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Meet The Happy's- Pets that Really Play with You! #Review #HolidayGiftGuide

We've all heard it before... 'Mom, can I have a puppy?' I didn't realize that my four-year-old would be begging for a pet so soon! I knew that when he did ask, he'd be so disappointed my my answer. I have terrible animal allergies- to both cats and most dogs, and B suffers from animal allergies, as well. So, my answer has to be 'no' on the pets, because they make us sneeze, and could make mommy inparticular, very sick. B loves animals, especially cute, little ones- but like most children, doesn't understand the responsibility of welcoming a new pet into your home. I do feel badly that we can't have pets, but to be honest, love the freedom we're able to have because we don't own pets. 

When I was recently introduced to The Happy's from the World of Zhu, I thought that our pet problems might just be over. Cepia, the makers of the Zhu Zhu Pets, has created a new line of interactive, motorized plush pets for kids called the Happy's. I was so excited for Bto receive a new 'pet,' and couldn't wait to see his reaction!

'What is this, mommy?'

We received Thunder the pup, and Happy's Chase and Play Ball.

Thunder looked so cute in his puppy box, and B couldn't wait to take him out and play with him.

The Chase and Play Ball was a bonus accessory for Thunder!

Look at the joy on this boy's face! So excited to meet Thunder and get to playing with him!

The Happy's are an adorable collection of motorized pets from The World of Zhu! Available are Thunder, Chance, Mittens, Bently, and Sport. These pets do require batteries. Thunder is a soft and fuzzy blue and purple puppy, who is sweet as can be! He comes with a special 'treat,' which is a red plastic wiggle bone. 

Thunder is ready to come and play with us!

Our Thunder pet came with instructions for set up/use, and info about The Happy's.

B loved Thunder right away! He couldn't stop petting him, but as eager to see what Thunder could do!

Turn your pet on by pressing the embroidered spot on its back. It will come to life and enter Explore Mode, exploring its surroundings at warp speed. Each pet comes with one Happy Treat, which serves as a controller for your pet-think of it as your obedience-training tool. Each pet features light sensors in its eyes so when the Happy Treat is correctly aimed at a pet, it will follow you within a range of six to seven feet. When it gets close enough to the treat, the pet will perform its favorite trick. Thunder sits up on his back legs and jumps for his treat when you aim its included Happy Treat at him. Simply press the spot on Thunder's back again to send him into sleep mode and power down.

B had so much fun watching Thunder zoom around the house, looking for his treat!

B, watching Thunder take off through the dining room...

...and head into the kitchen! Get back here, Thunder!

The Chase and Play Ball that we received with Thunder is a special accessory for The Happy's pets, sold seperately. The Chase and Play Ball does require batteries. It has a built in light sensor, and when it is turned on, and placed near your pet, the pet chases the ball. We love playing ball with Thunder, and watching him zoom across the room to chase his ball!

B really loves Thunder, and I love watching his face light up when he comes home from school, and asks is he can play with his puppy, Thunder. This puppy is cute and sweet, and doesn't make a mess, or make us sneeze! We can take Thunder along with us when we have to leave the house, or leave him home. The Happy's are fun and safe for ages 3+. The only thing you want to watch for, is that your child's hair can get tangles or stuck in the motorized wheels of your pet- keep the pet away from hair!

Check out The Happy's in Action!

Any of The Happy's pets would make a wonderful gift for a special child in your life this holiday season- especially if they have been asking for a pet! These sweet and furry friends will keep your children entertained for hours on end, and also teach them a sense of responsibility. You can purchase additional acessories and treats for The Happy's- like a pup car, skateboard, special stunt and trick accessories, treats, and more! 

Want It? Buy It!

Head on over to The Happy's website to learn more about The Happy's! You can meet all of The Happy's pets, check out their awesome accessories, watch videos, and play fun games with your favorite pets! You can purchase The Happy's online or in store at some of your favorite retailers. Click here for the full list.

Special thanks to The Happy's and Mom Select for allowing us to review and share about The Happy's!

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