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Less Pictures and More Presence - Wordless Wednesday

On Sunday we celebrated Christmas Eve with my family. My phone has not been working properly and I didn't feel like schlepping my camera around, so I didn't take many pictures at all. It wasn't intentional, but I did notice something and it was pretty great.

 Without a camera in hand, I was more involved in the making of memories instead of just trying to capture them. I didn't go crazy trying to get the girls to pose "just right". I didn't get upset when a picture turned out too blurry to share on social media. I was just there, living in the moment.

I love taking pictures, so not taking many really pulled me out of my comfort zone, but after a while it didn't matter. Plus, I did get this great one of my girls and my Gram, which is probably one of my most favorite pictures ever! 

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  1. Sounds like you had a nice Christmas anyway! I didn't bother taking a bunch of photos either!


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