Saturday, July 22, 2017

Summer is Easy Season on Florida’s Historic Coast

St. Augustine (July 13, 2017) – Summer in Florida may be hot but in St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra & The Beaches we are taking it easy during a time when the crowds thin out and the deals are sizzling.

Sipping on refreshing cocktails, listening to great music, discovering arts and culture, finding a new favorite restaurant and playing in the surf are just a few ways to take it easy on Florida’s Historic Coast this summer.

Weekends with the Wigglesworths- Let's Play!

Happy Saturday! This weekend the Wigglesworth crew is going to focus on playing some board games and maybe some old fashioned hide and seek. I've noticed that we've all been spending a bit too much time on devices this past week, and it is definitely taking a toll.

Friday, July 21, 2017

10 Tips That Will Keep Your Child Safe at School

So, the day has come. Your child is finally off to full-time school. And, although you’ve spent a lot of time fantasizing about the few hours you’ll get to do whatever you need to do, you find yourself crying because you know it won’t be long before you miss your little shadow. We can’t wrap our kids up in cotton wool, but the thought of handing over care of your child to strangers can be worrying. There aren’t many safer places than a school for your child, but it’s always wise to take some safety precautions. Here are a few tips for keeping your child safe.

Finding Adventures in Your Home StateI

The Bridgeport and Port Jefferson Steamboat Company's "Park City Ferry".

This summer has been full of craziness for the Wigglesworth crew. We knew earlier in the year that we wouldn't be able to do too much traveling, so we have been trying to focus on what we can do around Connecticut. 

Getting Back To Yourself After An Illness: A Guide For Warrior Women

Sometimes life won’t just throw you lemons; it’ll chuck them at you at full force. When you’ve been struck with a long term or chronic illness, it can seem like getting back to your pre-sickness self is impossible. However, there’s always a light at the end of every tunnel, and over time you’ll be able to enjoy your life just as much as you did in the past. The following are some tips and advice for those who a recovering after a battle with the health, and some ideas to give your confidence a boost for the future.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Our LEGOLAND Florida Adventure: Part II

Thank you again to LEGOLAND Florida for providing our family complimentary park tickets in exchange for sharing our honest thoughts. All opinions shared are my own.

Hopefully, you were able to catch yesterday's LEGOLAND Florida post, which was Part I of our LEGOLAND Florida visit recap. If not, you can find LEGOLAND Florida- the Ultimate Experience for LEGO Lovers: Part I, here. We had an incredible day at LEGOLAND Florida, and loved every minute of each display, show, ride, and experience. LEGOLAND Florida was perfect for our little LEGO enthusiast, B (6 years old), and there were also plenty of fun things for Baby S (15 months) to explore and enjoy, making this the perfect day trip for the whole family.

The "Why" in Parenting. Book Review on Raising Children: Surprising Insights from Other Cultures by Dr. David Lancy

Thank you to Cambridge University Press for providing this book for me to review. All opinions are 100% my own. 

I am many things. I am a mom of a lively three-year-old boy and expecting a baby girl any day now. I am also a wife of almost 8 years, an educator to adolescents and an admirer of all things historical. While I enjoy a good conversation about politics, parenting styles, and educational trends I find those conversations rarely end without a heated debate and myself wondering “why do I keep getting involved?” I have a bachelor's degree in history and masters in education and I feel qualified to engage in such conversations but as an extrovert that has grown into an introvert, I crave conversations where the focus is “why” and not about right or wrong.

It’s Time To Gut That Garage And Put It To Good Use!

We all have that one space in the house that is full to the brim with junk. It starts off as somewhere that you store pieces you don’t have room for or old memories. But before long, it becomes a dumping ground for anything and everything. Sometimes it’s your basement or your attic, but when it’s your garage, you may find that you’re not getting as much use out of it as you could be. Whether you’re looking to sell your house and need to clear it anyway, or you want to be able to start utilizing it more, it’s time to clear it out and sort it out once and for all.

Beat Summer Boredom with LEGO JUNIORS! #MBPSummerFunGuide

Thank you to LEGO for providing me with product in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts are my own.

We just returned home from our last big trip for the summer. We have one more small trip to the mountains coming up, and then that'll be it until school starts. B goes back to school on August 15th, so we still have a few weeks to fill before he's back in the classroom. I have loved having my babies home with me this summer, but it has been a challenge to keep them both entertained while keeping my sanity. I have found that having planned activities for my son B (6) to enjoy through out the day has really helped curb his attitude and need for screens.

Moving Hacks To Save Your Life

I've moved probably 7 times in 5 years. Therefore, I've become really, really good at it (and never, ever want to move again). Over the years, I've acquired some must-know moving tips and tricks to save you time, frustration, and effort. Here's how to make moving a breeze!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Pushing The Boat Out In Minnesota

Minnesota is a State with two distinct personalities. One part is a populous cityscape, and the other is beautiful serene prairie land. If it’s geology you’re interested in, then you won’t be disappointed. Minnesota is home to the Earth’s oldest rocks, gneisses that are 3.6 billion years old. Of course, most families visit friends, family, and tourist hotspots in the State. What will you come to Minnesota for?

The Land of 10,000 Lakes

Minnesota is perhaps most famous for its beautiful lakes, rivers, and waterways. There are dozens of ways to enjoy this landscape. If you love boating, why not hire a boat, take a tour, or simply kayak your way around? There are plenty of family friendly water-based experiences to enjoy, wherever you might be in the State. Some of the lakes are enormous. Two of the biggest are in St. Louis County, so maybe start your water tour there?

Selling Your House: A Budget For Maximum Reward

In the world of real estate selling, the absolutist approach to getting the most money for your home is to in place the standard modern appeals that buyers want nowadays. The fair assessment of buyer’s psychology is that you shouldn’t have to pay extra for the extra bits. This is because there’s already a housing shortage across the Western world as populations continue to grow by immigration and people living longer. On top of this, the younger generation feels worse off from their parents with the task of getting on the housing ladder because their budget is a lot smaller. The next step in understanding the appetite and needs of general buyers is to market the conditions of your property and how it competes with the rest. Once you know your home’s value, you can then set about trying to nail down a comfortable price. However, there are some simple things which you can do to your home on a strict budget, before you call in a surveyor who will set the price via their expert knowledge.

Inspire Your Little One with EduShape Sensory Toys #review

Thank you to EduShape Sensory Toys for the product. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

EduShape was started 35 years with the focus of marketing to preschools. Parents fell in love with their products and soon they began selling to the public. The toys are made for up to age 5 and help support children's development. 

A Beautiful Promise! #wordlesswednesday

I love to see a beautiful rainbow and after this weeks storm we had a gorgeous one.

LEGOLAND Florida- the Ultimate Experience for LEGO Lovers: Part I

Thank you to LEGOLAND Florida for providing me with complimentary park tickets in exchange for sharing my honest thoughts.

This summer, our family was blessed to be able to go to Orlando and enjoy a fabulous week of fun in the sun! While we were there, we wanted to experience all of the things on our Orlando Bucket List. It's impossible, as we found it, to do everything you want to do in Orlando in just a few days or a week. We narrowed our day trips down to the 'must visit' attractions, and guess which one was in the top two? You got it- LEGOLAND! It came as no surprise when B chose LEGOLAND as one of his top destinations this summer after we presented him with a handful of options. He is, after all, a huge LEGO fan!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Newfound Peace: What Will You Do With It?

When you have children, the first few years of their lives will almost always be the hardest. During this time, you will have to be constantly watching your child. And, any issues they have will come directly to you. But, after a handful of years, you finally get some new found peace and quiet as your children start going to school. The new time you have should be used to its full potential if you want it to be worthwhile. A lot of parents use this time for a little bit of cleaning here and there. But, with the right effort, you could start using this time to make life a lot better. The life of a stay at home mom isn’t easy. So, to help you out, this post will be going through a couple of examples of things you can pick up as the kids start going to school.

Special Announcement! We have winners!

We're so excited to be announcing several winners for our recently hosted giveaways!  As always, please be sure to check your inboxes to see if you have won a giveaway. We announce the list of winners here on our blog, and we also notify winners via e-mail.

Congrats to the following readers...

$50 Stubb's Prize Pack: Candace B.
Magnolia & Vine: Monique S.
$25 Tupperware from Susan Jackson:  Cathy J.
My Gnome on the Roam Kit:  Katrina A.
Paparazzi Jewelry from Regina Bell:  Kelli B.

Winners have all been e-mailed and have 48 hours to claim their prizes, or we will draw for new winners. Congrats to our winners! Didn't win this time? Don't worry- we have lots of other giveaways going on right now, and more coming soon!!

Thanks to all of the wonderful companies and businesses who worked with us to sponsor these giveaways!

Update Your Eyewear this Summer with Sleek Styles from #review

Thank you to Glassesshop for the glasses. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

My husband and I are both contact and glasses wearers. Sometimes it is difficult to find both somewhere affordable. These particular lenses were $35.95 at This pair was for my husband. I like that they are stylish and a bit different than other frames we've looked at for him. The lenses are clear and he loves them. 

A-Mezzanine Tips For Mezzanine Decor

There are lots of ways people try and create more space in their home, and one not-so-common method is to create a mezzanine. These are floors that are used to divide up a very tall room. By adding a mezzanine, the homeowner is effectively adding an extra open-plan floor to their home. These are usually found in studio apartments, where the owner has wanted to create an extra bedroom space.

Sweet Summer Moccs for Baby: #FreshlyPicked

Thank you to Freshly Picked for providing me with product in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts shared are my own.

Having a little walker on board is so exciting.Baby S started walking just after her first birthday, and now, three months later, she's fast on those feet, trying to keep up with her big brother. She's learned how to say 'up,' 'down,' and 'walk,' and wants to walk every chance she gets. We've been on the go so much the past couple of months that she's been doing a lot of riding in the car or stroller. When she does get the opportunity to walk around, she makes the most of it- exploring every little thing she can get to... and it's a joy to watch.

Backseat Car Organizer Giveaway

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Co-Hosted By: InezbyDesign

**10 Winner Giveaway** 

Each winner will receive a Backseat Car Organizer ($34.87 RV) A total giveaway value of $384.70!!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Household Disasters Every Family Dreads (& How To Cope With Them)

Your home is your sanctuary, your little retreat from the world. It’s yours’ and your family’s safe haven, the place where you feel the most secure. But unfortunately, one household disaster can change all that. The mistake that a lot of people make is thinking that a household disaster won’t happen to them - a lot of us have the mindset that it happens to other people, not us. However, that’s not necessarily the case - disaster can strike anywhere at any time.

Although not a nice thought, the fact is that sometimes disasters happen, and there’s nothing that you can do about them. However, you can make dealing with the aftermath a little easier for yourself and your family, by taking note of the advice below.

At 9,200 Feet in Colorado, and Available to Only One Family or Group, Cloud Camp May Just Be The Ultimate Christmas Holiday Experience

Colorado Springs, Colo. – July 17, 2017 – We all believe the U.S. government, and in addition to watching things like North Korea, NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) also tracks Santa and his reindeer from deep inside Cheyenne Mountain (seriously, they do – check out So he must be real. But the best-kept Christmas secret of all is that there is an exclusive all-inclusive hideaway called Cloud Camp sitting atop Cheyenne Mountain, 3,000 feet above NORAD and The Broadmoor resort (which owns Cloud Camp) at a breath-taking 9,200 feet above sea level. This is as close to Santa’s sleigh as you are going to get. And the biggest secret is that The Broadmoor opens the snow-covered doors of Cloud Camp for the holiday season to one lucky group or family. It’s like the golden ticket of Christmas resorts, and it’s brand new for this season.

Just Keep Moving! #motivationalMonday

Summer by far has to be the busiest season. Not only is there more yard work (and we have more than our fair share), but there are many summer birthdays in my family, sporting events, weddings, and gatherings.

How To Restore Your Old Home The Right Way

If you're living in an old home - maybe it was once your parents home, or your parent's parent's home! - You may not want to move and sell it because there are so many stories and memories that have been created there. Having said that, things may not be running as they should because of its age, so it may be time to restore it, so it's a little easier to live in.
Here are the best tips out there for doing so.

Cicis Beyond Pizza Summer Giveaway! ($380.00 RV)

Cicis, the nation’s top family-friendly pizza buffet restaurant, is always ready to offer fun and delicious meals. Cicis offers great tasting food full of flavorful choices at a great value while delivering a fun and friendly dining experience. At Cicis, guests can enjoy a wide variety of pizzas, including stuffed crust, deep-dish and flatbreads, along with pastas, salads and desserts for dine-in, carry-out and catering. There's something delicious for everyone who walks through Cicis’ doors! To celebrate National Picnic Month, Cicis’ has an unbelievable summer special available to all: “3 Medium 1-Topping Pizzas for $4 each! 

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Advice On Choosing An Engagement Ring

So you’ve decided to pop the question, congratulations - what a fabulous step you’re about to take. Making the decision that you want to spend the rest of your life with someone is amazing, and now it’s time to pick the ring! Selecting the right engagement ring can be difficult so the following advice could help you find what you want to make sure they say yes when you get down on one knee.

Foam CORE Print Giveaway

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Hosted By: Love, Mrs. Mommy

**2 Winner Giveaway** 

Winner's Choice of (3) - 8x8" 1/2" thick prints on either Gatorboard or Foamboard! 

Titan's Story


Some of us are not parents to human children but to furry children.  When I met my husband he had a beautiful German Sheppard named Titan.  Titan was the sweetest and largest dog I had ever seen.  I used to get mad about how much he shed. My husband would say "he's shedding his winter coat" or "he's shedding his summer coat". I always thought he was making up stories because he was always shedding.  But he was my husband's "son" and the love Chris had for him was what made me fall in love with him.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Weekends with the Wigglesworths- HOME ALONE!

Happy Saturday! Today, I am a lone Wigglesworth. The girls left last night to spend time with their Grandparents and Matt is working all day. Thankfully, I started a new job myself, so I will be working and trying to avoid missing my family like crazy.

How You Can Make Your Home More Specific to You

Everyone should have a home that says something about them or reflects them in some way. You don’t want it to feel like a sterile or impersonal kind of environment. That doesn’t have to be the case either. Here are some of the best steps you can take to make sure that your home feels specific to you and your family.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Kitchen Appliances Everyone Needs This Summer

Some say summer is here, others say it is knocking on the door; either way, its arrival is imminent. It is a realization that has us looking at our kitchen in a whole new light (that could just be natural light, though). Our wants and needs just change when summer is here. We’re all about light and (sometimes) healthy meals, with an occasional dollop of something cool to counter the warm weather. However, we’re also about making kitchen life as easy as possible because the less time we spend in the kitchen the more time we can spend in our little piece of the great outdoors.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of must have appliances to make your summer that little bit simpler and that little bit more enjoyable. Winter is about necessities but summer is all about luxuries.

Summer Bay Orlando Resort by Exploria- A World of Fun for the Whole Family

Our family has had a lot of wonderful summer adventures. We've been traveling quite a bit, and have really been having a blast together. In June, our travels took us to Florida, where I was lucky enough to attend BlogHer '17 - the largest conference for (female) content creators in the world. Since the conference was being held in Orlando, we decided to make it a family trip for an entire week of fun in the sun! Our good friend Diane (my hubby's godmother) has a vacation ownership program, and was able to snag a condo in Kissimmee at Summer Bay Orlando by Exploria Resorts.

How to Convert Your Attic into a Stunning Playroom for Your Kids

Do you live in a house that is a little tight on space to say the least, and you’re starting to feel a little bad that the kids don’t have as much playing space as you’d like (or they’re just massively getting in the way of the kitchen and living room, and you’d prefer a separate play room for them)? Have you ever thought about doing a little attic conversion? These can be super fun and exciting for the kids and can be done pretty quickly without spending too much money: here’s how-

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Transitioning (Temporarily) and I Need Advice

Good morning and can someone tell me how it is already the middle of July? 

I taught before I had Hendrix then I decided to stay home. An opportunity arose at the local high school, where I want to teach full time eventually, for a temporary full time position for the first quarter of school. Two months seems doable, right? 

How To Spot The Signs Of Drug Abuse In Teens

Your child was your baby, someone you cradled to sleep, fed, clothed and bathed and thought you would be close forever. Then one day they grew up and slowly started become distant. You may be able to sense a chance in a child's attitude in the way they speak or there lack of. There’s no easy way to determine if your teen daughter or son has fallen into the wrong crowd, or has started using drugs because they learn or a taught to hide the typical symptoms of substance abuse. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t showing some very subtle signs of being under the influence of drugs and trying to hide it from you. There are a few things you should look out for if you suspect your child is becoming an addict.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Due Date Countdown: The Last Days Of Pregnancy

Nine months is a long time, but they don’t feel nearly as long as those last few weeks of pregnancy. After so many months of rubbing your growing belly, studying the sonogram pictures, and marking down days on the calendar, it’s almost unbelievable that soon you’ll be holding your baby in your arms. It feels like there’s still so much preparation to do, but you feel too large and uncomfortable to actually get anything done. Your priority should be looking after yourself, so here are a few things you could be doing in your last days of pregnancy.

Relive Your Childhood with the Nick Box from Culture Fly

Thanks to Culture Fly for providing me with product in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts shared are my own.

When I was growing up, Nickelodeon was just sort of coming onto the scene. I distinctly remember watching favorite shows like Rugrats, Doug, Clarissa Explains It All, Salute Your Shorts, among others. There were also shows that my sister and I were not allowed to watch- including Ren and Stimpy. As we grew older, we were allowed to watch some of those shows that were banned when we were younger, and we spent many Saturday nights waiting for new episodes of our favorite Nick shows.

The Home Improvements to Get Done Before the Summer Is Over

Although we’re still in the midst of summer, there’s no excuse not to get some home improvements and preparations planned for the upcoming seasons. Being ready for all occasions is important, and there’s nothing worse than a leaky roof or a drafty house when you’re deep in the winter months. So instead of waiting until the last minute to get these things done, here are a couple of home improvements that you want to get done before the summer is finally over.

A Bond Between Sisters #Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Summer Safety Tips For Your Family

Summer is here, and for some of us, this means extra time in the great outdoors, on vacation or in our garden. Hopefully, you will have a great time, but to make the sunny season even better, it would be wise of you to follow these safety tips.

Subtle But Effective Interior Design Tips

We all want to live in a home that we can feel comfortable in, and proud of when we have company. However, with all the prestigious homes we see in décor mags and high-budget reality TV shows, it can make our homes feel a little drab and sub-par. Fortunately, your home doesn’t need to be over-the-top to be beautiful. Here are some subtle interior décor tips that will have an incredibly big impact.

Tasty Tuesday: Yummy & Easy Tomato Spinach Chicken Spaghetti

I made this!!!

Today I’m sharing a quick, delicious meal I found originally on Pinterest. I’ve made this several times now and I feel like every time I make it, I tweak it a little to make it even tastier! By no means do I consider myself “good” at cooking. I come from a long line of Portuguese women who notoriously don’t cook. So whenever I can find something yummy that’s also easy, it becomes a weeknight regular.

Protect Their Skin (and Yours!) with UV Skinz Sunwear + Terry Hooded Beach Cover Up #Giveaway

Thank you to UV Skinz for providing me with product in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts shared are my own.

How do you keep your family safe from the sun's harmful UV rays? My family loves to play outside, and come summertime, it can certainly be a challenge to keep everyone 'covered up.' We slather ourselves in sunscreen, don hats, and watch how long we've been out in the son. I am lucky that my kids tan pretty well. The have a bit of that Mediteranean skin that their momma does. When we put on swim suits for water play or beach trips, we almost do a little happy dance that we don't have to put sunsceen all over our entire bodies... but how do we know that those unslathered areas of our skin are still protected from the sun?

It's Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-A!

Cow Appreciation Day is Chick-fil-A’s largest, single-day customer appreciation event celebrating the quick service chain’s iconic “Eat Mor Chikin”™ Cows. Chick-fil-A introduced Cow Appreciation Day in 2005 and participation continues to grow each year. My family loves getting all 'cowed up' and heading to our local Chick-fil-A for that free entree! It's always a hoot to see everyone dressed in their cow outfits, and it's a lot of fun to play dress up with the kids. We frequent our local Chick-fil-A pretty often, so it's nice to be able to enjoy a day where they give back to their customers.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Why Working Out And Eating Right Isn’t Enough


When you want to do what you can to be healthy, you often focus your energy on two main areas. We all know that diet and exercise both make up a huge portion of our health. We know that we have to work out regularly or get as much exercise as we possibly can in our daily lives to not only stay active but to keep our bodies healthy too. Then, we also know that we have to be healthy when it comes to what we eat. When you try to eat a balanced diet, and your workout, you can often feel like you’re on the right track. So, it can come as a shock when you discover that it might not be enough.

Motivational Monday- Time to Branch Out

I have been getting lost in my thoughts lately. I'm not necessarily feeling sad, just a little numb. Seeing that word in writing is pretty unnerving, but the word is worse than the feeling. Sometimes, for me, feeling this way is just a reminder.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

A Camper's Paradise is Just a Drive Away: Thousand Trails Camping Resorts #100DaysofCamping

This summer, my family has been hitting the road pretty frequently. In fact, my father-in-law asked us if we were going to be home at all this summer! Our travels have taken us to Topsail Island, NC, to Florida, and also to a really beautiful campground that just happens to be 25 minutes from our home. In early June, our family had the amazing opportunity to visit Forest Lake Preserve, which is part of Thousand Trails campgrounds for RVs, campers, etc- all over the country! I am not really a camping type girl, but the idea of camping always sounds so appealing to me. Forest Lake Preserve really made quite an impression on our family, offering beautiful campsites, cabins, and fantastic amenities!

Got Visitors From Overseas? Make Sure They're Ready

The chance to see a member of the extended family or friends you’ve made overseas can be hugely exciting. You might even be helping to host them while they visit. However, visiting the US isn’t always as straightforward as you might expect and plenty of people don’t get the trip they were hoping to. You can get involved, helping to ensure your visitors know what to expect and that they wanting to come back as soon as possible.

Sweet Nothings

Without fail there are two things that will always make me smile or feel safe.  The hug from my son or the one from my husband.  This week has been emotionally overwhelming for my family, with my Grandmother getting into a car accident and my youngest nephew having a health scare.  Reflecting on this past week is enough to make me need a break from everything and everyone, but I know I would miss out on way too much.

Don’t Let Pests Ruin Your Garden Family Activities This Summer

There is nothing quite like getting out in the garden with the kids over the summer months. They can run around and burn off excess energy and you can make up loads of ball games and treasure hunts. It is also an ideal space to carry out arts and crafts activities because you do not have to worry about the mess. This allows kids a lot more freedom for messy play than they get indoors.

K-9s In Flight Frisbee Dogs Return to Tweetsie Railroad This Month

Enjoy Eight Days of Canine Acrobatics at North Carolina¹s First Theme Park

Blowing Rock, N.C. (July 6, 2017) ­ Get ready for eight days of four-legged family fun when the K-9s In Flight Frisbee® Dogs perform at Tweetsie Railroad! From July 22-30, this one-of-a-kind performance group made up of adopted and rescued dogs will wow the entire family with acrobatic freestyle routines, all while promoting pet adoption. The performances will run three times each day at 11:00 a.m.1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m., with special Saturday night performances at 7:00 p.m. as part of Cool Summer Nights.