Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Just Beause He's So Darn Cute...

Nothing melts a heart faster than sweet pictures of an adorable little babe. Enjoy!

 Play time with mommy...

 Kicky feet...

 Shaking his spider star toy...

 Tummy time. He's so strong!

 Introducing 'Droolio'...

 Still loves the swing (thank goodness!)...

 Hangin' out on the couch, wathin' TV...

 Santa's little helper...

 Making 'snow angels' on the bed...

 Ah... adorable! :)

Balian at 10 weeks!

More later on in the week!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Babies and Cashmere Just Don't Mix...

Hello world! All is well in the Witt house this afternoon. My plans for shopping with mom got scrapped, so I come to you now fully relaxed, because Balian is sleeping and I have a hot cup o' Joe at my left hand. Sacha is at the church, practicing- partly for his Christmas Eve solo and partly for his upcoming audition. The house is quiet, and my ears are still ringing (a happy ringing), and my heart is still soaring from not one, but two most excellent services of Lessons and Carols at St. John's this morning. Oh, how glorious the sound- voices raised and joined together singing favorites such as Mary Did You Know?, Emmanuel, Let Us Adore, Lift Up Your Face, and of course... the lovely Christmas anthem This Child written by yours truly and her talented daddy. No- we have yet to record it, but I have a haunting feeling that a Christmas album may be in the works! I have people asking me often if we're planning on recording another album, and the answer is most definitely YES! The hang up is usually the money issue- the first album we recorded cost nearly $10,000.00 to produce. I know- yikes, right!? Best money we've ever spent- and many of you contributed to our cause, which really means that you contributed to the cause of Christ Jesus- to sharing His story with the world through our ministry, and we still can't thank you enough for that. Honestly, if I had my way (and what I really feel is God's will), we'd be sharing our music in new places each and every week. Hopefully, we will begin to be able to do this again soon. If you're ever interested in having us share a time of worship at your church, please let me know- we'd just be overjoyed to worship with you. I've gotten a bit off base here- back to Lessons and Carols... The traditional service was so, so beautiful! The Chancel Choir was just magnificent, and the soloists and instrumentalists were, too! The Men's Chorus was just lovely, as they always are- Sacha, his grandpa Willi and my dad all sing in that group. The Women's Ensemble sang for the first time this season. I am pleased to be a part of this wonderful group of women of all ages. We sang a stunning arrangement of Breath of Heaven, on which I had a solo. I so love that song, and just as my dad said when he asked me to sing it, it has a whole different meaning to me, now that I am a mother and really can imagine myself in Mary's shoes. After today's worship, we headed to Sacha's grandparents' house for lunch... Balian cried and played and then conked out- he had a BIG day at church. He will soon have an even bigger day, as he is to be baptized on January 9th- the day we celebrate the baptism of our Lord. What a special day that will be! We are looking forward to sharing that day with family and friends... but we have to get through the rest of this week before I can think about that!

 We had a pretty eventful weekend. Rachel (Sacha's sister) graduated from nursing school on Friday! We are so proud of her! We went to her graduation ceremony on Friday night, and then went back to Gretchen's house for a fun party. Everyone wanted to hold Balian, so Sacha and I got to do something we hadn't done in forever... play bartender! That was fun... brought back fun college memories and thoughts of friends. Oh- and momma (meaning me) got to have a cocktail! Champagne cosmopolitan anyone? Oh! And how could I forget to mention that Balian had his very first meeting with his Great Grandaddy Ted and Great Nana Velma Witt on Friday afternoon. It was so sweet to watch him with Ted and Velma... and I know they enjoyed the time they got to spend with him, and with us. We spent our Saturday Christmas shopping, and wrapping presents later that afternoon. It was so nice to have Sacha home with me and Balian ALL DAY! This is a rarity on a Saturday anymore- he's usually working. Balian had a nice long nap, and we cooked dinner together and just had a very nice, relaxing evening at home... oh, we watched Sherlock Holmes- not one of my faves, but I was trying to be a good wifey and oblige my husband. If we hadn't watched that one, he would have wanted to watch Twilight!

That's about it for this wrap-up. This coming week will  be very busy, as we ready ourselves for Christmas Eve, and also prepare for Christmas Day. We have a little shopping left to do, much baking do to, and we still have to practice our musical offerings... and have I mentioned the 10 week old baby who happened upon us and now lives with us? Every day is an adventure, and we wouldn't have it any other way! Hope you all have a wonderful week. I leave you with a few new pictures to look through & pass the time.

Xxxxx..... O

 All dressed up in his puppy suit...

 Ready to head out with mommy...

 Hangin' out with mommy...

 Loves to suck on that fist!

 Ready to go in his Christmas choo-choo outfit from Grammy Leslie...

 Cuddle time with daddy- AKA- Balian's personal body pillow

 Balian and daddy by the tree...

 Balian loves to look at our nativity scene...

 Balian's favorite 'GQ pose.'

Happy baby after bath time...

OH- and this blog is titled what it is because I am wearing my lovely cashmere turtleneck sweater that Sacha got me for Christmas last year, and of course- Balian spit up all over it this afternoon. It was inevitable, and the cleanliness was nice while it lasted at church this morning. :)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Two Months...

I know that none of you are particularly surprised that it has been (yet again) an extremely long time since I last updated you on how we're doing at the Witt house. Forgive me. I didn't even check to see the date of my last blog post, so I have no idea where we left off. Here's a brief update and a few pictures for your enjoyment...

Today, Balian is two months old. It's absolutely amazing how much he has grown and changed in just two short months. Even more amazing is how fast the time really does fly by. All parents warn new parents to be prepared for the time passing quickly, and they are right to do so. Balian quickly outgrew his newborn clothes and diapers about a month ago. Some of his 0-3 month clothes are already too small for him, also... it's because he is so long! So long in fact, that he has another week- maybe two tops in his bassinet, and then he will truly be too long to sleep in it anymore! That's not a bad thing, mind you, but I will be sad when he is no longer sleeping just a few feet away from me in the very same room. Luckily, there is only just a connecting bathroom in between our bedroom and his nursery. 

Of course, I believe Balian to be the smartest baby in the world. Most people comment on how he's been able to hold his head up for such a long period of time unassisted... he's really been doing this since the very early weeks... he doesn't need our help with this anymore. He wants to be mobile in the worst way! As soon as he figures out how to crawl, watch out world... he'll truly be on the move! He can push himself up, and hold his head up when placed on his tummy. He can almost roll over without any help, and he LOVES to be able to sit up and see what's going on in the world around him. A couple of days ago, he grabbed onto a soft rattle toy, and shook it, and played with it all on his own! That was honestly my proudest moment in life to date. Today, he grabbed the same toy with both hands and picked it up! He loves to play with his toys- his favorites being 'blue puppy' and the 'spider star.' We believe him to be over his colicky-ness, thank heavens, and he is sleeping for 4-5 hour stretches at night! Hallelujah! Sacha and I wake up and are WIDE AWAKE before 7 am now! B gets really cuddly for his early morning feeding... some time between 5:30 and 6:30 am, and then I stick him in the bed between me and Sacha, and we cuddle... sometimes falling back asleep. No worries- I make sure the blankets are pulled back and I toss my pillows aside, so we're not risking anything happening to him. B loves his swing- and some days, it's my only hope for a moment of sanity. He's happiest when he has a full tummy, a clean diaper, and a smiling mommy or daddy to gaze upon. For some reason, he is partial to Lady Gaga's 'Just Dance,' and the 'Twist and Shout' song... probably because his mommy wiggles around, dancing like a fool just to get a laugh out of him. Hey... it works! :)

We are so excited for Balian's first Christmas. He has a lot of little Christmas outfits he's been given, and some we have bought for him, too. I have already done a little Christmas shopping for him... and even though we know that he cannot open presents on his own on Christmas morning, it will be so much fun to help him and watch him. We have our house all decked for Christmas, and he loves looking at the lights on the Christmas tree. We have our nativity sets out, and once a day, we stop in front of the big one to look at everyone, and I try my best to point out who's who and tell him the story of Jesus' birth. In my opinion, it's never too early to start telling children about Jesus and His love!

We're busy these days around St. John's... lot's of Christmas music is being prepared and shared. Sacha is involved in the Men's Chorus Christmas Concert tomorrow afternoon at the church. Tomorrow morning, he is playing for two church services at a church in Charlotte. Next Sunday is our annual service of Lessons and Carols at St. John's- both traditional and contemporary... Sacha and I are both involved in both services. The next big thing will be preparing out musical offerings for Christmas Eve. Sacha's youth brass ensemble will be playing an arrangement that he composed, Sacha will play an organ/trombone duet with my dad, and I will be offering a solo. How we're going to work all of this out with Balian being there has yet to be decided. Sacha is also hard at work practicing for an audition with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, which will take place at the end of January. Don't worry... it's just an audition... so don't make any farewell plans for us just yet, but at the same time, please keep Sacha in prayer, because a job with a symphony is his dream.

That's just about all the news we have to share for now. There isn't a lot of free time to be had in our house, as you can imagine, so if I don't get to post again before Christmas, our family wishes you and yours a very Merry Christmas!


Monday, October 25, 2010

So, This Is Love...

Well, I feel that I am slowly re-joining the world a little at a time each and every day since our sweet little son entered our lives. I really should be catching a nap right now, since he's sleeping- but a blog update is long overdue.

Balian's Birth Story:

I was scheduled to be induced on Monday morning, Oct. 11th and needed to be there to check in at 6 am. So, the day before, I spent a great deal of time preparing myself for what was to come the next day. Sacha's friends decided to come visit him that afternoon- the 10th. It had been quite a long time since they had all been together, so I didn't mind them being in the house, as long as they didn't mind my fluttering about, packing last minute things and doing one final load of laundry. I even cleaned out the car- with a little help from my mom, because I wanted everything just perfect when we brought Balian home for the very first time. 

Sacha's friends left in the early evening, and my parents stopped by for a quick visit. After mom and dad left to head home, Sacha and I decided we'd better have a quick bite to eat, and then I needed to shower and get to bed- 5 am was going to come earlier than I wanted it to, and I knew I wouldn't get any sleep... too anxious! We were in the kitchen a few minutes after 7 pm, preparing to heat up some soup, and then all of the sudden- my water decided to break! Sacha began rushing around, trying to grab our bags, asking me a million questions, calling his mom, etc. I called my parents- they had just gotten home, but they turned right around to head to the hospital to meet us.

We were excited... happy that my water broke and that the baby had decided to come out on his own... because I did not want to be induced. Everything was lollipops and butterflies on the way to the hospital- until my contractions started- hard and fast... way fast- less than 5 minutes apart fast! We made it slowly, but surely down the hospital corridor to the Women & Children's center... the walk seemed to take forever. Wish there was a call button at the parking deck so someone could come with a wheelchair to pick you up! Walking down long hallways w/major contractions is not easy! When we finally made it to Labor/Delivery, we got situated in a room, and were soon after met by my mom and dad, and by Gretchen and Rachel (Sacha's mom and sister). I was surprised the nurses let everyone stay in the room with us, as there were only supposed to be 3 other people in there with me. I had an exam right away, and was only dilated about 4 cm. The nurse asked me what kind of pain medication I wanted, and I told her that I didn't really want to have an epidural, but that I wasn't going to completely rule it out. Yeah- glad I didn't rule it out, and even if I had, I still probably would have changed my mind. The contractions just got stronger and came on much faster- 1 1/2 - 2 minutes apart, but I was far from being dilated enough to start pushing.  So, yeah- I told the nurse I was ready for my epidural around 9 pm, and by 9:30, the anesthesiologist was in my room, preparing his table! Didn't hurt- barely felt it... the worst part was leaning over the table while the contractions were still coming.

After the epidural, everyone was allowed to come back into the room, and I felt great. I couldn't feel my contractions at all, and was able to sort of rest and carry on conversations with my family. At around 3 am, Dr. Mills said I was ready to go, so the family made their way to the waiting room, and we started a long 2 1/2 hour stretch of pushing... with no signs of the baby wanting to come out. Dr. Mills said it would be best to try to get him out with the forceps... literally, the scariest, most painful thing I have ever experienced, and hope to soon forget. Even with the use of forceps, Balian still did not want to come out to meet us. Dr. Mills explained that my pelvic opening was just too small, and that Balian was quite literally stuck. He told me and Sacha that I was going to need a C-Section right away, and as soon as I heard that, I was relieved- because I felt that I could endure nothing else! Before I knew it, there were tons of people in and out of the room, prepping me for surgery right away. It took about 30 minutes from the time Dr. Mills said 'c-section' to the time they wheeled me to the O.R. Can't say I remember too much- lots of people- all asking me questions... me just wanting them to send Sacha in. I remember one of the doctors asking Sacha if he brought the camera into the O.R. with him, once they finally let him come in, and he said 'no,' and I told him that I was fine and he needed to go get the camera! One of the doctors actually went back to our room to get the camera for us. They were all really super- the entire staff. I don't remember anything after that... after a few minutes, I heard crying- I assumed it was BalianBalian. It was time for Balian to go to the nursery, and for me to go to recovery. Sacha could have gone with me, but I wanted him to stay with the baby. I knew I'd be fine on my own. My poor family was so concerned about me... mom said she cried when they wheeled me past them in the hallway... she didn't want me to be alone. I was so out of it, that I don't remember going past them... mom said they stopped in the hallway so my family could see me. Next thing I knew, I was waking up in recovery- alone, being pumped full of drugs and hooked up to a million wires, etc. I do remember asking the nurse over and over again when I could go back upstairs to see my baby... because it felt like we hadn't really met yet. I had no idea what time it was- didn't even know what time the baby was born until I got back up to postpardum.

I went back upstairs around 8:30 am, where Sacha met me in our room. I was glad to see him. The baby was still in the nursery, and I was getting the low-down that he hated his bath, etc. Balian was born at 6:14 am, weighing 7 lbs 5 oz. It was near 9 am when the nurses finally brought Balian into our room, and placed him in my arms for the first time. It seems like the world stopped for just a minute, as I felt a surge of a completely new kind of love. With Sacha right beside me and me holding our son, we had our first glimpse of our new life together- as our own little family.

A while later, family came in and took turns holding Balian for the first time. He spent his first two days being passed around like a football, and didn't seem to mind it... we later learned it was because he had jaundice. He spent all day Wednesday under the Billi Light- it was hard to leave him in there all day, unable to hold him, just because I wanted to. We began breastfeeding from day one- definitely not easy at first, but we're getting the hang of it and had a lot of help from our Lamaze instructor, who is also a lactation consultant- Ms. Connie... we love her- she's been wonderful to us.

We were discharged from the hospital on Thursday. Recovery from the c-section has been difficult, but that being my first surgical procedure ever, I didn't know what to expect. Balian and I have been staying at home together, and Sacha has returned to working during the day. We're not getting much sleep- due to Balian's round the clock feeding schedule. It would be so easy to just give him formula- but I enjoy the closeness we share during his feedings. Makes me feel like I can't leave the house, but I'm sure I'll get over that little by little. I don't have a lot of freedom during the day, which is why I'm not really answering the phone or returning phone calls. I'm lucky if I get to grab a sec to use the restroom or make a sandwich. Life is completely different, but has honestly never been better. We are so blessed and happy... even with zero sleep. :)

My post-op visit with the Dr. went well this morning. We made it out the door with Balian by 9 am- me in real clothes, feeling sort of human for the first time in two weeks. Tomorrow will be another test- Balian has an appt. with his pediatrician at 10:15. My sweet little man is waking, hungry, no doubt... he's making the cutest noises. I call them his 'puppy sounds,' because he sounds like a little puppy when he's waking up. I'm looking forward to our 'face time' this afternoon- where we stare at each other and I watch him make adorable faces at me... what better way us there to spend an afternoon?

Thanks for all of your well wishes, love and prayers. We'll try to update you on how we're doing again soon. :) Xxxxxxxxxxxx..........

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Waiting Game...

So, I guess it's been a few weeks since I've updated the blog again. It's been a busy past couple of weeks. Here's a recap:

Had a lovely baby shower on Sunday, Sept. 19th. It was hosted by Sally Taylor and Debbie Martin- two super fun ladies in my dad's choir. The church choir ladies and the ladies on staff at the church were all invited, and many attended. There was a scrumptious spread of goodies to eat, banana punch, a too cute diaper cake as the centerpiece, and of course... lot's of adorable gifts for our precious little guy. I had most everything organized and put away within a couple of days after the shower. The nursery is all set up, crib and all... and now it's just waiting, just like us!

Church stuff remains busy. We're still involved with all of our normal activities. Have to take my shoes off during church- feel sorry for anyone sitting near me. No reason not to go to church, lead worship, etc... even if we are just a few days away from meeting our son. Sacha is always on the go, and I am blessed to have a 'job' that allows me to work from home. I'm to the point that I don't really want to go anywhere. I hate being at home all the time, but my feet are so swollen (really, they're terrible) that I have zero pairs of shoes or even flip flops that I can stuff them into. I did have a pregnant woman moment last Sunday morning where I cried (quite literally) because of my huge feet and not being able to fit them into any of my shoes. I may have even declared that I was just going to stay home, but the good Lord snapped me out of that real quick. Poor Sacha. I try not to complain too much about being so uncomfortable, but I'm to the point now where I just can't not complain- everyday tasks are a huge struggle. My feet are constantly falling asleep, can't bend my toes, etc, etc... and all I hear from everyone is 'Your feet look bad' or 'You look uncomfortable.' Well, duh! I live with it- and don't need to be reminded of it every five minutes, thanks! If you've been pregnant, chances are you've been there, and know exactly how I feel.

Moving on... our past couple of Dr's appointments have been good, but disappointing. I keep walking in there every week, confident that something will have changed... that I just might be dilated even a little bit- but no such luck. After four weeks of appointments and exams, nada! Dr. P seems pretty sure we'll go past little guy's due date. AWESOME! I am eager to meet him, and eager for him to get out of me! :) Seriously, it could all change very quickly, but as of Tuesday, he was still very high up and not close to making his debut. Our next appt. is on Tuesday, the 5th & if nothing is happening by then, we'll have to go back on Friday to have an ultrasound to do a 'no stress' test. I keep praying that he'll come out on his own and that I won't have to be induced.

So, that's about it. Everyone's so super excited for him to hurry up and get here, and to see pictures... but it's out of my hands, folks! He'll get here when he's ready. Maybe he's overheard too many of our conversations and thinks we're all a little too weird and has decided not to come out at all. I wouldn't blame him- we really are a bunch of weirdo's, on all sides of this big, wacky, Durocher-Witt family. We're all waiting... just waiting...


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Relax... What's that?

I am no good when it comes to following directions. I skip ahead when I read, which causes me to mess up simple recipes all the time. It's the easy stuff that always trips me up- the complicated stuff isn't usually a problem. And I was totally that one kid in kindergarten who pasted green tissue paper leaves down the side of my tree trunk, when the teacher told us not to... 'leaves stay up top.' Maybe it's my attention to detail that's the real culprit here- I noticed and remembered early on that branches/leaves most certainly don't just grow from the tops of trees. I also once colored George Washington's nose green in the first grade & was reprimanded. We were told to use every color in the crayon box... didn't I? From that day on, I was determined not to let anyone stifle my creativity. Such a rebel. :) 

Yes, I am going somewhere with this. Excuse me if I get off course every now and then- pregnancy is rough on the brain! Just this evening, I walked into the pantry to retrieve the breadcrumbs, and as soon as I got in there and turned the light on, I had forgotten the purpose of my mission. All this to say- I need to relax. Everyone's always telling me to relax, especially since I'm technically now full term in this pregnancy. The thing is- I am horrible at relaxing. I know what you're thinking- how can anyone be bad at relaxing? I just am. I have a hard time sitting still. Sacha thinks I have ADD... I disagree. I just like being productive! If there are things to be done, I can't chill out until they are all truly complete! Like now- I made out my To Do list for the day, and 'update blog' was on it, so here I am. Updating you all on... not very much. I wish I could be one of those people who easily sits down to watch a movie, but I'm just not. I wish I could focus my attention on a hobby for more than fifteen minutes without having to get up to check on something else. I enjoy staying busy- I even like to be on the go while on vacation. But, this is not the time to be on the go so much... and trust me, it's not like I don't have tons of stuff going on. I tried to lie down and take a nap this afternoon- and I just couldn't make it happen. You know what sounds relaxing? A pedicure! Not allowed to go to the nail salon, though... something about the fumes being dangerous. I see pregnant women with beautifully manicured toes all the time- why do they get to go!? Oh well- I'll keep on trying to paint and maintain my own toenails for as long as I possibly can... haven't had to ask Sacha to do that, yet.

Had a check up w/Dr. P today and it went well. Saw two other gals from my Lamaze class while there. One of them is due on Monday, the other is due the same day we are. Dr. P said that there wasn't anything happening just yet- that Balian isn't near ready to appear, and that it's likely that he'll stay in there up until or after his due date. Yay for me. More weeks of a rolling head on my bladder, swollen feet and ankles, and a belly that seems like it can't possibly get any bigger, but somehow still manages to do so. Oh- and the feet are now so swollen that they fall asleep all the time! Not nice! I'm doing everything I can think of- putting them up, drinking more water, taking little walks, and even eating bananas... totally gross. I've been eating them off and on, hoping Balian will develop a taste for them, because Sacha and I both hate them. And the belly thing... he's getting pretty heavy feeling in there! I really do feel like I've got a watermelon strapped to my person. It's so weird to have a tummy this large... a tummy that's big, round and extremely hard! Sometimes I just lie in bed at night, poking at it... expecting it to wiggle, but it never does. Guess I'll get the JELLO wiggles after the baby is born. Again, that will be weird. Seems like I have a lot of wonderfully weird things to look forward to. Now, if I could just do what I set out to do tonight and relax! Wish me luck!


Monday, September 13, 2010


Yes, just three weeks to go until Balian's due date of Oct. 5th. Wow- just three more weeks. Seems like just yesterday the pregnancy test was blinking 'pregnant' at me in our Maryland apartment, and now here we are... months later, in NC and just about ready for this little guy to make his grand entrance into the world. Still, who knows when labor will begin. Could be tonight, tomorrow or next week... or maybe even when it's supposed to be!

Sacha and I have both been busier than ever. I am in nesting mode- no doubt about that. At 37 weeks, I should have most everything done that needs to be done before our son comes home to live with us, yet I am finding more and more to do with each passing day. I wish the house would just stop getting messy and dusty for the next... year! I usually love to clean, but bending over to reach anything near-ish to the ground is proving to be more and more difficult with each passing day. I can't seem to be able to keep the kitchen clean for some reason. When I get little energy bursts, I get in there and start cooking... or baking. Last week, I decided to make some bread from scratch... for the first time, ever. Made a yummy cinnamon bread loaf, and a honey wheat loaf, too. Cookie dough will be on my list for tomorrow... figure I'll make it and freeze it- just so it'll be on hand when needed. I have leftover chicken in the 'fridge, which is now waiting for me to turn it into a pot pie or casserole... also to be frozen. I keep saying I'll get around to cooking, baking and freezing more and more things, but since I can only stand for so long before I end up with dino feet, I never get as much accomplished as I set out to!

We finally have a crib for the nursery. Used... like new, with the mattress and all. Sacha plans to stain it, eventually. Not worth doing right now. I'm just happy that the crib is together, along with the room... it finally looks like a baby's room! :) Now, all it needs is a little inhabitant. That will happen in due time.

I have a lovely cold. Woke up with it on Friday morning. Not sure where it came from and I am trying desperately not to get Sacha sick. I am praying that Balian stays in his cozy home, which is my womb until this cold has ceased to be. This is the third nasty cold I have had since becoming pregnant. I think I'd rather have morning sickness! Colds and pregnancy so do not mix... esp. because you're pretty much screwed when it comes to being able to take anything that will knock it out! Oh, well... just letting it run its course and hoping it wins the race. The worst thing about being sick like this is not being able to sing. How I love singing! We had our first Women's Ensemble rehearsal of the year at the church yesterday afternoon, and are going to be working on some very nice pieces, which I am excited about. Sacha started his rehearsals with the youth brass group, which he is directing. I believe he had five kids at the rehearsal. Sacha also resumed rehearsals with the Men's Chorus yesterday, which he enjoys being a part of. You know us... we love music and we love our church. Serving God & sharing our gifts brings joy to our hearts.

I'm being thrown a baby shower this Sunday afternoon, and am looking forward to spending time with some lovely ladies from the church choir. I've been hearing all about how much fun it's going to be... can't wait! And now- I must rest. I've been told to rest several times today, and have yet to actually attempt to do that... so, here it goes. Hopefully, a good night's sleep is just moments away. Hope you all get some good rest, too... I know I'm not the only one who needs it. More another time... maybe after we go to the Dr. for our check up on Wednesday.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Winding Down...

Well folks, we're officially in the home stretch of this pregnancy. Week 36 is here! Sacha and I (and the not so little bean, of course) went to the OB's office for a check up today. We met with Dr. Mills- he checked baby's heartbeat, measured my belly, said all looked well and sent us on our way. We're going to the Dr.'s every Wednesday now! Pretty exciting, right!? Yes, indeed. Our little guy will be here before we know it!

It's hard to say what's been happening since the last time I posted. Sacha and I are staying very busy- both of us are still working... Sacha with his window glazing, and me with the fun world of decorating through Celebrating Home. I'm trying to get parties and orders/specials in place for when I'm out of commission for a little while. Sacha is actively seeking a teaching position with the school system, also. Church stuff is busy as ever. We've been helping to get the new youth band up and running & that seems to be going very well. I'll have to bow out for now, and Sacha can still step in here and there as needed. It's time for me to start slowing down and subtracting from my commitments. I have a really hard time saying 'no' when people ask me to do something- even now, in this eighth month of pregnancy.

We're still working on the baby's room, but all of his basic needs will be met by what we already have. We've got a baby shower coming up on the 19th, which is being thrown by a couple of super sweet ladies in the church choir. It'll be an exciting afternoon, I'm sure! I made a shelf the other day and got it situated for the nursery- Sacha's job will be to hang it up. It's cute... has Balian's name on it with a little giraffe. Gotta love those cute little animals that are showing up all over his room! 

Since Balian can decide to make his way into the world just about any day now, I decided it would be best if I at least packed my labor bag. Started doing that tonight- stocked it with my robe, glasses, pj's, a baggie full of loose change, the camera, some calming lotion, playing cards- that kind of stuff. Still need a pair of slippers... which I really don't want to have to buy b/c I'm not fond of them and probably will never wear them once I'm home. I hate shoes in the house, hate wearing socks, etc... anything that makes my feet hot is unappealing to me. I still have to pack my after delivery bag- but I'll worry about that tomorrow. I pulled out the things that I want to take to the hospital for Balian, too... a couple of onesies and sleep gowns, some socks, a hat, a couple of blankies and a couple of tiny diapers. It all looks so cute... just lying there on the changing pad, waiting for someone to be in it all! I also realized while packing these things that this is getting pretty serious. It's such a strange feeling- knowing that he can choose to show up any time... but not knowing when that time will be! Whenever it is, we're ready to meet our son. :)

And as for month eight of pregnancy, it isn't treating me too badly. I'm getting more, 'Boy, are you lookin' big' comments from folks, but I assume they mean the baby, of course! Yes- I look big, and feel big... and my feet are so swollen that I can't even squish them into my Rainbow sandals on most days. The other day, those feet were so swollen that I couldn't bend my toes! My Dr. informed me (today) that the swelling will be twice as bad for up to two weeks after delivery! Glad he told me- otherwise, I probably would think that something wasn't right. I had some pretty mean contractions about a week ago... had to practice my Lamaze breathing to get through them! Thankfully, they went away and left me alone until after dinner on Friday night. They sure are uncomfortable! Just little preludes. I absolutely have that penguin waddle thing going on, which Sacha finds hilarious- but I don't let it stop me from cleaning the house, cooking, washing dishes, doing laundry, etc. I was even outside pulling weeds out of the flower beds over the weekend! I haven't been too emotional, though Sacha says my fuses are getting shorter and shorter. I only really cry about not having my sister here... because I want her to be here, but we talk a lot and she'll get the first pics of the baby, I'm sure.

We had our last Lamaze class last night (Tuesday). We practiced swaddling baby dolls- I'm no good at it, by the way. At least I didn't grab the baby out of the bin by the head like some of the other girls did! We had cake and ice cream to celebrate at break time, and then we had a reflexologist come in and give us a little seminar for the rest of the class time. None of what she showed us was working to relieve any of my back pain... of course. Oh well. Sacha enjoyed it when we had to switch chairs and all of the girls had to rub their husband's feet! How is that fair!? Didn't mind it, really... and Sacha actually did find some of it to be relaxing. After that, we were each given a little Huggies

Sacha turned the big 25 last Sunday! We spent part of the day at church, and then went to mom and dad's for lunch and cheesecake... and then we went to Gretchen's for dinner and peanut butter pie! Yeah- we stay well fed. It was a great day! The rest of this week will be for rehearsals at the church, worship services, more rehearsals, and hopefully a little rest in between... rest is important, esp. since I'm not getting very much at night time due to having to get up a million times to tinkle! Irritating, but good that it's preparing me for being up all night with a new baby.

And now, I believe that it is time to get into my jammies, have a snack, take my vitamin and crawl into bed. Yeah- I know it's only 9:30, but hey- I'll probably be up & making coffee at 5:30 tomorrow morning, like most days! More another time...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

That Makes You Larger than Life...

Oh, the things people say to pregnant women! I knew I should have started keeping a journal of comments right from the very beginning of this pregnancy. I'd just like to thank those of you who continually tell me that I'm looking good and well- a healthy, pregnant momma to a baby boy who is rapidly growing! It's sad to say goodbye to some of the maternity clothes I've enjoyed wearing the past few months... b/c they're getting to be too small. Here we are at 8 months- me, feeling like a turkey in the oven on Thanksgiving Day, ready for the timer to pop! I don't mind comments like, 'It won't be long...,' because that just gets me thinking that it won't be long until I get to meet my new little man. But- for some reason, I do happen to mind comments like, 'You haven't had that baby yet?' and "You look like you need to be gettin' to the hospital!'

It's hard to adjust to being 'bigger' during pregnancy, esp. when you've never been anything more than a size 6 in your lifetime. If I tried to squeeze into a regular pair of jeans right now- just to see what size I'd need, I'd have no idea where to even start! Now, I'll admit that I started off exercising strong when I found out I was pregnant... kept up my normal routine until being on my back was a no-no, and I had to say 'goodbye' to Pilates (how I miss Pilates!). Since moving back to Salisbury, my exercise has been minimal- because of back pain, lack of space to move around and it just being so dang HOT outside! I decided this morning that I'd better try to get my 30 minutes in every day from now until baby gets here. I should have been doing it all along- room or no room, hot or not. I need toned muscles to help with delivery, and for a faster recovery! So, that is my pledge... to truly exercise every day and hope that it will help ease the back pain, the sore hips and might even make me sleep better- 'cause it hasn't been good!

In other news, there's not a whole lot to tell. We're still enjoying our Lamaze classes... toured the LDR & Post wings with the class on Tuesday. RRMC has a lovely Women's & Children's Center. The rooms hardly look like hospital rooms, so hopefully, we'll think of it as a very uncomfortable, but cozy hotel stay... with lot's of ice chips. :) I plan to get whatever else I may need for my personal bag & get that packed up this weekend. Next will be the other stuff. You know me- I like to be prepared well in advance. Balian's room is coming to some sort of order. We still don't have a crib- and might just wait on it (even though I want that room finished!) since he'll be sleeping in the bassinet in our bedroom for the first month or two. I put his bouncy seat (from his Grandma Leslie, Grandpa Rob, Great Grammy Alice, Aunt Britt and Uncle Cory) together all by myself the other day. I felt so accomplished! He's going to love that chair! Most everything else is put away at this point, which is good- b/c baby shower #2 isn't far off, either!

Sacha and I have our first rehearsal/meeting with Derek and the St. John's Youth Band tonight. I so wish I had more energy to put into right now! We have a HUGE praise and worship event at church this Sunday night, which I'm seriously looking forward to... but also wishing I had more energy for! It's all in the Lord's hands- He gives me what He knows I can handle... which at this moment, is evidently quite a lot. So it goes! And now, I am just watching the clock, waiting for it to be time for lunch, because I am extremely hungry! :) Hope everyone has a super fantastic day!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Shower Recap and Other Ramblings...

Well, as usual, it has been quite some time since my last post. I would say 'sorry,' but truth be told, I am mostly exhausted and expect you, my dear friends and fam will forgive me anyway.

Big week last week. We started our Lamaze classes last Tuesday. We go to the hospital- RRMC (where I'll be huffin', puffin' and pushin' in a few weeks) every Tuesday night through mid September for a series of five classes. Last week was a general get to know you kind of thing. Our instructor is really nice, and funny. We're in the class with about seven other couples, and I just might be the oldest momma in there! The class is from 6:00 - 8:30 p.m.- yeah... long time, but we get snacks and a potty break, so it's all good. Lot's of helpful information being given, which I am glad for. Sacha seems to be enjoying the class, too- so that is pleasing, as well. We spent the last 30 minutes of class breathing and working on relaxation techniques. I desperately need the relaxation techniques. Most of you know that I am horrible at relaxing. :) So, we'll go back to class tonight and do it all over again.


...so, I'm sitting at home, working on a few projects last Thursday when I get a call from my dad saying he was heading in to town (had already been in town and gone home, or so I thought) for a meeting or something, and was going to pop by by house for a few. Thought nothing of it- he came in, I got him some refreshing peach water, we sat down and chatted for about 5 minutes, and then who comes walking up to the door, but my mom... followed by non other than Britt and Cory (my sister and her hub, for those who may not know)! Now, here's the thing... Britt had been planning a baby shower for me since about the moment she found out I was pregnant. She planned everything all the way out in Oklahoma, where she and Cory live. She had planned to be here for the shower, but told me several weeks ago that it was looking like she definitely wasn't going to get to come because it was just going to be too expensive. I was sad, of course, but understanding. She just told me that mom was going to handle everything and have my mother-in-law and some of Sacha's family help out, too. I was cool with that, said I was staying out of it and left it to them. So, imagine my surprise when Britt and Cory showed up at my house on Thursday! They had known for a couple of weeks that they were going to be coming to NC, after all... and only my parents and grandmother knew they were coming. It was the best present of all- to have them here. All throughout my pregnancy, I have been longing for my sister to be here. We've gone through all of life's big moments together, and not having her around to see my belly grow and poke fun at me has been really hard. Sheesh- here I go, crying, already missing her because she came and left so quickly! BUT- Having her here with Cory (and Buddy!) for a few days was wonderful.

My baby shower took place on Saturday, and boy, was it fun! It was so great to celebrate with family and friends- especially those I hadn't seen in quite some time. Veronica came up for the weekend from G-ville, and brought her beau with her, so it was great to see her and to meet him, as well. Sacha, Cory and Nico went to the movies and had guy time while we gushed over stuff at the shower. The shower was held at the church, and it was all decked out in a Noah's Ark theme. Britt really found some adorable things to decorate with and pulled it all together very nicely. All of the food was quite yummy- candies, chicken salad in pastry shells, pistachio salad, fruit... in a baby carriage carved out of a watermelon, veggies, and an adorable Noah's Ark cake with tiered cupcakes all around it. Chatted with guests, and then took my seat of honor... and munched on snacks and yummy stuff. Britt had us play Baby Why and Because... a baby related version of a game my family made up and has been playing for years. She had prizes for those who came up with the best questions and answers. It was a cute way to play the game and we had some good laughs! We spent quite a long time opening gifts- wonderful gifts! Balian received lot's of outfits, bouncy seats, a Boppy pillow, a swing, ton's of care items, books, toys, gift cards, and so much more... too much to name! We are so thankful for those who have given gifts for the baby- he is already totally spoiled! He knows I'm talking about him... he just gave me a swift kick in the ribs. :) We had help getting everything home, and then, of course, Sacha wanted to look through everything. He and the other guys did end up at the shower toward the very end and we let Sacha open the cards w/gift cards in them... the more manly gifts. So, we looked through stuff and then completely crashed- we were all tired from a very long and exciting day.


...rolled around and it was up & at 'em early. Enjoyed leading worship at Center Celebration. It was great to have Britt there- singing with the worship team, like old times. After that service ended, it was on to the late service, where I sang and led the congregation in singing 'Find Us Faithful.' We enjoyed our worship at that service, and then we all headed to Gram's for lunch! Uncle Dan and Aunt Susan had come up on Saturday for the shower, so they spent the night at Gram's and we all enjoyed a lunch of KFC, played some games and had a little visit. After we departed, we went back to mom and dad's house to spend a little more time with Britt and Cory. The boys played video games, and the rest of us chatted.


...was a long day, as well. Had lunch w/dad, Britt, Cory and Sacha, and then we all (minus dad) headed to Babies R Us to cash in some giftcards to purchase our travel system for Balian. Hallelujah... the boy has a car seat and a stroller! We had a mix up with a coupon... long story, but we figured it out. Ended up only having to pay about $14.00 out of pocket for a $200.00 stroller set. Yes- we were very excited about this. We went to Center Celebration rehearsal, Sacha left early to go teach a trombone lesson, and then we headed to mom and dad's house to have dinner and then had to say goodbye to Britt and Cory. They were leaving at 3:00 this morning (Tuesday) and needed to get to bed for a few hours of sleep. 16 hours is a LONG car trip! Saying goodbye is always sad, but we are so happy that we got to see them and spend a few days with them. We're looking forward to them coming home for a week or so after Christmas.

And so we come to today, Tuesday... I have been trying to organize the baby gifts today. We woke up to a package on the front porch from Sacha's Aunt Amy and Maryanne- a box filled with baby clothes, toys, and other goodies for baby B! I decided to wash all of the brand new clothes we received- enough for a full load of clothes! I dried them, folded them, organized them by size and put them away. I now feel exhausted just from doing that, and having done some other chores around the house today. My energy is zapped much more easily than ever before. I'd love to take a nap before going to Lamaze, but we have to be there in an hour and a half, so I doubt that'll happen. I have more washing to do- maybe tomorrow... blankets, wash cloths, bibs, burb-cloths, cloth diapers, socks, booties... you name it, I need to get it washed and put away. Sacha put the stroller/carrier together before he left the house for work this morning. He was just so excited about it that he just couldn't wait until later to put it together! I took a picture and will have to post it later... so cute. We plan to order the baby's crib this week, too- so he'll have lot's more to assemble in the coming week or two. At 33 weeks pregnant, it won't be much longer until I reach full term, and the baby's birthday is anybody's guess after that. And I am just about READY to have this baby. I mean, my aching body is ready to give birth... and we're so excited about Balian coming that we go to bed just about every night, hands on my belly, looking at each other and saying, 'He's ours... for always.' Yeah, we're sappy like that- totally can't help it. We're in love with this little dude we've never met, and can't wait to hold him in our arms... and for all of you to meet him, too. :)

More next time. Baby shower pictures are on Facebook already, in the Oh, Baby album. And yes- I'm huge... deal with it- I have to. ;)

Monday, July 26, 2010

A Beautiful Exchange

Hello out there! Nice to be with you again in spirit as you read this post. My friends have been scolding me for not updating this enough for them. Everyone wants to see belly pictures and know how my little bean sprout turned adorable weed is doing... so, if you are one of those people, this is for you. :)

Can't believe how quickly July has come and gone. I am 30 weeks pregnant- approaching 7 months within the next week. We had an appt. with our OB last Wednesday. We finally met the lone male OB in the practice- Dr. Mills. Very nice... more humorous than the female OB's. Our next appointment will be with him again, and that will take place next Wednesday. Oh yeah... we're now into the 'we need to see you every two weeks' territory. A few weeks of that, and then it'll be every week! Baby time will be here before we know it, and way before I'm ready for it. I've been a busy little momma at home, trying to get things settled. We hung up a valance in Balian's room, and I also organized the clothing I have already purchased or received by size and folded it, and put it all away in his dresser. We still haven't bought a crib... but we are going to a huge kids consignment sale this Friday to look for a gently used crib in excellent condition, before we go out an drop a few hundred on a brand new one. Don't worry- I'll take the crib recall list with me...promise. So, the nursery is coming together- slowly, but surely. I called the pediatrician's office last week to check things out- turns out, we don't really need to do anything...our OB handles notifying the pediatrician and setting up our appointments. One last thing I have to do myself- I love that. We registered for Lamaze classes and are looking forward to starting those on August 10th... also just around the corner. My first baby shower is being furiously planned by my sister and mom. That will take place on August 14th. I'll have another shower to look forward to on Sept. 19th. Getting excited about baby stuff, for sure!

As for the health of Balian, he's doing wonderfully. His heart rate was 150, sounded amazing and strong. Dr. Mills said he was growing like a weed- and I managed to only gain 2 pounds in 3 weeks, which I was happy about. Dr. Mills said I am the poster child for a perfect pregnancy, so naturally, we were very glad to hear that. Had my glucose test done, and that came back just fine...which is awesome, b/c I don't really want to have to drink more gross 'fruit punch', wait 3 hours and have 5 more tubes of blood drawn. Oh...and NOT having gestational diabetes is also wonderful. My blood pressure remains in a good place- can't remember what the nurse said it was, but it's never high... thankfully. 

As for me and how I'm doing... I'm staying inside as much as possible. I'd been trying to get up early every morning to go walking, but I am now having trouble squishing my feet into my tennis shoes. I came back from a 30 minute walk one day last week with blisters on my heels- not nice. It's super hot- too hot to want to go anywhere. I am becoming more and more uncomfortable with each passing day, but that's to be expected. Trying to be good and drink more water to reduce swelling. I feel like a whale. I noticed (while sitting in church yesterday) that my ankles (which were there a couple of weeks ago) have disappeared. Having to visit the bathroom more and more in the middle of the night, again...and not sleeping well- partially due to fetal movement, and just not being able to find a comfortable position in which to lay. I've gotten a foot in the ribs a time or two- and yes, it's just as uncomfortable as everyone says, however, all I can think when that happens is 'that's my baby,' and feel so thankful that he's so active and healthy. Still dealing with back pain, but that's been going on all the while...so now it just seems normal. I can no longer paint my toenails by myself, and bending over to pick things up off of the floor is also becoming increasingly difficult. I love watching my belly move...I feel like I could sit there and watch him move around in there forever... it's so fascinating! Sacha has been reading stories to Balian at bedtime, and Balian usually responds to Sacha's voice by kicking me. Again, amazing. I'm still clumsy, keep forgetting where I've put things and other things I would never normally forget about- meeting dates, to do's, etc... but that's sort of how this pregnancy thing works, so I'm relinquishing control and just trying to go with the flow.

We enjoyed a nice visit with Richard (Sacha's dad) on Saturday afternoon/evening. We had nice conversation, went out for a lovely meal, and then came back to our house for dessert... brownie pudding! We visited some more, and played a who knows how long game of Phase 10- a favorite! Called it quits around 11 pm, and I crawled into bed while Sacha stayed up to talk with his dad a little while longer. Sunday was to be a very long day, and I needed some rest! :)

Worship and involvement is happening, as always. I will enjoy these next four Sundays, as I will be worship leader for Center Celebration. A group of us from St. John's had the wonderful opportunity to go to Spartanburg, SC for a night of worship with Hillsong Live last night. They're in the states on their Beautiful Exchange tour. Even though the cathedral was PACKED with 5,000 worshipers, and it was near 90 degrees in there (we sat in the balcony), we sang our hearts out while we sweated, and worshiped our great God on high for 2 1/2 hours with our favorite worship band from Australia. It was incredible. I have had two previous Hillsong worship experiences, but last night's event was all out, fall on your knees worship. I felt so connected to God, to my family (mom and dad were there, too), to my church, and to my baby as I cradled my belly, sang, worshiped and reached out to be filled by the Holy Spirit. I feel restored and so ready to worship with those in our local community, yet realize that there is so much to be done- God's work, our hands. The album 'A Beautiful Exchange' is such an appropriate title. Beautiful exchanges are happening all over the world- between us and God, between neighbors, between strangers, in our local communities and in communities we've never even set foot in. There's even a beautiful exchange happening between me and Balian... right within my physical body. God's grace and love truly are more than I will ever need. I hope you encounter a beautiful exchange in your life today.

A few pictures to satisfy the longing...

 Sacha- being cheeky.

Mom and dad... dinner before the Hillsong concert.

Mom, dad, and a most definitely pregnant me- waiting in line outside at the Hillsong concert.

The bump that keeps on growing...

More later. Xxxx...

Friday, July 9, 2010

4th Fun and Summer Loveliness...

Well, another holiday has come and gone- summer is almost seeming to do the same. Can't say that it would upset me if it went by a little faster. It's hot, hot, hot here in North Carolina...and just about everywhere else. You can imagine my daily dealings with discomfort! I'm trying to stay cool and doing my best to stay inside now that I have caught the cold that has been going around from family member to family member for the past 3-4 weeks! Being pregnant in this heat ain't fun- and neither is having a bad cold on top of it! I tried so hard to avoid having to take any OTC medicines, but finally broke down yesterday and called my OB, asking what was safe to take. Sudafed to the rescue! Now, if only it would begin to work! 

We had a nice 4th of July weekend. Last Friday, we packed a picnic and headed to Village Park in Kannapolis for a free concert put on by the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra. They played lot's of fun, patriotic tunes that were very enjoyable to listen to. After the concert, there was a fireworks display, which was also enjoyable. We laid low on Saturday, as Sacha was still trying to get over the crud he's had for two weeks, now. Sunday was a big to-do at church. After the early service, we had an awesome traditional service. Sacha played in a brass trio, which was really wonderful. That afternoon, we spent time at mom and dad's house...with Gram and Molly, too. We grilled burgers and such and played a three hour game of Phase 10. 

I've been feeling mostly cruddy this week. Gram and Molly came to spend the night at our house on Tuesday, and we had a nice visit...and some delicious food! Gram and I tried to sit out on the porch and enjoy it before it got too hot outside on Wednesday morning. Sacha and I have been trying to take care of baby details this week- registering for Lamaze classes, hospital tour, etc. I'll get to go for my sugar test next week... big yay. Baby Witt is still kicking and moving around like crazy- he did the wave in my belly earlier on this week, which was really cool and weird at the same time. Sacha signed up to take a four day class next week to get his teaching certificate for NC schools- this way, he'll be able to sub if he wants/needs to.

That's really all the news there is to share for now. I'll update again soon. Here are a few pictures for your enjoyment...

Me (and baby) and Rachel at the park on July 2nd

Butterfly enjoying the lantana on our front porch

Front of the house- to the side

Front of the house...

We didn't exactly intend for this bed to be almost entirely yellow...but we like it, anyway!

Bed on the other side of the front walk... with more color and more of a grass problem!

More yellow! Black Eyed Susan...

Happy to see Mr. Bumble pollinating away...

Missy Molly at our house- happy as can be!

Front room of the house (Dining room)

What you see dead ahead when you walk in our front door.

More later, friends and fam! Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Thursday, July 1, 2010

My, How Time Flies...

I always say to myself that I'm going to be better about this blogging thing. I used to be so good about writing in a journal- but I guess life happens, you get busy and try to get everyone caught up when you have the time. This will be my sad attempt to do just that.

 Butterfly in the side yard the other day.

Obviously, we have been living in Salisbury since the middle of May. We had a lot of help from friends and fam getting back down here and into the new (old) house. We love the house. We're living in a neighborhood we love and are very pleased to have two bathrooms, two bedrooms, a much roomier kitchen and a mostly proper dining area. Our family room is pretty scrunched together, but that's of our own doing...we're using the front room of the house as our dining room, and what should be the dining room as the family room. We haven't done much of any decorating in the baby's room yet. Sacha will soon be in the process of converting an old dresser into a changing table, so once we have that ready and have the crib in place, we can do lot's more. We're not painting any of the rooms in the house- thankfully, all of the rooms are painted colors we can live with. The baby's room is a very soft sage green, so we're just going to keep that color scheme going in there. If our little guy is anything like his mommy and daddy, he'll be fond of green, anyway. 

We've been doing a lot of gardening! Sacha built a raised veggie bed in the back yard, in which we have planted tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, squash, okra, eggplant, basil, rosemary and red and green peppers. Everything has really taken off back there and we are looking forward to fresh produce in the coming weeks. We extended a bed around the back of the house and planted lot's of sun-loving flowers back there: verbena, petunias, marigolds and a variety of other things! It looks so cheerful out there! In the front of the house, we tried our best to transform where two off centered rows of hedges lined the front porch on either side of the front walk. Sacha did not enjoy digging those beds out by hand, but together, we are enjoying the beautiful colors of the blossoms from the many flowers we have planted out there: marigolds, vinca, lantana, phlox, petunias, celosia and black eyed susans. The days have mostly been too darn hot to sit outside and enjoy our lovely front porch, but these evenings have been much cooler in the past couple of days! It is so lovely to sit out on the porch in the early morning with a cup of coffee. I know what I'll be doing tomorrow!

Aside from getting settled into the new house, we've been re-adjusting to life in Salisbury. It didn't take long for us to jump right back into ministry programs at St. John's. We are both singing with the Center Celebration Musicians group (the worship team for our contemporary service), once again. I have already enjoyed two Sundays of worship leading at Center Celebration, and am looking forward to at least four more Sundays of worship leading in August. I am serving on the Center Celebration TEAM again, have volunteered to be the Co-Coordinator of Center Celebration, am scheduling the worship leaders, am heading up the Center Celebration Web Team, and as always, lend a hand to my dad in helping to plan our worship music sets. Sacha is also very musically involved at our 11:00 (traditional) service- singing with the Chancel Choir, Cantio Sacra, and will be playing with a brass trio this Sunday (4th of July) in worship. He is busy arranging their instrumental parts as I type this. Sacha has signed on with the Piedmont School of Music and Dance in Kannapolis (also their Charlotte location) as an instructor. He is awaiting students. He is also seeking private students in Salisbury. Sach received his diploma from UMD earlier this week, which was very exciting! We're all super proud of all that he has accomplished! I am still enjoying my cute little business with Celebrating Home, which I am trying to re-establish here in Salisbury. I have also enjoyed singing for a couple of different things since we've made our move back to Salisbury- the highlight being invited to sing for opening worship at this year's NC Lutheran Synod Assembly at Lenoir-Rhyne University. Dad and I wrote a song together called 'Your Work, Our Hands,' which we debuted at assembly.

Onto baby news (finally!)... We have had three doctors visits since we moved home. The first was back in May to find out the sex of the baby, which as I'm sure you already know is a boy. At that ultrasound, the doctor noticed that the placenta was positioned very low, and that we'd need to check it in a few weeks to see if it had moved. At our second visit, we met another doctor in the practice and were given all of the info we need to pre-register at the hospital and sign up for birthing classes. :) We had yet another appointment just yesterday for another ultrasound, and the doctor was very happy to report that the placenta has moved way up and out of the way, and there is no cause for concern. YAY! Baby boy Witt weighs 1.8 pounds...and I weigh about 6 million. Blood pressure and weight remain to be deemed very good. In another week or so, it'll be time for my glucose test, and in three weeks, it's back to the doctor for another check up. The baby is moving around quite a lot, which we are glad for and mostly amused with. I have had no sicknesses or weird cravings (just in case you were wondering), and am trying to deal with this awful and constant back pain as best I can. The heat is gross- and yes, my hands, feet and even some days my face are all swelling. I took my rings off a couple of weeks ago and wear them around my neck, most days. 

We are anticipating a jam-packed July- full of fun and family. Tomorrow evening, we'll be enjoying a free concert in the park w/a fireworks show. The Charlotte Symphony Orchestra will be playing patriotic tunes, so we're taking a picnic basket and planning on spending a lovely evening out of the house (while we still can). As fanatic as we are about the Twilight Saga, we have not yet seen ECLIPSE...planned on seeing it today, but Sacha needed to spend that time arranging music for Sunday. So, we shall see it in the next few days, I'm sure.

That is all that I can think of to share at the present. I'll post a few photos and be done with it so you can get back to your lives, and I to mine.

Our new residence at 1418 Crosby Street

Veggie garden in the back yard

Yay for fresh veggies!

26 weeks pregnant...

Sacha being...well, Sacha. :)

 Baby Balian (just in case you missed it!) So in love with our little guy already!

That's all for now, folks. Until next time...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Closing the Maryland Chapter

Family, friends and faithful readers... this is our last official blog post from Maryland. Strangely (and I mean so strangely), I've had mixed feelings about leaving this place since last week. Makes sense- we've spent the past 20-ish months of our lives here. Sacha's had a wonderful educational experience here, has had opportunities for playing and networking, etc. We've had an adventure or two here or there, survived a monster snowstorm (or two!), and conceived this precious little bean we're all so eager to meet (just not too early). We've had great visits with family, and have experienced as much as the area has to offer that we've been able to manage. This is the place where we've been on our own- just the two of since since being married. Thanks for having us, Maryland...we will certainly miss certain things about you.

So, I'll be coming to you next week from the new house. I have a busy schedule that I'll delve right into next week (aside from unpacking and setting up house), and I'm thrilled about that. Sacha and I will both be so happy to be back in worship on a regular basis at St. John's and are looking forward to whatever the summer months bring us.

Not to disappoint, I thought I'd just share a few random pics that I've taken over the past week or so. I'll try to document moving the best I can...since I won't be any help with moving boxes or much else (can't even go into the bathroom b/c it smells like bleach...dang cleaners).

 So- these first two pics are of things for the baby's room. We're going with a Noah's Ark theme. The third pic is a squirrel climbing on our window screen (just thought it was funny), the next one is an explosion of boxes and stuff, then we have our bare walls, and then there's the baby bump at 19 weeks:

And this is what stressed and pregnant looks like at 19 weeks. :)

Until next time y'all... Xxxx