Elegant, Classy and Sophisticated Home Decor by Trisha Yearwood #MBPHGG17

Thank you to the Trisha Yearwood Home Collection for providing me with product for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions shared below are my own.

You're probably familiar with Trisha Yearwood the country superstar or even the Food Network star but did you know she has her very own home decor line available at Tractor Supply stores? I've always been a big fan of Trisha the country singer and in recent years, the Food Network host! When I learned she had her own home line, I was immediately excited and intrigued. She has style, class and elegance and those traits have carried over to her designs for your home. 

This vase is currently on sale for $17.49!

This vase is so beautiful in person. The elegant and simple, yet detailed design will add style to your counter and tabletops. I filled my vase with some backyard finds and instantly a Christmas decoration is born! I love how this vase almost has the look of a jug and is reminiscent of days gone by. This vase would make the perfect Christmas gift for a special lady in your life. 

I thought for a bit about how I wanted to use my new metal tub and decided it would add much needed style to my somewhat plain master bathroom. This bathroom is 100% original to the family that built this home. Many of the decor choices were made based on the idea that this home would be used as a wedding and reception venue. Maybe in the future, I will post about how we are turning our plantation into a home. Based on the plans the builders had for this beautiful home, many of the style choices are ornate and fancy. My style is much more traditional/rustic so this large tub fits my personal style perfectly. All it needs is a bathroom that follows suit! 

The tubs and bins in this home collection could be used for throw blankets, magazines, TOYS, stuffed animals and the list is truly endless. It's just a smart, quality tub that is super affordable and fits into any home seamlessly. 

Take a look at some of the other items the Trisha Yearwood Home Decor collection has to offer:

It is currently on sale at Tractor Supply . Is your mind going nuts with the possibilities like mine is?! I would use this industrial yet sleek chest of small drawers for a variety of items.

Rustic and contemporary, this light fixture is a conversation starter. The design is so unique and fresh that I have a feeling this light pendant will have many admirers!

Honey Bee Plates, set of 3

If you haven't visited the Tractor Supply website yet to peruse Trisha Yearwood's new line of home decor including specialty holiday pieces, head on over and knock out some Christmas shopping!

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Want It? Get It!

The Trisha Yearwood Home Collection is available at Tractor Supply. Stay current by checking out their social media sites as well:

It was a pleasure to review these items from the Trisha Yearwood Home Collection and Tractor Supply!

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