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Comfortable Outfit Ideas to Wear While Long Distance Traveling

When traveling long distances, we all know how difficult it can be to stay stylish and at the same time comfortable, especially if you have a really early flight or late night flight.

I enjoy watching people at the airports, it's just kind of like a hobby and it's actually a great fun seeing how differently people wear to travel! There are commonly men and ladies in business suits (I don't really think that such suits are very comfortable for long distance traveling) and the women in super trendy and extremely impractical outfits in stilettos. You know, I can't think of anything worse than stilettos on a long journey!

Well, this a little unusual hobby helped me develop the formula of a perfect travel outfit and never feel uncomfortable when I travel. If you also want to know what to wear on long haul flight and look stylish while traveling, I`ll be pleased to share my practical ideas with you.

The best travel outfits for long flights and for long distance traveling as well include five main things:

1. Stretchy Skinny Leggings, Ripped Jeans or Pleat Front Trousers

The best travel pants for women should be versatile, lightweight, highly functional and, of course, stylish. Stretchy skinny leggings, ripped jeans or pleat front trousers are the best travel pants for women that allow you to look chic both on board a plane and in a cafe.

2. T-shirt

The next necessary thing during your traveling is a good T-shirt. Most important, your T-shirt has to be well-made, soft and loose-fitting in order to avoid discomfort and acquire maximum pleasure from your trip.

3. Jacket or Cardigan

With right travel clothing, you can really enjoy your long distance trip to the fullest! And just remember that layering can help keep you warm while traveling if it suddenly got cold (it often happens during overnight flights and, of course, you should be prepared for the climate at your final destination). By the way, a cute jacket or cardigan is a good way not only to stay warm but also to maintain a trendy look and be comfortable.

4. Comfy Shoes

To dress right clothes when you travel means to wear also comfy shoes. When it comes to traveling, you should give priority to the loose-fitting, lightweight shoes. Smart sneakers (like Newton Motion V which are known as the best long distance running shoes like here http://thecrossfitshoes.com/11-best-long-distance-running-shoes)), flats or low heels are the coolest shoes for flying and traveling. Don't forget that!

5. Appropriate Accessory or Accessories

If you want to look trendy and adorable during your trip, you have to add some accessory or accessories to your image. It may be a scarf, Pashmina, hat, sunglasses and so on.

So check out these 10 comfortable outfit ideas to dress while traveling that I find great!

And what about you? What are your recommendations for long-haul travel? Please, share your thoughts with me via comments below.

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