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Choosing the Biggest Wedding Venues on Long Island; What to Keep in Mind


Weddings are that one luxury which gives couples the “license”, as we like to call it, to splurge a little. After all, expressing your love and commitment to your future-spouse in a beautiful ceremony is always worth it, and worth lavishing out for. 

Expert hoteliers such as The Inn At New Hyde Park all agree that there are 3 holy grail basics to follow, for an ultimate big-wedding-venue hunt. And these guidelines that go beyond mere size, for a truly and magnificently perfect wedding for those who enjoy a luxury lifestyle.

4 “Big”-Wedding-Venue Musts

1. The “Talk” (With Your Planner And Organizers)

Prepping for the hunt for wedding venues on Long Island can be likened to how project managers approach a business undertaking. They necessitate organization, clarity of vision, and constant communication amongst the key planners and organizers. 

Make sure that you relay your venue-vision to your team. Talk about the details like the expected guest count, space, layout of the ceremony and the post-ceremony program, schedule, etc. 

These dets are crucial in helping your planner and organizers have a better idea of the ideal set-up you and your hubby have in mind. This will ring true especially when it comes to the size of the venue itself, along with its holding capacity. 

2. “Budget” Is The Name Of The Game 

The fact that you plan on having your wedding in one of the most elegantly grand places within the continental U.S. tells us that you’ve set your heart on shelling out for it. And good for you. Your wedding is a pivotal event in your and your future spouse’s new life as a couple. 

However, this does not mean that it’s acceptable to go beyond your budget. It isn’t wise to do so. In terms of organization-practicality, it will not aid in moving your wedding venue plans forward. 

Working beyond your budget equates to changing details of the planning framework itself. Ultimately, this will lead to (well, aside from overspending) missing deadlines, adjusting resource figures, etc. 

To say it simply, stick to your already lavish budget. *Wink. 

3. Location And Lodging 

Long Island is a go-to wedding destination if you want opulence everywhere you turn. This expansive location southeast of the state of New York is known exactly for that--- its upscale spots (whether residential or business) in conjunction with a string of attractions and sights that never cease to amaze. 

You’ve got the bird’s eye view of the “where” answered. But now, you will need to think about the particulars of the “where”--- are you up for a wedding venue solely centred for hosting the ceremony itself, or for one that offers lodging, too? 

Since Long Island can be quite tricky to get to by guests who’ll be coming from inland, this is something you might want to consider, for their travel ease. 

4. To All-Inclusive, Or To Non-All-Inclusive 

Another aspect to take note of is choosing a wedding venue package that is all-inclusive. Letting the same vendor or hotel events-team handle catering, wine and drinks, dessert, rentals (i.e. banquet chairs, linens and tablecloths, flatware, etc.) will prove advantageous in streamlining communications between themselves and your organizers. 

No running around between one vendor to the next, and painstakingly coordinating each one of them to move towards the same goal. Your goal.

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  1. My fiance' is from Long Island. I really love the food there! Great tips!


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