Little Passports September Review

Another month is here and we once again find ourselves thinking of vacations. My husband has a travel bucket list, most of his ideas involve overseas travel. I am not quite ready to make that type of trip, especially when we would be leaving three small kiddos behind. I tell him...someday.
While Little Passports is in our lives, we get to experience little bits and pieces of what a real trip overseas would be like. I am 100% comfortable to let Sam and Sofia travel for me right now and the kids get to enjoy the "trip" too.
MBP has been working with Little Passports for almost a full year now-wow! We have gone on some amazing adventures and know we have a few more places to visit too. You may say to yourself, I have seen Little Passports advertised before or even read something about them. We love to share with you our great experiences with Little Passports.
Little Passports offers an amazing monthly opportunity and experience by mailing travel packages (World or US Editions) right to your mailbox. These packages are filled with specific items to encourage their explorations. It is really easy to sign up (they have different options for whatever your needs might be), each month your child will receive a package filled with amazing goodies from a new country or state, explore and have fun with your child. Check out some great clips and reviews of Little Passports here.
 During month one with Little Passports, you will receive an introduction to Sam and Sofia, a suitcase filled with a world wall map, a travel passport, stickers, an activity sheet, and access to online games and activities with a boarding pass (Our introduction to Sam and Sofia during month one was very informative, check it out here). Sam and Sofia are the two traveling characters within Little Passports and each month they travel to a new destination and send us fun things from their discoveries. We love finding where Sam and Sofia have been and what they have found. You can read our month two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, and nine, as well to see where we have been. This would make a great holiday gift for the child who has everything, my kids have been loving each and every month.
We have worked with Sara, who has been truly amazing to us. I feel like we know her and she knows us just by the partnership we have formed in the past year. We are very thankful she has been such a huge part of the MBP world with us!
Our September Little Passports package is here!
Let's see where we are going to travel this time.
 B wanted first dibs on this month's package, now that S is a bit older she wants to be all in it too. I am glad they are fine sharing this special time together.
 It is so fun to watch them slowly take things out and get excited about their finds.
 Usually we save the special surprise until the end of the envelope, but B couldn't wait today. He had to really study his find.
 A 3-D British Bus puzzle. It was so cool and B was thrilled to see this. He has really been interested in building sets and has a few on his Christmas list, so finding this was truly a treat for him. We will get back to this in a bit though.
 B also discovered Sam and Sofia's letter and photo.
The photo showed Sam and Sofia with Stonehenge. The kids thought this looked like a really cool place to go see. In Sam and Sofia's letter (they send one every month), they told us all about their most recent trip. They traveled all the way to England on their magical scooter. They saw Big Ben, which both of the kids have some basic knowledge of and really were excited to hear that Sam and Sofia saw too. We also read about their ride on the London Eye, a big Ferris wheel type ride in the city. B and S thought is sounded really fun. Sam and Sofia also saw the Thames River, St. Paul's Cathedral, London Bridge (we had to sing the song), HMS Belfast, The Tower of London, Canary Wharf, and Greenwich. B and S loved hearing about Greenwich because Sam and Sofia got to visit the Prime Meridian and each stand in different hemispheres so that parts of their bodies were in each part. This was fun to hear about and we could relate to doing something similar a few years ago. We were at an amusement park that crossed two states, we stood over the line and our bodies were in two states at the same time. S was too little to remember this story, but B did and we showed S our photos.
One of the best parts about Little Passports are watching my kids make the connections to their own lives from things Sam and Sofia are doing. While they aren't the same, they can learn to relate and see the similarities and differences between them.  

S's turn to get in on some Little Passports fun.

 She found the activity sheet and boarding pass.
The activity sheet was a little different than usual. Most months they have a few different activities relating to the country to visit-word searches, crosswords, etc. This month I thought was actually pretty cool. It has one activity about the London Underground that involved math skills, B did this with some help from me. The other two "activities" were recipes-really neat and sounded yummy. The first was for Royal Roast Potatoes. S is the only one who doesn't like potatoes, so she didn't appreciate it, but we have it on our list to make for dinner one evening soon. It was very basic and something that B could really help me make. The other was for Apple Crumble, the British version of Apple Pie. We have been meaning to make this for awhile and with the holidays coming up, we are going to try this recipe for something a little different. Our mouths were definitely watering after reading this month's activity sheet.
The Boarding Pass gives us special access to an online game area. With our username, password, and country code we can access any country we have visited through Little Passports. This month the games were an England Map (we found Liverpool and The Beatles!), a horse jumping game (S loved this one and it was fine for her level), and a concentration memory game (both B and S had many turns on this one, they are both very good at this game and love to play memory at home).
S also found the stickers for the suitcase, Passport, and world map.
 B was excited to add his England sticker in to his Passport, he can't believe how full it is.
 S got to place the suitcase sticker, she loves to find just the right place to put it.
 They both worked together to find England on the map. I love watching them sit and work together to find it. B can read and S just points randomly at things, it is fun to experience their craziness.
 We found it!
Now back to the extra surprise that Sam and Sofia always send. The 3-D British Bus puzzle.
B couldn't wait to get it open and start building. It came with a few punch outs, that they both got to help with. We followed the directions and worked together to see what our creation would look like.
 Ta Da! Our 3-D British Bus! Best part, it really works and is a pullback car. You may notice some tape, S got a little excited on some of the punching out and did more of a rip and tear move, nothing that couldn't be fixed. I have found this bus all over the house lately, that must mean it is pretty cool.
We only have a few more travels with Sam and Sofia left. Make sure to check back for October and November travels soon.
Want It? Buy It!
Interested in subscribing to Little Passports? Check out this  special you can take advantage of-Refer A Friend. Your child will receive a personalized package in the mail that includes an adventure letter, fun souvenirs, activities, and access to the online Boarding Zone full of activities and games. You can also like Little Passports on Facebook or follow Little Passports on Twitter for up to date information. You can also visit the Little Passports Blog for more fun and interesting things.
Thanks so much again to Sara and Little Passports!

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  1. My son is very interested in travel and the countries of the world. He would love this!


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