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Thankful Thursday

When my children are arguing or they complain about needing space I always explain that at least they have their own room for downtime and I don’t have that luxury.  I have to share my room which means I have no real place to call my own.  While I love my husband sometimes I want my own space to relax in and not be interrupted. 

This week my husband is on vacation and based on my request for change in our bedroom he moved all the furniture around and made the bedroom look like new. My favorite part is that he set it up in a way that it looks like I have my own little sanctuary to go to... even if he is in the bedroom with me.

I am so impressed with this, because not only did he do all the heavy lifting- he heard me about needing a space for me.  We all want that significant other that listens and appreciates what we need as much as they do.  I appreciate that he gave me a little of my own sanctuary. 

Today is Thankful Thursday- What are you thankful for today?

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  1. As someone who was an only child with my own room, I know I was lucky--and I was probably sort-of the "king of the household"! But I wonder about people with larger, closer families--I think they often get a lot of emotional strength from that!


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