Little Passports October Review

The past year has flown by, it seems like the days go quickly anymore. I know my kids are thrilled that the new year is here and winter is upon us. With winter, at least in Indiana, comes snow and cold and dreams of warm weather places. I purposely held back a few of our last Little Passports subscriptions knowing that we may need some "trips" to help us get through the dreary days.
What is Little Passports you ask? Let me tell you.
 Little Passports offers an amazing monthly opportunity and experience by mailing travel packages (World or US Editions) right to your mailbox. These packages are filled with specific items to encourage their explorations. It is really easy to sign up (they have different options for whatever your needs might be), each month your child will receive a package filled with amazing goodies from a new country or state, explore and have fun with your child. Check out some great clips and reviews of Little Passports here.
 During month one with Little Passports, you will receive an introduction to Sam and Sofia, a suitcase filled with a world wall map, a travel passport, stickers, an activity sheet, and access to online games and activities with a boarding pass (Our introduction to Sam and Sofia during month one was very informative, check it out here). Sam and Sofia are the two traveling characters within Little Passports and each month they travel to a new destination and send us fun things from their discoveries. We love finding where Sam and Sofia have been and what they have found. You can read our month two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, and ten, as well to see where we have been. We only have this month and next for our subscription and reviews, but stay tuned, you never know what Little Passports has in store for MBP.
That said, we have been blessed to work with Sara, and I know I thoroughly enjoy communicating and sharing our adventures with her. She has gotten to know my kiddos and we feel like we truly know each other. If all of Little Passports employees are as wonderful as Sara, they are a lucky company. 
Let our October adventure begin! 
 We are heading to visit China with Sam and Sofia!
B was ready to dig in and see what China had in store for Sam and Sofia and us too!
The first thing we usually pull out of our envelope is a letter and photograph from Sam and Sofia. The letter tells us all about their adventure and the photo shares something interesting they got to see.
 In China, Sam and Sofia were pretty adventurous and rode a rickshaw though the city of Beijing. My kids said it reminded them of riding a carriage in downtown (not quite but enough to get them thinking). Sam and Sofia visited many ancient places that tourists like to see, like the Imperial Palace and the neighborhoods near it. The kids liked hearing a little about the Emperor and how people would not have been able to go inside the palace unless invited and how it was called the "Forbidden City". Sam and Sofia also ate some traditional meals like baozi (meat filled buns), jiaozi (dumplings), and mian (noodles). S said it sounded yucky, but she doesn't like much and B said he would choose chicken baozi if he had to pick something. They also loved hearing that Sam and Sofia ate with chopsticks, my kids would love to be able to eat with those at every meal. The photo showed Sam and Sofia dressed in Chinese clothing, S thought they looked very pretty.

The letter and photo were a hot item as usual and the kids loved hearing about the adventure Sam and Sofia were having. I enjoy watching my kids listen to things they haven't been able to experience in person but give them some sense of understanding the world around us.

S got in the envelope next.
The Little Passports experience has been great for both of them (ages 4 and 7) and really has appealing things for both of their interests as well.
 S found the activity sheet and boarding pass.
Our boarding pass took us to a special site where we have access to games. Each country has a few games to play and explore. China had a map game, this was really cool to click on different cities and read about what makes them special. We want to go to Chengdu and visit giant pandas. Another game had puzzles of different level to do. The Great Wall was really neat to see and we learned that is over 5,000 miles! The third game was ping pong. You can play against Sam or Sofia. The kids both liked this, we have real ping pong in our basement so they enjoyed learning a bit more about the game.
The activity sheet had a large maze on one side of Sam and Sofia's rickshaw ride near the Imperial Palace. B and S both love mazes and quickly worked it together. They did have some trouble with the "siheyuan" which are courtyards and had to get unstuck. The other side of the activity sheet was their favorite. It involved the Chinese New Year and Zodiac signs. After doing the animal scramble, they discovered that the Chinese people believe that your Zodiac sign relates to how you act (your personality). We took turns looking at our year of birth to see if it described us well.
S was the year 2009, year of the ox. Strong and Confident, she fits that to a T.
B was the year 2006, year of the dog. Faithful and Reliable, perfect for my sweet B.
Stickers came next, one for our Passport and one for our suitcase. The kids have decided that B will always get to do the Passport sticker. He is so proud of all his travels.
S always gets to place the suitcase sticker. She takes careful time deciding the perfect place for it. 
Then it was time to find China on our large map. I love watching them work together to find it. They sometimes need a few clues but usually, with B's reading skills, can find it on their own. 
Got it!
Sam and Sofia are known to send a little something special each month. It relates to their location and usually to something they experienced in their letter. This time was no different and sent a set of chopsticks and a bao eraser. The kids loved it and played with the chopsticks for quite some time.
Nailed it!

Our November review will be our last Little Passport review for the moment. Make sure to stay tuned and see what Little Passports and MBP might have in store down the road.
Want It? Buy It!
Interested in subscribing to Little Passports? Check out this  special you can take advantage of-Refer A Friend. Your child will receive a personalized package in the mail that includes an adventure letter, fun souvenirs, activities, and access to the online Boarding Zone full of activities and games. You can also like Little Passports on Facebook or follow Little Passports on Twitter for up to date information. You can also visit the Little Passports Blog for more fun and interesting things.
Thanks once again to Sara and Little Passports! 

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