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Home For The Holidays

This is our first time celebrating Christmas at home since having kids. The prospect seemed overwhelming to me at first- our apartment is an extremely small space that we rent furnished. We have been house hunting and were hoping to be in a new home by the New Year, but that process has proven to be long and stressful. With all this stress, I honestly could have used our annual vacation! 

I have found ways to bring holiday cheer to our family, and learned a few things along the way! I was able to find a felt Christmas tree that the girls can decorate whenever the mood strikes them. My (amazing) mom sent me a beautiful wreath that fills our apartment with a delightful fragrance. We have been baking cookies and singing Christmas carols. 

My daughters have been having an unforgettable Holiday season despite any difficulties that have presented themselves. It has served as the perfect reminder that family is what makes this time so special!


  1. Awww they are so cute and I love the wreath. You are right.. being with the ones you love is what is important. I hope you find a new home soon! Merry Christmas to you and your family :)


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