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As part of our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide, we partnered with a fabulous company that we have worked with for the past few years. This company continuously goes above and beyond for MBP and ALL of their customers. They offer an educational, fun, and unique product that gives children the opportunity to "travel" around the world and learn some amazing things.
Little Passports is a Global Adventure in the form of a monthly subscription service. Each month your child receives a special package, addressed to them, that focuses on World, US, or Early Explorer themes. My kids have now experienced all three themes, and we love each and every one we have had the chance to explore. 
Little Passports, based in San Francisco, was launched in 2009, by two moms who are also best friends. These moms shared a vision to inspire children to learn about their world. Their own personal experiences taught them the importance of knowing the world around them and now to provide not only their own children, but all children similar opportunities.
Little Passports offers monthly travel adventures that include letters, souvenirs, activities, photos, and online games straight to your mailbox. These packages are filled with specific items to encourage their explorations. Check out some great clips and reviews of Little Passports here. Little Passports offers three adventures, "World Edition Explorer Kit",  "USA Edition", and "Early Explorers".  To learn a little more about what Little Passports can offer you, check out our last review from December.
We have previously reviewed both the World (Here all of the places we traveled with Sam and Sofia--January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, and November.) and USA (Here are the places we have traveled with Sam and Sofia--December and January.) Editions.
We started this holiday season with the Early Explorers Edition. The Early Explorers Edition focuses on a world theme each month and offers age appropriate activities and adventures. The first month, we received the Traveler Kit, our next two months will be themed.
This month the feature is Landmarks.
Someone has already learned how fun this white envelope is!
She loves getting mail, especially when it is full of goodies to explore.
She took out each item and thoroughly examined it before handing it over to me.  
The first items we found were the letter and photo cards. Each month Max, Mia, and Toby write a letter explaining the theme for the month and their adventures with the theme. The photo also shows off Max, Mia, and Toby on their trip.
B was happy to read C her letter. Max, Mia, and Toby were traveling the world looking for famous landmarks. They saw the Leaning Tower of Pisa (which is the photo they included), St. Basil's Cathedral, Sydney Opera House, Taj Mahal, and more.
Next, we found our Landmarks luggage tag.
The tag had The Temple of Heaven in China on it, it is also able to be colored.
C immediately needed to attach this to her suitcase like we did with her first luggage tag.
Then we came across something we haven't seen in the World or USA Editions. It was called Flashlight Adventures. I was intrigued to see what this activity was, because my kids love flashlights.
We opened it up to find a flashlight punch-out and a clue to find the hidden landmarks with our flashlight. The kids quickly realized that you place the punch-out under the black page and things will appear. How cool is this?
 The girls thought this was really the neatest thing and S quickly found things she recognized and showed C.
There is also a hidden picture that tells you what the next month's theme will be. We made sure to find our clue!
Next, we found a bag of landmark figures souvenirs. These little guys are replicas of the real thing and my kids thought they were pretty awesome. S quickly recognized The Great Wall and The Eiffel Tower. B knew a few of the others. Both kids told C what they were and let her play with them.
You always must line toys up to inspect them.
I know these figures will quickly become the best toy in the house.

Then, we came across a set of Landmark Trading Cards. If you have kids, you probably understand the cool factor of trading cards (think Pokémon or Sports, we have hundreds of both).
Each trading card had a landmark, complete with picture, location, and fun fact.
The three we got were the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Taj Mahal, and Sydney Opera House.
Each month includes a new, 20 page activity book. This book follows the theme of the month and offers a short story about Max, Mia, and Toby, along with a slew of age appropriate activities.
During the story, C realized her landmark figures matched the pictures in the book and completely on her own grabbed the figures and matched them up.
The Early Explorer Edition is geared for ages 3-5, but C is fully capable of understanding the activities that are given. In her activity booked she completed this page with just minimal help from me. I was so proud of her and she loved being big on her own.
Some of the pages are a little more difficult for C, but she gladly accepts help from us to complete them.
The end of the booklet offers answers to the activities and enrichment activities to do at home. One of this month's enrichment is to visit a local landmark in your town. What a neat way to tie in the theme to prior knowledge.
For even more enrichment activities, you can check your email. Each month, I received an email with a link to find even more Little Passports fun. Here is this month's link, click here. It offers more fun facts, a printable activity, and some cute Toby adventures.
The last thing we found were some stickers!
The circular stickers are to be placed on the World Wall Map, (on the back of the letter was also a World Landmark guide for our Wall Map stickers.)
Getting ready to place the landmark stickers all over the world.
Got it!
Little Passports also offers extras that compliment the monthly package. This month, Little Passports featured the Souvenir book
Want It? Buy It!
 We love, love exploring our world without leaving home.  Little Passports offers three different experiences for all age levels. They are a high quality subscription service that really does things the right way. Visit Little Passports at all of their social media outlets--Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and their Blog.
Thanks to Sara and Little Passports for our Early Explorers month two!

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