Counting Down to Disney.... Disney Challenge day 21.... What do you think the most overrated Disney Movie is?

We are counting down the days until our Walt Disney World Vacation... and having some fun with you guys along the way with this Disney Challenge. Today we are on day 21... What do you think the most overrated Disney movie is?

Okay... I have a HUGE favor to ask of you guys... No one... I mean NO ONE can tell my daughters about this Blog Post... Especially Princess MK! I fear for my life while typing ;)

But... In my most honest opinion... I think the most Overrated Disney movie is

EEK!!! I know, I know... you all are probably mad at me now too....

Do I think it was cute? ABSOLUTELY! Did I love the music? ABSOLUTELY! Did I love the Characters? ABSOLUTELY! Do I actually really like the movie? ABSOLUTELY! The first time I heard "Let It Go" when we watched it in theaters, I thought... this is going to be huge. But how huge is what I don't understand.

Frozen literally took over the world for the last couple of years. We went to Disney World a couple years ago in the height of the insanity.... and I just couldn't wrap my mind around it. People waiting 4 hours to "meet" Elsa and Anna?!? The night we went to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, MK had wanted to dress up as Elsa... There was no way I was paying $295 on Ebay for the $40 Disney store dress though... and i was never so happy she picked to be Zarina the Pirate Fairy from the Tinkerbell movies as the night of that party at the Magic Kingdom. There were literally 2,687 little Elsa's trick or treating around the Magic Kingdom. I told my husband she would NOT be easy to loose that night in her Zarina costume surrounded by a sea of Elsa's!

Elsa's face was on everything... I mean EVERYTHING! from Kleenex to Ziploc Baggies and everything in between, you could not get away from Frozen. I think at one point she may have even been on toilet paper packaging!

Frozen is so huge, they tore apart a Classic Ride at Epcot and turned it into "The Frozen Experience!" There are about 28 other movies I would have rather had a ride made after. I mean think Alice in Wonderland!! =)

So what about you? What do you think is the most overrated Disney movie? Comment Below! It will only be me looking at this one... There is NO WAY I am showing this one to my girls!!! Hehehe!

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