Great Gifts For Your Teen's Excellent School Achievements

If your son or daughter has been performing well at school, nothing says “well done” like a thoughtful gift.

The Economist Intelligence Unit gave the US 17th place in educational performance in a list of 40 countries topped by Finland. Being a high achiever in the US, it seems, is less commonplace that in other countries around the world.

While some parents don’t believe in congratulating teenagers on their school performance with gifts, author of New Old-Fashioned Parenting Liat Hughes Joshi claims that “teenagers have a lot of distractions and pressures, possibly more than they ever did”. It is as a result of this, that children should be rewarded when their grades at school are satisfactory.

Don’t know where to start looking for that special gift that will make your teenage son or daughter feel like their school efforts are being appreciated far beyond their good grades? Look no further, here’s our guide to help you choose the perfect gift for your teenager.

Final Fantasy XV mobile app

Whilst it might sound counterproductive to praise your teenage son’s efforts with a game, remember he has earned some fun time to play video games after having proven to be a high achiever this year. Giving him something that’s completely unrelated to school will make him feel relaxed and grateful. Games are sometimes viewed by parents negatively as these tend to keep their children away from other kids in their rooms and in front of computers. The Final Fantasy XV mobile app is a multiplayer game based on the Final Fantasy XV video game but unlike the latter, this can be played entirely on the phone. With it, your son will be building cities from scratch and protecting these from his virtual enemies by constructing walls and fortresses. This gift will be popular due to the well-known Final Fantasy brand and also because he will be able to take the game anywhere and play it on his phone, meaning he doesn’t have to be caged at home to enjoy it.

Angel Cake Lipstick by Kylie Jenner

Your daughter is probably at that age when she is becoming more focused on her looks and appearance. It is good to let her know that beauty comes from within, but it is also understandable that she is starting to visit makeup shops and has even tried the nail varnish that you last bought. She is curious and is experimenting with what her surroundings can offer her. Whilst it is advisable for makeup not to be introduced to a teenager’s life too early, a lipstick or eyeshadow can be great gifts if she is already in advanced teenagehood. Surprise your daughter with this fantastic Angel Cake Lipstick by Kylie Cosmetics. They come in different shades and if she is into modern trends, she is likely to know the brand behind it.

Goorin Bros. baseball cap

Both for him and for her, these cool Goorin Bros. baseball caps come in a range of colors and with different motives. Your son and daughter might be tired of seeing the same popular brand cap model in shops and malls and it’s understandable, it’s been dog years since an original and unique cap made it to the market. The latest cool cap has just surfaced and it’s by Goorin Bros., an American company that produces caps, hats, and beanies. Some of them are plain but the trendiest ones have colorfully embroidered animals on the front with quirky messages that sit alongside them. Your teenagers will love their look sporting one of these!

Bell helmet

Promoting exercise amongst your teens is a great way of keeping them active and encouraging them to be outdoors. It has been said that exercise boosts school performance and with physical activity being great for improving sleep patterns as well as aiding concentration, rewarding your teenage son or daughter with a sport-related gift might be a great choice. A bike helmet not only will encourage him or her to spend more hours on the bike, but it will protect your teen from any falls he or she might suffer whilst pedaling. These beautiful and highly resistant helmets from Bell could be exactly what you are looking for.

Rewarding your teenage son or daughter for having accomplished high grades in school is a brilliant idea in the highly-distractive world we live in. Make sure you choose one of the above to show them you are impressed with the hard work and effort they have put in this school year!

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