Keep a Family Calendar and Let Little Ones Doodle with Think Boards #review #MBPHGG17

Thank you to Think Board for the products. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

If you're like me, you know you need to keep everything written down to stay organized. Knowing any moms, having a scheduling center everyone can see will help keep the kids and parents on the same page with activities, programs, etc. This time of year, especially, can be very busy and hectic. 

Have little ones that like to draw on the wall? Instead of the wall, hang the Think Board and they can draw, doodle, or make notes to their heart's content. Thinking green gifts this year? Think Boards simply use dry erase markers so they can be reused multiple times. 

As I said before, I love to stay organized and writing everything down helps me these days. I love the calendar by Think Board because it is reusable. I hate wasting paper all the time. I can use it to keep track of our schedules, how often I exercise, and count down to my due date. 

It is the perfect size to write down multiple items, but not too big that you have a difficult time finding a place for it. 

The big Think Board is great for a child's room, brainstorming sessions possibly for a workplace, or keeping a running tally or notes of something for a while. 

The boards are thin so they can be hung with sticky tack, push pins, tape, or really any other medium that works for you. They also are very lightweight which makes them easily transportable should the need arise. 

Want it? Buy it!

The medium Think Board runs $29.99. The Think Board Calendar is only $22.49.  

If you're looking for smaller or larger Think Boards, they have more from which to choose that would be great for students or workplaces. 

For innovative ways to use Think Boards, follow them on social media. 

Happy organizing and brainstorming!

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  1. A family calendar sounds like a good idea! Organization is key!


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