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Is Your Kid The Messiest Kid In America? Enter The Wet Ones® Contest!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.

I consider myself a very neat and clean person. Since I was very young, I have truly disliked making a mess or getting dirty. Now that I'm a mom, I realize that messes are inevitable, despite my best intentions to keep everyone clean. I have a 5-year-old son and a 4-month-old daughter, and mess-making is just part of their makeup. My son is sort of like me; he'll often scoff at certain activities like baking or finger-painting because it involves getting dirty. But once I convince him that we can quickly and easily clean hands, the cleanliness goes out the window and the wild mess-making ensues!

Thank goodness we have Wet Ones® wipes in our lives! If I had to clean hands with a damp washcloth every time we made a mess, I would be up to my eyeballs in laundry and stain remover. Wet Ones® Hand Wipes have become a household staple for us. They're safe and convenient to use, easy to access and they really get the job done when it comes to cleaning up messes. We like to get pretty creative in the kitchen, making art or playing outside. I love to dig in the dirt with my littles or use our fingers to paint rainbows. We learn through playing and experiencing different activities hands-on, which means that we often get messy.

I carry Wet Ones® wipes wherever I go. The Wet Ones® Singles and Wet Ones® Travel Packs are perfect for storing in the diaper bag, and in the car. I even keep a package in my purse at all times. (Hey, my kids aren't the only ones who wind up with messy hands at random times!) We also keep the Wet Ones® Canisters at home, in an easy-to-find place. They're great for quick cleanups, and the grandmas love knowing that they're on hand while babysitting!
Here's why I love Wet Ones® products:
Antibacterial Hand Wipes kill 99.99% of germs. You read that right! School is back in session, and those germs are festering in the classroom. We reach for Wet Ones® wipes s soon as the school day ends to help protect our family against germs B might pick up from his classmates. Wet Ones® wipes actually clean better than hand sanitizers and are America’s #1 Hand Wipe*.
My kids have sensitive skin, but Wet Ones® wipes are hypoallergenic, and contain moisturizing aloe inside each wipe, making them easy on skin for even the littlest of hands.
They're super convenient! They're a 2-in-1 way to wipe out dirt and messes and kill 99.99% of germs when soap and water aren’t readily available.

We don't have to worry about making messes with Wet Ones® wipes by our side. It's an absolute must-have for moms. I never leave home without them, or leave the hubby at home with the kids without him knowing where to find them!
Do you have a messy kid? Enter the Wet Ones® Messiest Kid in America Contest for your chance to win $5,000! What could you do with an extra $5,000? Want to enter the contest? Here's how:
Post a photo of your child (age 2 to 17) at their messiest using the hashtag #WishIHadAWetOnes and #Contest on Instagram or Twitter, or upload a photo to
 1 Grand Prize winner receives $5,000 plus a year’s supply of Wet Ones® wipes
 5 First Prize winners each receive a $2,500 Visa® Prepaid Card

contest rules
*#1 claim based on scan data for 52 weeks ending 6/18/16.

Awaken Your Compassion with Awaken Box #review + #giveaway

I could hardly wait to discover its contents!

Thank you to Awaken Box for the product to review! All opinions and thoughts are my own. 

Holly, Awaken Box's founder, traveled on a mission trip when she was 18 and discovered a young girl selling her body to simply provide the basic necessities for herself and her younger brother. That ignited a fire in Holly to help support the global community, more specifically artisans. Awaken Box supports artisans from around the world; 80% of the money made funnels back into missions locally and globally. 

I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I received the box, but I was really excited to open it. Each Awaken Box contains a variety of goods. Mine contained a recipe, an information card about the Chayah Children's Home, a necklace, a bag, and a bottle of exfoliant. 

Gorgeous necklace and bag along with some skin care product

The necklace is gorgeous and I received a compliment the very first time I wore it. Of course it is unique so all you fashionistas can wear it proudly. The bag is so colorful and unique that it makes a statement as well. It is perfect for a little handbag, makeup carrier, or whatever you may need. 

You know who you're helping and can try a new recipe!

The card tells me I supported Chayah Children's home in Uganda. They are trying to provide a safe space for orphaned children. It also sends me to the website so I can read more about the organization. There are so many that need so much, how can we not help in some way? Awaken Box has made an organization that makes helping others easy. 

Who doesn't want to try a new recipe? I haven't had the chance to try Ugandan Matoke yet, but it sounds delicious. I'm planning to make it when we have friends over. 

Have I said how much I love everything about this company? You get unique, handcrafted items all while helping the community. Awaken Box has a variety of boxes and purses from which to choose. 

Want it? Buy it!

You can find all the boxes and purses in the marketplace.  For only $40, you can buy a box and the purses range from $14.99 to $49.99. You'd pay that much or more in a mass merchandise store. Buy it here and provide aid to those who need it. MBP readers can use the code BLOCK to receive 50% off of their first box.

Want it? Win it!

Don't wait another minute before branching out and helping our fellow global community members. One lucky MBP reader will win a Global Gift Basket from Awaken Box, filled with goods from around the world. This giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older- no PO Boxes. *Please note that per Awaken Box, you must subscribe to Awaken Box using the code BLOCK to receive 50% off your first box & to be eligible for this giveaway. MBP is not responsible for prize fulfillment. Please see our policies page for details.

Special thanks to Awaken Box for allowing me to experience and share about their wonderful subscription service, and for offering this giveaway for our readers.

Good luck!

Entenmann's Great American Milk Drive Sweepstakes + $70.00 Prize Pack #Giveaway

Thank you to Entenmann's for providing me with product, free of charge for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions shared are my own.

Back to school season is here! Hard to believe that my little man started school two weeks ago! I am adjusting to a new morning routine, and am loving spending some time with B before heads off to school each morning. I get him up and dressed, finish packing his lunch, and get his breakfast ready for him. We usually try to go with something quick and nutritious.

One of our favorites for breakfast- Entenmann's Donuts!

Entenmann’s® is partnering with The Great American Milk Drive, hoping to deliver 100,000 servings of milk to children and families in need across the country!  After all, donuts and milk are perfect together!

Milk can be a delicious and nutritious part of your family’s day,  but for some food-insecure families, drinking milk can be a rare indulgence.

Entenmann’s® is proud to join The Great American Milk Drive in the “Entenmann’s® Donuts & Milk: Perfect Together Sweepstakes” helping deliver milk to those who need it the most. For every entry received during the “Entenmann’s® Donuts & Milk: Perfect Together Sweepstakes”, one 8 oz. glass of nutrient-rich milk will be donated to The Great American Milk Drive, up to 100,000 servings. Consumers can enter to win a variety of prizes during the Facebook sweepstakes, which kicks off August 7th and continues through October 31st. As part of the Facebook sweepstakes, 25 first prize winners will win a one year’s supply of milk and Entenmann’s® donuts and 100 second prize winners will win four boxes of Entenmann’s® donuts. No purchase is required. For official rules and donation program terms you can go to the Entenmann’s Facebook Page.

A yummy breakfast or treat! Entenmann's donuts and cold milk go great together!

If we have a breakfast treat such as Entenmann's, I always serve up some fresh fruit along with it. This makes for a well-balanced breakfast, giving my little guy the energy he needs to get through his morning at school. B absolutely loves Entenmann's baked goods. He's a big fan of their muffins, and was eager to try their donuts. We tried the chocolate frosted and powdered sugar varieties. They were delicious! I love having these on hand in the pantry- they're quick and easy to grab for a morning snack!

What a great looking plate of donuts! Yum!

Growing up, I remember my parents bringing along or serving Entenmann's when we had company or were paying someone a visit.. Their go-to's were the Cheese Danish and the Crumb Cake. Since we were picking up some Entenmann's Donuts, we decided to treat ourselves to a danish. They're so delicious! It's the perfect dessert, breakfast or snack. I love to have a little sweet like this with a cup of coffee!

Entenmann's Cheese Danish- a family favorite!

Looks super fresh and smells amazing!

Slice and enjoy!

I love Entenmann's baked goods, and I know that my family does, too. Their products are wonderful to have on hand- I always like to have something yummy to offer my guests at home.

Our hearts are with those who do not get enough to eat. In my own community, there are programs in place to fill backpacks with food, which students can pick up anonymously at their schools. Sometimes, the only meals they receive are made from contents of those backpacks. Hunger is a growing problem, and we can help by raising awareness. We're proud to partner with Entenmann's in the Great American Milk Drive. Be sure to enter to win their sweepstakes!

Want them? Get them!

Look for Entenmann's at your favorite grocery stores! Connect with Entenmann's through Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Want them? Win them!

One lucky MBP reader will win their own prize pack from Entenmann's! The prize package is valued at $70. The package includes the following: One Entenmann’s Milk Bottle Tumbler, Five Entenmann’s Coupons valued at $7 each, and One $25 AMEX gift card. Giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older. No PO Boxes. Use the RC entry form below to enter to win! MBP is not responsible for prize fulfillment. Please see our policies page for details.

Special thanks to Entenmann's for allowing me to share about this wonderful cause and for offering this fun giveaway for our readers!

Good luck!

Where does the time go?

This week starts another school year for Ethan, as I am sure most of us can relate to. He is entering 10th grade and I cannot believe it.  I remember bringing him to kindergarten and I cried more than he did.  In fact, I remember him telling me to not embarrass him, which has become the tradition for every first day of school he has had so far. "Mom, please do not cry this time".  I cannot help it sometimes as I feel like time is getting away from me. It's almost as if as the days go by that I feel like I will lose my title as mom.  I know this to be untrue, but he is getting to the age where he doesn't need me to do everything for him.  He knows it makes me upset so he tries to let me help.  He has grown up way too fast.  I look at him and still see my little baby and cannot believe how incredible of a person he is.  I still cry the first day of school, but I am so lucky he still hugs and kisses me goodbye when I drop him off.  This week I ask Mommy's Block Party readers and contributors to spend as much time with your kids as you can.  In the blink of an eye they will be adults... Just look at the difference 8 years makes. Hold onto it and no matter how old they are take back to school pictures to remember the moments.    

Counting Down to Disney.... Disney Challenge day 21.... What do you think the most overrated Disney Movie is?

We are counting down the days until our Walt Disney World Vacation... and having some fun with you guys along the way with this Disney Challenge. Today we are on day 21... What do you think the most overrated Disney movie is?

Okay... I have a HUGE favor to ask of you guys... No one... I mean NO ONE can tell my daughters about this Blog Post... Especially Princess MK! I fear for my life while typing ;)

But... In my most honest opinion... I think the most Overrated Disney movie is

EEK!!! I know, I know... you all are probably mad at me now too....

Do I think it was cute? ABSOLUTELY! Did I love the music? ABSOLUTELY! Did I love the Characters? ABSOLUTELY! Do I actually really like the movie? ABSOLUTELY! The first time I heard "Let It Go" when we watched it in theaters, I thought... this is going to be huge. But how huge is what I don't understand.

Frozen literally took over the world for the last couple of years. We went to Disney World a couple years ago in the height of the insanity.... and I just couldn't wrap my mind around it. People waiting 4 hours to "meet" Elsa and Anna?!? The night we went to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, MK had wanted to dress up as Elsa... There was no way I was paying $295 on Ebay for the $40 Disney store dress though... and i was never so happy she picked to be Zarina the Pirate Fairy from the Tinkerbell movies as the night of that party at the Magic Kingdom. There were literally 2,687 little Elsa's trick or treating around the Magic Kingdom. I told my husband she would NOT be easy to loose that night in her Zarina costume surrounded by a sea of Elsa's!

Elsa's face was on everything... I mean EVERYTHING! from Kleenex to Ziploc Baggies and everything in between, you could not get away from Frozen. I think at one point she may have even been on toilet paper packaging!

Frozen is so huge, they tore apart a Classic Ride at Epcot and turned it into "The Frozen Experience!" There are about 28 other movies I would have rather had a ride made after. I mean think Alice in Wonderland!! =)

So what about you? What do you think is the most overrated Disney movie? Comment Below! It will only be me looking at this one... There is NO WAY I am showing this one to my girls!!! Hehehe!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Laps for Life Annual Blood Drive at Charlotte Motor Speedway

Image result for suburban propane


During the Annual Summer Awareness Campaign, the Suburban Propane-Supported Events Help Ensure Blood is Available All Season Long

WHAT:                  Blood and platelet donations often decline during the summer months, making it difficult for the American Red Cross to meet hospital patient needs. That’s why Suburban Propane is partnering with the Red Cross as the official sponsor of its annual national summer awareness campaign. In order to increase donations, Suburban Propane will support the American Red Cross Laps for Life Blood Drive Event at Charlotte Motor speedway by providing an on-site cookout and $10 Visa gift card to all who come out to give at the drive.
This is just one of 37 Suburban Propane-supported blood drives across the country throughout the summer long campaign.
As the official sponsor of the summer campaign, from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend, Suburban Propane employees will also volunteer at blood drives as part of one of the largest nationwide corporate volunteer efforts in support of Red Cross Blood Services. To learn more about Suburban Propane’s community involvement, visit

WHO:                    The event will include representatives from Suburban Propane and the American Red Cross, as well as blood and platelet donors from the area.

WHEN:                  September 9th,
                                10 a.m. – 7 p.m.

WHERE:                Charlotte Motor Speedway
5555 Concord Pkwy S
Concord NC 28027
WHY:                     The Red Cross relies on volunteer donors for the 14,000 blood donations needed every day to support patients at about 2,600 hospitals and transfusion centers nationwide. However, during the summer months, about two fewer donors schedule an appointment to give blood at each Red Cross blood drive than what patients need.

Hugdoll by Kidu Keeps Kids Cozy in the Car

Thank you to Kidu for providing me with a hugdoll for review. All thoughts and opinions shared are my own. 

Everyone, meet Leonard. He came to us all the way from Korea! We took some time to look on our globe to see just how far he came to live with our family. It was a very long trip but we are happy to have him.

Hugdolls also come in blue, green and yellow

One thing that all moms can relate to is getting your kids in and out of the car. Day in and day out, for short jaunts and for long road trips, it begins with buckling our seat belts.

My Jordan is four years old and uses a booster seat with a seat belt. He doesn't always like having to wear it and some days he falls asleep and his head will droop down or to the side.  I was thrilled to be able to introduce him to a hug doll because he actually wants to hop in the car and buckle up with Leonard.

Using our hugdoll is really easy and no real issues besides maybe having to pull the belt out a little longer than usual.

The only downside that I can see to the hugdoll is that we have been enjoying him in the very hot southern summer. Leonard stays in the car when we get out and once or twice Jordan said it was making him hot to have a stuffed animal on him. It wasn't a major issue and I know it will be nice to snuggle him in the winter months. He is very soft and a nice size for kids in his age group.
Update: I just saw on the website that you can purchase a cool pack to put on your hugdoll during the summer months and it will keep your child cool with no need to refrigerate!

Your family can have your very own hugdoll! It is still in the design stages and can be pre-ordered on  
If you have a little one who puts up a fight when it's time to buckle or a little one who is often lulled to sleep in the car, you will enjoy having this fella there to hug and snuggle.

Check out all their products and latest news:

Bloom Where You're Planted in ToeBlooms: The Baby Shoe #Review + #Giveaway

Thank you to ToeBlooms for providing me with product, free of charge, in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions shared are my own.

When I was a first-time mom, I dreamed of all of the ways I could dress my sweet baby boy up in cute outfits. My husband, however, had a different feeling about how a little boy should dress, and made me promise not to dress our son too 'cutesy.' He told me that it would be different if we had a girl. Well, fast-forward to five years down the road, and here we are- with a sweet baby girl. You'd better believe that I remembered my husband's words, and am taking every opportunity to dress Baby S up as much as I want to.


ToeBlooms are completely adorable baby shoes and sandals for ages 0-12. Home of the original Baby Barefoot Sandal, ToeBlooms offers sweet blooms for your baby's feet! Baby shoes are sort of silly- they look cute, but what's the point of bothering with them if baby isn't walking or learning to walk? ToeBlooms take the place of shoes, and allow baby to be in bare feet. ToeBlooms are the perfect accessory for baby girls from newborn to 12 months and can be worn on bare feet or over socks. Toebuds, a  boys line, was developed later and can be worn in the same fashion. ToeBlooms uses the highest-quality materials and craftsmanship to create our patented line of durable, comfortable and fashionable products. ToeBlooms and Toebuds are available online and at select retailers nationwide.

Check out this incredible selection of products we received from ToeBlooms!

I was so excited for the opportunity to partner with ToeBlooms. I am always on the hunt for adorable fashion accessories for Baby S, and was smitten when I found ToeBlooms barefoot baby sandals! Perfect for Baby S during these hot Carolina summer months, the ToeBlooms are a great accessory to wear any day of the week. I couldn't wait to see S in the ToeBlooms, and get her all dressed up! With four pairs of ToeBlooms, and two HairBlooms, S was bound to be stylin' in no time!

Meet the Cora Pastel Pink ToeBlooms!

I love the Cora ToeBlooms! They are so cute! This pretty design is perfect to wear with fun play outfits or dressier outfits, as well. The pink organza bursts forth in an array of color, featuring faux pearls and crystal stones in the middle. These simply slide over baby's feet and stay put until you're ready to take them off.

Lovie ToeBlooms

The Lovie ToeBlooms are one of their most popular styles. They're the perfect go-to barefoot sandal for baby. These large white blossoms are the perfect accessory to just about any outfit you might want to put baby into! We have worn these with lots of different outfits- from cute onesies to rompers and dresses. They're such an adorable way to dress up an everyday outfit.

Little Lady Couture ToeBlooms

One of my favorite ToeBlooms sets is the Little Lady design. This off white colored barefoot sandal is so sweet! A lot of Baby S' outfits aren't super white- they're more of a cream color, so these go perfectly with all of those! I love the large flower blooms with the gorgeous rhinestone centers! There is also a matching HairBlooms headband. When worn together, you truly have the look of a little princess!

My Little Lady in her Little Lady ToeBlooms and HairBlooms headband. Such a sweet little flower on a summer day!

An up-close look at the Little Lady ToeBlooms- just beautiful!

I just love the way S looks in her ToeBlooms and HairBlooms! I love to dress her up, and these unique accessories are truly eye-catching. We've had so much fun playing dress up, and have loved hearing comments from family and friends when they've seen her all dressed from head to toe in ToeBlooms finery!

The BubbleGum ToeBlooms and HairBlooms headband are so adorable!

This romper that I had previously purchased for S was the perfect match for the BubbleGum ToeBlooms and HairBlooms headband!

This shows how the ToeBlooms look on baby's foot.

The ToeBlooms are so cute, and they're easy to slide right onto baby's little feet. They're designed for ages 0-12 mo. We've had no problems with S kicking them off. If anything, she's been interested in them, and love touching her feet to explore the textures of the ToeBlooms.

ToeBlooms are available in a variety of designs from classic to couture, and are $18.50/pair.

HairBlooms are sold in addition to the ToeBlooms in a variety of colors and designs to compliment the ToeBlooms.

I love putting headbands on S. She doesn't always love them, but she actually left the HairBlooms headbands alone when she wore them. I think she loved the attention she was getting from them! HairBloms are $9.50.

ToeBlooms also offers ToeBuds, which are for boys! The super cute barefoot sandals for boys are a must-have baby shower gift!

Check out some of the other ToeBlooms products we love!

Hubble ToeBuds

Bashful HairBlooms

Glitzy Classic ToeBlooms

Lovely Coture ToeBlooms

It would be nearly impossible to pick just one style of ToeBlooms or ToeBuds- they're all so darn cute! They would make an absolutely adorable baby shower gift, or the perfect addition to your little one's accessory collection. Don't forget to add on a HairBloom, and take a look at their gift sets!

Each ToeBlooms Set comes packaged in this cute little box- a keepsake to treasure and preserve those sweet little barefoot sandals!

Want them? Get them!

Head on over to ToeBlooms to browse all of their beautiful barefoot baby sandals and headbands. Connect with ToeBlooms through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Want them? Win them!

One lucky MBP reader will win their very own ToeBlooms gift set! This giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older- no PO Boxes. Just use the RC entry form below to enter for your chance to win! MBP is not responsible for prize fulfillment. Please see our policies page for details.

Special thanks to the wonderful folks at ToeBlooms for allowing me to feature their beautiful barefoot sandals and headbands, and for offering this fun giveaway for our readers!

Good luck!