Tips to Secure Your Home for Christmas

It’s the season to be jolly… but unfortunately, it is also the season thieves like to make their own joy. Christmas is a time of year where people all over the world have houses filled with presents, food, drink and decorations- and this can make our homes vulnerable to robbers who will want to come in and steal our valuable items. If you want to keep your home safe and secure throughout the Christmas season, here are some of the things you will want to do.

1. Deter criminals

The first step in keeping your home safe over Christmas is to deter the thieves in the first place. Make sure you use a company like
to install cameras outside the home and floodlights which will light up when anyone approaches your home. This is a great way to deter robbers because they don’t want to be noticed

2. Festive lighting

Of course, it is the season of light, colour and fun so you will want to have lots of lovely lights around the house both inside and out. There is nothing wrong with this at all, the only thing you will want to watch out for is that you don’t feed cables through open windows. Criminals will see this is an opportunity to break into the space and into your home. Outside try and opt for solar lights instead.

3. Dispose of gift packaging

One of the greatest things about the festive season is receiving lots of new gifts, however make sure that you don’t put any of the rubbish and packaging on display outside the house. Wait until as close to your bin collection as possible to put packaging outside, you don’t want to advertise what you’ve got in your home!

4. Protect your Identity

Always be careful when disposing of letters, receipts and anything else which has your name on. A great idea if you have a compost bin in your garden is to rip the paper up and put it in there along with food and garden waste. That way your identity is protected and you are also making sure you have ample compost for the garden next year.

5. Make sure doors and windows are secure

Always check, double check and triple check your doors and windows. They are the barriers which protect you and your possessions from the outside world, so you need to make sure you make the most of it.

6. Close the curtains

Whenever you leave the house or go to bed, make sure you shut your curtains to stop people being able to look into the house. This is especially true if you have the presents under the tree in the front room. You don’t want to display how many gifts you have because thieves will take this as a sign of you having lots of money.

7. Away over Christmas

If you decide to spend the Christmas season away, make sure that you cancel your newspaper here  and milk. If anyone can see that there is milk and papers piling up outside your home, they will guess that you are away and this will make your home much more vulnerable.

8. Secure garage

If you have a garage or a shed on your property, take the precautions to secure it and also make sure that there are no sharp tools in these buildings for robbers to use to break into your home.

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