been able to provide enough milk for my baby girl to be at the sitter’s 2 days a week, just pumping while at work.  If you don’t already know, there are laws protecting breastfeeding moms all over the country.  Your employer must provide enough time, and a private space (this space cannot be a bathroom) for you to pump as often as necessary for up to a year after your baby is born! It’s not necessarily paid breaks, but it is a protection afforded so you can continue to provide the best for your babe, even if you must return to work!

This was a relief to me, and thankfully my employer has been very supportive of my needing to pump!  Another thing that has helped me in this new pumping journey is this great bag that was provided to me by Kaylaa Bags. They sent me their premium breast pump bag free of charge for my honest review of the product.

I was very excited about the opportunity to work with Kaylaa Bags on this product review.  I can tell that they are really trying to help out breastfeeding moms! They have a blog on their website with tips and stories to help inspire us mommas!  They have even made this great infographic, detailing breastmilk storage guidelines!
Infographic from Kaylaa Bags
  Check out their website to view the beautiful options for their premium breast pump bag.  I was sent the Rosy weekend design for review, which was perfect since I am a big fan of all things orange here in vol country!

The Rosy Weekend Kaylaa Bag

Inside of the bag

Inside of one of the collapsible and insulated side pockets

I received the bag very quickly and was so excited to open it up.  It was packaged very carefully and the bag, as well as the detachable strap was wrapped carefully to ensure they were protected on their way to me. 

Features of the Premium Breast Pump Bag
The features are detailed on the web site and include:
·         Fit most portable breast pumps, including Medela Pump in Style, Freestyle; Spectra S1, S2; Lancinoh; Ameda Purely Yours, and many more

·         Easy to clean high-density premium nylon for high durability

·         Dual water and spill resistant, insulated pockets that can keep milks cold up to six hours with ices packs.

·         Fits your breast pump, plus every pumping necessities you will need

·         Collapsible pump pockets for even more space when needed

·         Breast Pump Bag dimensions: 15.8 x 15.8 x 7.9 inches

The bag is very high quality and beautiful with the gold zipper accents.  It easily holds everything that I need to transport to and from work.  I have never been much of a bag carrier, but with everything that I must tote back and forth these days, this bag has been a life saver!  My favorite feature is definitely the insulated pockets.  One side perfectly stores my pump and the other side can be packed with ice packs for transporting the milk that I pump!
What's in my bag?:
My Kaylaa pump bag can hold everything I need for work and pumping/storing breastmilk for my little one!

My Medela Pump InStyle fits perfectly in one of the side pockets

The other side pocket holds my bottles and keeps them cold with the ice packs

even with everything I take to and from work, I still have room for more!

My Kaylaa bag all packed up for work!

All ready for work!

The other beautiful design on their site is a classic black and white pump bag called “Luxury Stripe”.
Luxury Stripe Premium Pump Bag

These beautiful bags are definitely a way to “Pump in Style” if you must return to work after having a baby!  They are high quality, with classic style options, and are definitely big enough to transport anything and everything you might need!  You could even use this bag as your diaper bag when you are with baby! I would say that this bag would be extremely useful for all moms, whether you are a working mom, exclusively pumping mom, or any kind of mom on the go (which, I don’t know of any mom’s that aren’t on the go!)! 

Want it? Get it!

These bags are currently on sale for $119.95-$129.95, which is a great price for such a high quality bag! Head to Kaylaa Bags to learn more or to shop for a bag.

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Special thanks to Kaylaa Bags for allowing me to share about their gorgeous Breast Pump Bags, and for offering this wonderful giveaway for our readers!

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words #WordlessWednesday

These two are my heart. They are more than I ever hoped for, and everything I prayed for. They are the most precious gifts that God could ever bless me with. Their love for one another is so beautiful. I know that as they grow up together, they may not always get along, but B will have a special little sister, and Baby S will have a wonderful big brother. I know that they'll be the very best of friends one day. I thank God every day for allowing me to be their mom.

Gift Guide for Men

Buying gifts can be tricky. If you’ve known someone for a long time it can especially difficult to give a unique gift. While the internet and magazines are awash with gift ideas for women, it can be more difficult to find inspiring gifts for men. If you’re struggling, take a look at this guide for some great gift ideas for the men in your life…


If your gift recipient loves gadget why not buy him the latest offering from the tech world? From tablets to tin can openers. Technology covers a wide range of budgets and tastes. Keep up to date with the latest goings on in the world of gadgets and you can find a great deal on some items. Speakers are a good gift to give. Depending on your budget opt for home cinema style speakers if you want to spend big, or smaller headphones for a practical everyday option. Cameras and gaming are also big hits, so be sure to check these out if you’re thinking of buying a tech gift. 

Leather Goods

Giving a thoughtful gift is often about giving a keepsake. Leather goods are a great gift to give to mark a big birthday or anniversary. Choose a wallet, card holder, or even a briefcase. There are some great designs out there which will make great gifts that last a lifetime. Invest in a good quality, real leather item, they may be expensive but they will last. If you want to add a personal touch, get your leather good embossed with the recipient's initials, or a message. 


There are some great grooming gifts for men out there! Although this sounds practical and boring, it really doesn’t have to be. From shaving sets to bath products, gift sets are a great way to present practical items in an exciting way. Nose hair trimmers are also a good idea, and not something you might think to buy yourself. The most important criteria of a nose hair trimmer is that it elegantly and subtly solves an inelegant problem! Shop around for some sleek designs that will fit right into any bathroom cabinet. 


Stationery is another great gift idea. Similar to grooming, it can seem a bit practical to make an exciting present, but it will definitely be cherished. Pens, notebooks, and even business cards, all show some extra thought and effort. It’s a gift that will be used everyday, and make a stylish addition to any man’s office! 

Food and Drink

Treat someone special to some thoughtful chosen food and drink items. This could be as simple as an artisan cheese and their favourite whisky. Or you could buy a range of food and drink products and make a hamper style gift. It’s practical and thoughtful, but still an exciting gift. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


The adventure-filled past of the iconic scoundrel and everyone’s favorite Wookiee is going before cameras this month when principal photography on the untitled Han Solo Star Wars Story officially began February 20th at Pinewood Studios, London.

The movie will explore the duo’s adventures before the events of Star Wars: A New Hope, including their early encounters with that other card-playing rogue from a galaxy far, far away, Lando Calrissian.

Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are directors co-piloting the movie, with a cast that includes Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo, Woody Harrelson, Emilia Clarke, Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian, Thandie Newton, and Phoebe Waller-Bridge, with Joonas Suotamo as Chewbacca.

“Watching such inspired people from all over the world, with such unique voices, come together for the sole purpose of making art, is nothing short of miraculous,” Lord and Miller said. “We can't think of anything funny to say, because we just feel really moved, and really lucky.”

Written by Lawrence and Jon Kasdan, it will be produced by Kathleen Kennedy, Allison Shearmur, Simon Emanuel and co-produced by Kiri Hart, Susan Towner and Will Allegra. Lawrence Kasdan and Jason McGatlin will executive produce.

Crewing the ship will be some of the industry’s top talent, including Academy Award nominee for his work on “Arrival,” Bradford Young (Director of Photography), Chris Dickens (Editor), Dominic Tuohy (SFX Supervisor), Rob Bredow (VFX Supervisor) and Brad Allan (Action Designer).

They will be joining returning Star Wars veteran crew members Neal Scanlan (Creature & Droid FX Creative Supervisor), Neil Lamont (Production Designer), Dave Crossman and Glyn Dillon (Co-Costume Designers), Jamie Wilkinson (Prop Master), Lisa Tomblin (Hair), Amanda Knight (Make-Up) and Nina Gold (UK Casting Director). 

The untitled Han Solo Star Wars Story is slated for release on May 25, 2018.

Punch it.

Why We Love the New Crayola Color Wonder On the Go Sets #Review + #Giveaway

Thank you to Crayola for providing me with product in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions shared are my own.

Our family has had a rough past few months. From December through the present, we've dealt with the loss of a loved one, several illnesses, a major job transition, and now our home has been hit with a terrible cold virus. We've all been sick, and I have to say, we've all been pretty pathertic over the past couple of weeks. When I was a little girl, my dad always use to bring me a brand new coloring book and a fresh box of Crayola crayons when I wasn't feeling well. He would sit and color with me at the end of a long day, and I loved him all the more for it.

B isn't much of a colorer, which has been disappointing to me, because I dreamed of coloring with my kids, just like my dad used to do with me. Since he started Kindergarten, though, he's expressed much more of an interest in coloring. He loves crayons, and markers, too, and is more apdt to want to color if he can color pages of characters he loves.

Crayola products have been staples in our homes throughout my childhood, and my children's as well. They are the art supplies we purchased for our pencil boxes when I was in school, and the crayons and markers we trust and rely on today. Crayola is introducing their Crayola Wonder On the Go Sets, which are perfect for mess-free coloring wherever you are!

Crayola Color Wonder On-The-Go sets, allow kids to fully express themselves without making a mess. With its compact size and ability to snap shut, this kit lets kids get creative no matter where they are! Crayola Color Wonder On-The-Go titles draw inspiration from popular franchises and characters including Disney Princess, Shimmer and Shine, PJ Masks and Paw Patrol. This product includes 15 mini coloring pages and 3 Color Wonder markers.

B was so excited to receive the Paw Patrol and PJ Masks Crayola Wonder On the Go Sets!

B loves both Paw Patrol and PJ Masks, so he couldn't wait to see the coloring pages that came with these sets. I told him the markers were like magic, and he was quite intrigued to see how they would work.

 The Crayola Wonder Mess Free On the Go Sets are compact, and perfect for travel!

These sets are so wonderful! I love their size. They're the perfect size to toss into my handbag or the diaper bag. B could even toss one into his travel back pack that he keeps beside him in the car when we go on long trips. We usually have a 'table only' rule when it comes to using markers, but these mess-free markers can be used anywhere! Finally, B can use markers in the car, without his daddy worrying about the tan upholstery being colored on. We can bring these sets to church, and B can color on the floor or in his seat, without us having to worry about a color bleed through.

Each set comes with three markers and 15 coloring pages.

The case holds the markers (red, yellow, and blue) and the coloring pages, so you don't have to worry about loose markers or pages. The coloring pages are attached to a pad, and the pages easily tear off so your child can share their Color Wonder masterpieces! 

B love trying out the markers, and coloring a Paw Patrol page!

At first, B said, 'Mommy, the markers are white, and they're not working.' I told him just to keep on coloring and wait a second for the color to show up. Yellow began to appear on the coloring page, and B's eyes lit up. 'That is so cool!' he squealed. He went on to use the other markers to finish the picture, and was proud of his work when he was done.

We first tried to Crayola Wonder On the Go Sets on a day that B was sick. He spent most of the day on the couch, resting, and I was happy that I could say 'yes' to coloring on the couch!

Take your mess-free coloring with you with Color Wonder Color on the Go books. Includes 15 Paw Patrol mini coloring pages and 3 Color Wonder markers in a durable case that keeps you organized and ready to go. Color Wonder markers won’t color on skin, furniture or fabric and ONLY color on the special Color Wonder paper. Ages 3+

I definitely recommend picking up a couple of these sets for your kids, your grand kids, etc. They're great little gifts to have on hand for when company comes, if you're expecting kiddos. They're perfect for the car, to take along on trips, to give as special rewards, etc. We'll be bringing these along with us on all of our trips this summer! These will be perfect for our rental house at the beach, and the condo we'll stay in when we go to Florida. They'll also be great for those long hours spent in the car! Easter is coming up, and these would be a perfect addition to an Easter basket, as well!

Want them? Get them!

Head on over to Crayola to browse even more Color Wonder products, or to shop Crayola's entire product line. Look for Crayola Wonder On the Go Sets at your favorite retail stores, as well! 

Connect with Crayola:

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Special thanks to Crayola for allowing me to share about their Color Wonder On the Go Sets! Look for them in our 2017 Easter Gift Guide!

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