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Patch it Up before the Holidays with Color Glide Pro Paint N Go- #Review

I love being a homeowner, but sometimes I really wish that we had a landlord! If we had a landlord, I wouldn't need to rely on Matt so much when something needed repair. I know, I know; I could just learn to do some of the repairs myself, and I have, but there are some things that I just do not do so well. In fact, anything to do with painting has been one of those things for a pretty long time, but not anymore because we have been introduced to a handy little doodad known as the Color Glide Pro Paint 'n Go

Color Guide Pro® has taken mercy on not so talented DIYers like me and came up with the brilliant Paint 'n Go™ applicator tubes. These tubes provide a quick and easy way to touch-up THOSE spots on walls. Using the pump, you simply transfer paint from can to tube, attach the soft felt applicator, squeeze out a small amount, and you are good to go! Once you have completed your touch-ups and cleaned the applicator, you can snap on the cap and store the tube for a future project! That's right, you can store the paint (latex only) in the tube for a later use! Don't forget to log the paint information directly on the tube.

Our Paint 'n Go Applicators Have Arrived! 

The Color Glide Paint 'n Go makes a great addition to your household tool collection. It would make an excellent gift for novice and experienced DIYers alike. I also think the Color Glide Paint 'n Go would make a great addition to arts and crafts centers at school or at home. Check out how easy it is to use in this video:

Want It? Buy It!

You can get the Color Glide Paint 'n Go directly from their website. Don't forget to check out the Color Glide Patch Paint 'n Go for another great DIY tool/gift. Follow Color Glide Pro on FacebookGoogle+,  Twitter, and  YouTube

Sweet Holiday Style: Sophia's Style #Review + $50 GC #Giveaway

Tis the season to be stylish! I love this time of year, and love how fun it can be to dress our little loves to the nines for the holiday season. Unfortunately, there are hardly any children's clothing boutiques where I live, and I have to travel 30+ miles to find one. Doing a ton of traveling out of town for shopping this time of year really adds up as far as filling the gas tank goes. When I can, I like to do a lot of my shopping online. It often times saves time, money, and I love the convenience if not having to leave my house to do it!

I was lucky to connect with Sophias Style, an online children's clothing boutique. was founded in 2006 by owners Jake and Belinda North after their first daughter, Sophia, was born. Belinda was inspired by her little girls’ sense of style, and quickly discovered that there just weren’t any online stores that could provide the perfect, boutique style clothing she and Sophia loved. Thus, the Norths decided to start their own online children’s clothing boutique!

We were offered a $50.00 credit to shop with at Sophias Style. I was excited to see that there were a lot of options for boys. This time of year, B needs new pants like, every other week! What is it with boys and pants? They wear through them incredibly quickly. I selected two pairs of pants for B, and had a little bit of credit left, and selected an outfit from the clearence section that Bwould be able to wear in the spring.

B couldn't wait to see what he received from Sophias Style Boutique!

Gray Basic Flat Front Double Knee School Uniform Boys Pants 4-7 -
We received the Boy's Basic Flat Front Double Knees Uniform Pants...

...and a Dirt Magnet T-Shirt and Shorts set.

We had a little bit of a mix-up with our order. I ordered a black and grey pair of the boys uniform pants, for $14.99, each, as well as the clearence shorts set. I had a goal to get the most bang for my buck with the entire $50.00 credit, including shipping costs. After I placed my order for the three items, I was notified that one of the pairs of pants that I ordered for B was out of stock. I was semi-disappointed, because he really needed the black pants, and they wound up being out of stock, The grey pants and shorts set shipped, regardless, and my account was credited the $15.00 for the black pants. Had I known the black pants were out of stock beforehand, I probably would have changed my entire order, and chosen something different. I was semi irked that I would have to pay for shipping twice, if I wanted to use the rest of my credit.

Mix-up aside, the items that we did receive were shipped quickly, and I received shipping updates via e-mail, as well as order confirmations, etc. I was also notified almost immediately about the out of stock item.

Sophias Style offers a handy size chart which is helpful when ordering online!

When we finally had a chance to try out the grey pants, I noticed that they fit, but they were a snug fit, and B probably wouldn't be able to wear them for very long. I ordered a size 5 for B, and evidently should have ordered two sizes up for a more comfortable fit. I did go by the measurements on the size chart on the Sophias Style website before I ordered the pants, and they were still snug on B. I always have a hard time ordering pants online, for this reason. In the future I will know to order two sizes up, and go with the Kids size large for him, instead of medium.

The Grey pants are very well made, and look great! They are durable, and if they weren't so snug in the waist and things on B, I know they'd be very comfortable for him to wear to school. They're also nice enough to wear for holiday photo shoots, wear to holiday gatherings, to church, etc. For $14.99, they're an incredible value.

These boys pants are a must have for any school uniform wardrobe by Classroom Uniforms. Charcoal Gray flat-front pant with double knee. Waist has center-back elastic and hook-and-eye closure. Soil-release treated poly/cotton twill holds color and releases stains with little or no ironing.

We love the Dirt Magnet Shirt and Shorts set. I was thinking ahead to next spring and summer, so I ordered the size 6 in that set. I made the right choice, for sure. It looks like even though it would be loose on B now, it'll be a great fit for him, once the warmer weather rolls around.

Sophias Style offers a ton of great holiday apparel for boys and girls! 
Take a look at some of my personal favorite pieces...

Isobella & Chloe Little Girls Navy Tulle Velvet Christmas Dress 4-6X -
Navy and Tulle Christmas Dress

Isobella & Chloe Little Girls Red Net Overlay Christmas Dress 4-6X -
Red Net Overlay Christmas Dress

Baby Girls Red Sequins Bow Sash Tulle Special Occasion Dress 3-24M -
Baby Girl Red Christmas Dress

Little Boys Red Geometric Print Vest Necktie White Shirt Black Pants Outfit 2-4T -
Boys Red Vest, Tie and Pants Set

Kids Dream Red Checkered Vest Necktie Special Occasion Boys Suit 5-20 -
Boys Red Special Occasion Suit

Vitamin Kids Baby Boys Red Puppy Print Bodysuit Booties 3 Piece Pant Set 0-9M -
Puppy Print Bodysuit

Blue Sports Printed Plush Microterry Bathrobe Boys 4-16 -
Sports Plush Robe for Boys

Whether you're looking for a special Christmas outfit, special occasion outfit, dance costumes, or everyday play clothing, Sophias Style has an incredible for baby boys and girls, and big kids, too! You'll love their selection of festive holiday outfits, and the incredible value, and fast shipping!

Want It? Buy It!

Head on over to Sophias Style to browse all of their available holiday styles for boys and girls! Use the handy sizing chart to ensure you're getting the correct fit for your child. Receive free shipping on orders of $75.00 or more. Plus, save an extra 25% off your order- head to Sophias Style to grab the promo code!

Stay connected with Sophias Style through Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!

Want It? Win It!

One lucky MBP reader will win a $50.00 Sophias Style E-Gift Card! Just in time for the holidays! Use the handy RC entry form below to enter for your chance to win! This giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older.

Special thanks to our friends at Sophias Style for allowing us to experience their wonderful online boutique, and for offering this wonderful giveaway for our readers.

Good luck!

10 Ways to Keep Holiday Hackers at Bay

We’ve all lost our identity at least three times, with more than 930 million records breached, lost or stolen to hackers and cyber criminals, says consumer advocacy non-profit Privacy Rights Clearinghouse.

Why don’t we do all we can to stay safer online?

According to, more than a quarter of Americans say they lack the information necessary.

So, here it is – everything you need to know to enjoy the Christmas shopping experience without losing your privacy and identity or putting your children’s safety at risk:

•  Assume you’ve already been compromised. Whether it's your baby monitor, your SmartTV, the Webcam on your laptop or apps you installed on your smartphone or tablet, your antivirus is not enough protection. It's time to take those devices’ and apps’ privacy policies, and the permissions you grant them, much more seriously.

•  Change your passwords – all of them. Change your passwords - all of them. Now. And do it as frequently as you can tolerate. Also, if you don't want to change it often, then use any unique characters you can think of, such as a dollar sign ($) or exclamation mark (!), or replace an "oh" with a "zero" (0). This goes a long way in preventing attacks against your password.

•  Turn off wireless and geolocation services. Protect your smartphones and tablets by turning off WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC and GPS, except when you need them. That way, if you are at a local coffee shop or in a shopping mall, no one can spy on you using nearby (proximity) hacking attacks and they can’t track where you were and where you are going on your GPS.

•  Assume most of your apps are creepware. Assume most of your smartphone or tablet apps are creepware – malware that spies on you and your online behavior. Do you really need them? Delete all of the apps you aren't using too often. Replace apps that ask for too many permissions and take advantage of too many of your privacy settings -- like GPS, phone and sms logs, personal identity information – with similar apps that don't.

•  Opt out of sharing your information. Opt out of every advertising network that you can. Visit the National Do Not Call Registry and register your smartphone and home phone numbers at If you use a Google email account and have an Android phone, even with your GPS off, it's tracking your every move. (Log in to and see for yourself.) Go into your smartphone or tablet settings and turn this feature off. In your Android phone, go to Settings, then Location, select Google Location Reporting and set Location History to off. The same holds true for the Apple iPhone, iPad and iTunes. You need to find the location and privacy settings and turn off access under Settings, then Privacy then Location.

•  Your browser is a double agent – keep it clean. It is spying on you for advertisers unless you block and remove cookies and delete the cache frequently. In your web browser settings, delete your history, all cookies and passwords and the cache. You should do this frequently so you don't leave personal information sitting around on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

•  Remove third-party Facebook plugins. Third-party plugins are mini applications designed to eavesdrop on your behavior in Facebook and possibly grab information about your habits within that social network. Some websites you visit will require you to log in using Facebook, and then you have to trust them to connect to your Facebook account. This is very risky. Read their privacy policy and make sure they are a legitimate business before you risk doing this.

•  Only shop on the websites of companies you already trust. If you don't know where the merchant is located, don't shop online there. If they don't have a corporate address or are located in another country, it is risky for you and you may never see the goods you think you purchased. Also, if their shopping cart experience is not an HTTPS browser session, then everything you type in, your name, address and credit card information, is going over the internet unencrypted -- in plain view.

•  Turn off geotagging – your photos are full of information. Twitter and Instagram as well as your iPhone will give away your location. Most people
don't realize Twitter and Instagram both use geotagging for everything you send out. Geotagging stores the latitude and longitude of your tweet or image. Pictures you take on an iPhone usually store geotagging information, as well. The less information you give out about where you are located, the safer you are.

•  Don’t use cash or debit cards – use credit cards, wisely. Credit cards allow you to travel with less cash, and if you’re purchasing online, it's safer to give your credit card than your debit card information. The same holds true when you visit your local retail outlet. The reason? If you experience identity theft, credit card laws allow you to keep all of your credit,  with no responsibility during an investigation. With a debit card, your bank can tie up your money in the amount equivalent to the fraudulent transactions for up to 30 days.

About Gary S. Miliefsky

Gary S. Miliefsky is CEO of SnoopWall ( and the inventor of SnoopWall spyware-blocking technology. He is a founding member of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and serves on the advisory board of MITRE on the CVE Program, and is a founding board member of the National Information Security Group. He’s also the founder of NetClarity, Inc., an internal intrusion defense company, based on a patented technology he invented. more detailed consumer alert with additional tips and links is available at

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Weekends with the Wigglesworths- Small Business Saturday

Happy Saturday once again everyone. I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday filled with great company and great food. Matt's brother Jason and his wife Suzanne hosted Thanksgiving at their home this year, so good company and food were a given! 

Because we had snow in the forecast for Thanksgiving day, I went out on Tuesday and bought a "just in case" turkey. We cooked that last night, and had a nice little day after Thanksgiving meal. I am really looking forward to using the leftover turkey to make some homemade turkey soup, turkey paprikash, and of course some pretty amazing sandwiches.

Our Day After Turkey!

Today though, in addition to deciding how to use our leftovers, we will be supporting some local and online businesses because it is Small Business Saturday! Small Business Saturday is a "movement" that was started in 2010 by American Express to encourage people to shop with small businesses the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I have a personal connection to it because I know many small business owners and I know what it means to both the business owner and the economy when you do shop with them versus a big chain store. 

I'd like to encourage you all to shop with small businesses today. If you visit the Shop Small Website, you will be able to search your local area for registered businesses that fit your particular shopping need.  Enjoy your weekend everyone! 

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (First Look)

I don't know what it is lately, but everyone in my house has been going Star Wars crazy! Even my son just received his very first set of Star Wars action figures, and thinks they're awesome! Today, I can't turn on a single channel without the teaser for STAR WARS: The Force Awakens being shown!

So, I thought I'd better share that teaser right here, for all of our Star Wars fans! Take a look at the teaser for Star Wars: The Force Awakens...

Looks pretty awesome, right? We can't wait to see it! 
Who's your favorite Star Wars character?

Have a great weekend, and may the force be with you!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Meet The Happy's- Pets that Really Play with You! #Review #HolidayGiftGuide

We've all heard it before... 'Mom, can I have a puppy?' I didn't realize that my four-year-old would be begging for a pet so soon! I knew that when he did ask, he'd be so disappointed my my answer. I have terrible animal allergies- to both cats and most dogs, and B suffers from animal allergies, as well. So, my answer has to be 'no' on the pets, because they make us sneeze, and could make mommy inparticular, very sick. B loves animals, especially cute, little ones- but like most children, doesn't understand the responsibility of welcoming a new pet into your home. I do feel badly that we can't have pets, but to be honest, love the freedom we're able to have because we don't own pets. 

When I was recently introduced to The Happy's from the World of Zhu, I thought that our pet problems might just be over. Cepia, the makers of the Zhu Zhu Pets, has created a new line of interactive, motorized plush pets for kids called the Happy's. I was so excited for Bto receive a new 'pet,' and couldn't wait to see his reaction!

'What is this, mommy?'

We received Thunder the pup, and Happy's Chase and Play Ball.

Thunder looked so cute in his puppy box, and B couldn't wait to take him out and play with him.

The Chase and Play Ball was a bonus accessory for Thunder!

Look at the joy on this boy's face! So excited to meet Thunder and get to playing with him!

The Happy's are an adorable collection of motorized pets from The World of Zhu! Available are Thunder, Chance, Mittens, Bently, and Sport. These pets do require batteries. Thunder is a soft and fuzzy blue and purple puppy, who is sweet as can be! He comes with a special 'treat,' which is a red plastic wiggle bone. 

Thunder is ready to come and play with us!

Our Thunder pet came with instructions for set up/use, and info about The Happy's.

B loved Thunder right away! He couldn't stop petting him, but as eager to see what Thunder could do!

Turn your pet on by pressing the embroidered spot on its back. It will come to life and enter Explore Mode, exploring its surroundings at warp speed. Each pet comes with one Happy Treat, which serves as a controller for your pet-think of it as your obedience-training tool. Each pet features light sensors in its eyes so when the Happy Treat is correctly aimed at a pet, it will follow you within a range of six to seven feet. When it gets close enough to the treat, the pet will perform its favorite trick. Thunder sits up on his back legs and jumps for his treat when you aim its included Happy Treat at him. Simply press the spot on Thunder's back again to send him into sleep mode and power down.

B had so much fun watching Thunder zoom around the house, looking for his treat!

B, watching Thunder take off through the dining room...

...and head into the kitchen! Get back here, Thunder!

The Chase and Play Ball that we received with Thunder is a special accessory for The Happy's pets, sold seperately. The Chase and Play Ball does require batteries. It has a built in light sensor, and when it is turned on, and placed near your pet, the pet chases the ball. We love playing ball with Thunder, and watching him zoom across the room to chase his ball!

B really loves Thunder, and I love watching his face light up when he comes home from school, and asks is he can play with his puppy, Thunder. This puppy is cute and sweet, and doesn't make a mess, or make us sneeze! We can take Thunder along with us when we have to leave the house, or leave him home. The Happy's are fun and safe for ages 3+. The only thing you want to watch for, is that your child's hair can get tangles or stuck in the motorized wheels of your pet- keep the pet away from hair!

Check out The Happy's in Action!

Any of The Happy's pets would make a wonderful gift for a special child in your life this holiday season- especially if they have been asking for a pet! These sweet and furry friends will keep your children entertained for hours on end, and also teach them a sense of responsibility. You can purchase additional acessories and treats for The Happy's- like a pup car, skateboard, special stunt and trick accessories, treats, and more! 

Want It? Buy It!

Head on over to The Happy's website to learn more about The Happy's! You can meet all of The Happy's pets, check out their awesome accessories, watch videos, and play fun games with your favorite pets! You can purchase The Happy's online or in store at some of your favorite retailers. Click here for the full list.

Special thanks to The Happy's and Mom Select for allowing us to review and share about The Happy's!