Patch it Up before the Holidays with Color Glide Pro Paint N Go- #Review

I love being a homeowner, but sometimes I really wish that we had a landlord! If we had a landlord, I wouldn't need to rely on Matt so much when something needed repair. I know, I know; I could just learn to do some of the repairs myself, and I have, but there are some things that I just do not do so well. In fact, anything to do with painting has been one of those things for a pretty long time, but not anymore because we have been introduced to a handy little doodad known as the Color Glide Pro Paint 'n Go

Color Guide Pro® has taken mercy on not so talented DIYers like me and came up with the brilliant Paint 'n Go™ applicator tubes. These tubes provide a quick and easy way to touch-up THOSE spots on walls. Using the pump, you simply transfer paint from can to tube, attach the soft felt applicator, squeeze out a small amount, and you are good to go! Once you have completed your touch-ups and cleaned the applicator, you can snap on the cap and store the tube for a future project! That's right, you can store the paint (latex only) in the tube for a later use! Don't forget to log the paint information directly on the tube.

Our Paint 'n Go Applicators Have Arrived! 

The Color Glide Paint 'n Go makes a great addition to your household tool collection. It would make an excellent gift for novice and experienced DIYers alike. I also think the Color Glide Paint 'n Go would make a great addition to arts and crafts centers at school or at home. Check out how easy it is to use in this video:

Want It? Buy It!

You can get the Color Glide Paint 'n Go directly from their website. Don't forget to check out the Color Glide Patch Paint 'n Go for another great DIY tool/gift. Follow Color Glide Pro on FacebookGoogle+,  Twitter, and  YouTube

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