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Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Little Passports/Little Explorers {Review}


We have been lucky enough to find partnerships along the MBP way that become our good friends. My relationship with one company over the past few years, has come with some amazing benefits, particularly, my friend Sara. Sara has been my contact with Little Passports since we started partnering together and I couldn't be happier with everything she has offered us. Every product we have received from this company is pretty phenomenal and the customer service is top notch. Relationships like this, really prove what amazing companies can do!
Little Passports is a Global Adventure in the form of a monthly subscription service. My kids have had the chance to travel along with Little Passports in both the USA and World, using their amazing products and we have loved every minute of it.
Little Passports, based in San Francisco, is a Mom-founded company that has found a way to engage kids in the world around them. Little Passports offers monthly travel adventures that include letters, souvenirs, activities, photos, and online games straight to your mailbox. These packages are filled with specific items to encourage their explorations. Check out some great clips and reviews of Little Passports here.
The first step in Little Passports is "Choosing an Adventure."
Select the adventure and subscription plan that's right for your child. We offer fun and engaging products for children ages 3-12 and offer several different payment plans and gift options.
Little Passports offers three adventures, "World Edition Explorer Kit",  "USA Edition", and "Early Explorers".  
Geared for ages 5-10, this exploration begins with Kit One, where you will receive an introduction to Sam and Sofia (Sam and Sofia are the two traveling characters within Little Passports), a suitcase filled with a world wall map, a travel passport, stickers, an activity sheet, and access to online games and activities with a boarding pass. Each month, a new country will be featured and you will receive a letter from Sam and Sofia, a souvenir, activity sheets, photos, stickers for your suitcase, passport, and map, and your boarding pass to online games.
Here all of the places we traveled with Sam and Sofia--January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, and November. To choose a subscription for the World Edition Explorer Kit, you have 3 options: 12 Month-$11.95/month ($143.40 +$30 shipping total), 6 Month-$13.95/month ($83.70 +$18 shipping total), or Monthly-$12.95/month + $3 shipping. Each subscription is auto renewed and can be cancelled at anytime.
Geared for ages 7-12, this exploration begins with Kit One, where you will receive an introduction to Sam and Sofia, a USA Field Guide, a USA Scratch Book, a map of the USA, a disposable camera, and a photo scavenger hunt project. Each month, two new states will be featured and you will receive stickers, postcards, pop out models, an activity packed State journal, and access to online activities.
Here are the places we have traveled with Sam and Sofia--December and January. To choose a subscription for the USA Edition, you have 3 options: 12 Month-$11.95/month ($143.40 +$30 shipping total), 6 Month-$13.95/month ($83.70 +$18 shipping total), or Monthly-$12.95/month + $3 shipping. Each subscription is auto renewed and can be cancelled at anytime.
Geared for ages 3-5, this exploration begins with Kit One, where you will receive an orange suitcase, world map, activity booklet, stickers, luggage tag, and wall decal. Each month a new world theme is explored with characters Max, Mia, and dog Toby, and you will receive an activity booklet, souvenirs, flashlight adventures, stickers, and a wall decal. Some themes may include: music, art, animals, food, oceans, landmarks, natural wonders, world coins, space, dinosaurs, and world discoveries. To choose a subscription for the Early Explorers, you have 3 options: 12 Month-$13.95/month ($167.40 + $36 shipping total), 6 Month-$15.95/month ($95.70 +$18 shipping total), and Monthly-$15.95/Month +$3 shipping. Each subscription is auto renewed and can be cancelled at anytime.
The next step in Little Passports is "Check Your Mailbox."
Your introductory kit will arrive with everything your child needs to get started. Destination-specific packages then arrive every month filled with letters, souvenirs, activities & more.
The last step in Little Passports is "Discover and Learn."
Watch your child race to the mailbox each month to check for their latest adventure! Our fun and engaging packages will inspire a life-long love of learning.
My kids love getting a special package each month and traveling with their pals all over the world. I knew C was going to be so excited to get her very own mail from Little Passports and that B and S would love helping her discover all kinds of fun.
Our Little Passports package is here!
Special delivery for C, Early Explorers.
The excitement in this one was so cute to watch. Big brother was pretty excited too.
This was our first month of Early Explorers, so we received the introductory set, The Traveler Kit. It is geared for ages 3-5, but I knew C would be able to still learn and have fun with it, especially with help from her older siblings.
This kit starts with a fun orange suitcase, similar to the suitcase from the World Edition (which is blue). C was thrilled to have a "bag" to fill with goodies.
She quickly figured out how to open it up and start exploring all that was inside.
Decorating her suitcase with the stickers she found inside.
Next, we found a luggage tag, that looks just a real luggage tag. Little Passports does a great job creating products that children will recognize and understand. The front shows the friends, Max, Mia, and Toby too.
Next, we came across a picture of Max, Mia, and Toby in the airport, heading off on their adventures. We also had a letter from them, telling us about their plans.
Big brother reading the letter to C.
Then, we found the Passport to the World book.
This is an adorable, age appropriate 20-page activity booklet, that has a bit about Max, Mia, and Toby.
It also has passport stickers and fun and simple educational activities for kids to complete.
Placing her passport stickers, she loved all the colorful stickers and animals on each one. She was able to place the stickers in the spaces on her own, we had to show her which ones matched with each country.
Learning activities all on each page, some where more to her level than others, but we still looked and talked about every page.
 She loved being able to color too.
At the end of the booklet is an answer key for all of the activities and an enrichment page with activities to continue the adventures at home.
We also found this really easy to understand fact sheet about the world.
Our all time favorite part of our Little Passports exploration is the Wall-sized World Map!
C had a fabulous time unfolding the map and walking all over it. Her brother showed her each continent and we talked about the colors. There are so many teachable moments within what is actually there.
Just letting C wander around and ask about different things on the map is just as important.
I would recommend Little Passports over and over again. It makes a great gift that is educational while being extremely fun. My kids look forward to getting the white envelope in the mailbox and know they have a guaranteed way to spend time together learning and exploring new things.
Stay Tuned for Months 2 and 3 coming soon!
 Want It? Buy It!
 Looking for something unique and educational? Little Passports offers three different experiences for all age levels. They are a high quality subscription service that really does things the right way. Visit Little Passports at all of their social media outlets--Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and their Blog.
Thanks to Sara and Little Passports for our first experience with Early Explorers!

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