10 Gifts for the Mom-to-be

It isn’t an easy task shopping for pregnant women, especially if you are a man or if you are a woman who has never been pregnant. It can be hard to wrap your head around all of the restrictions than pregnant women frequently face.

You may have a gift idea for a pregnant woman and you may think it is a great one but may, in fact, be impractical or unsafe for her needs. Moms-to-be must avoid all kinds of things that you would be shocked at knowing such as deli meats, coffee and even some kinds of makeup.  

Most people know that booze is not safe for pregnant women and will not even consider getting her that.

However, due to the confusion about what is safe and practical for pregnant women, you may be stumped on what to get her - whether it be Christmas if she celebrates it, or Hanukkah if she is Jewish, or if it is her birthday. Listed below are 10 gift ideas for the mom-to-be:

Amazing Herbal Naturally Beautiful Pregnancy Gift Box

A gift basket is always a great gift, and there are a special collection of products that are not only safe for pregnant women but are designed to support her needs. Ora’s Amazing Herbal has a box that is for pregnant women that include unscented body butter, mini soothing vanilla body powder, pregnancy safe lip balms, skin salve, and natural face serums that are completely safe for pregnancy. Included in this box is a  prenatal tea that includes raspberry, lemon balm, alfalfa, rosehips, spearmint, and other natural ingredients. This is perfect for her when she needs extra pampering.

What to Eat When You’re Pregnant: A Week-by-Week Guide to Support Your Health and Your Baby’s Development

Her friends have already likely given her dozens of copies of What to Expect When You’re Expecting so you can get her a different book that she can actually use. The fact of the matter is that pregnant women who are not dealing with a lot of morning sickness or who are past that stage in their pregnancies will end up getting crazy cravings that are difficult to ignore. Especially when the cravings involve junk food, as pregnant women have to be careful with how much weight they gain as they want to avoid several complications that come with too much weight gained during pregnancy.

This particular book will help her out when those difficult cravings come because it provides a guide to healthy eating for each week, and 50 easy recipes to follow as well. This is definitely a book she can make great use of!

Sonogram Frame

Why not get her a picture frame for her baby’s very first picture which would be the sonogram picture! This cute picture frame is a great way for her to display the first sonogram picture of her baby. It’s an inexpensive gift so if you need to watch your budget, this is perfect! She will absolutely love it!

Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System

For moms who have a desire to make their own baby food, this Baby Bullet will help her save so much time as she can make an entire week’s worth of healthy baby food in 5 minutes or less! She can also record the date each batch was made so only the best food can be served to the baby!

A Keepsake Pregnancy Journal

This pregnancy journal allows the mom to be a place to write down her hopes, dreams and fears during pregnancy. As someday, she can share that journal with her own kids because they will be fascinated to know how she was during her pregnancies with them. This will become a cherished family treasure.

Nursery Glider Chair

Moms will need a comfortable glider to sit in while she is either nursing or bonding with her baby. This plush, soft glider is are meant to give exhausted moms a place to rest.  All of the soft surfaces are ideal for a nursery room, as the surface is made from a microfiber that is easy to clean. Therefore if the baby spits up, it will be easy to clean up.

Baby Bump Belly Stickers

Pregnancy is stressful, especially during the third trimester and mom will be counting down the days at that point for the baby to come out. However, these hilarious belly stickers are a great way to get her laugh even when in discomfort. In fact, if this mom-to-be is sharing her pregnancy on social media, this is a great way for her to show off even more. There are 10 random selected sheets of stickers. Each element of the face is its own sticker, therefore you can be flexible about where to place the eyes, mouth, and so on.

Floor Mopping Robot

A pregnant lady simply cannot bend over to mop the floors in the later stages of pregnancy. Therefore, if you want to help her with housework you can get her a floor mopping robot and she will certainly appreciate it. She will even make great use of it after the baby is born since her time will be severely limited at that point.

Baby Wrap or Sling

Baby wraps and slings are excellent to wear while you are running errands with the baby in tow, as well as if you are breastfeeding. They are a little stretchy, as well as machine washable. She does not have to worry about straps, buckles or snaps with a wrap or sling. All she has to do is wrap and go, as this is a snug and secure way for the baby to stay close to mom (or dad) during the day!

Baby Clothes

What mom-to-be doesn’t ooh & aah over tiny newborn baby clothes? If she knows she’s having a baby boy, then stock her up on some onesies, sleepers, socks, and hats all cute and blue. If she’s having a baby girl, then stock up on ruffled, frilly pink onesies, sleepers and the like. If she’s going to be surprised, a nice handful of white or yellow neutral onesies and sleepers will certainly come in handy!

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