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Where does the time go?

This week starts another school year for Ethan, as I am sure most of us can relate to. He is entering 10th grade and I cannot believe it.  I remember bringing him to kindergarten and I cried more than he did.  In fact, I remember him telling me to not embarrass him, which has become the tradition for every first day of school he has had so far. "Mom, please do not cry this time".  I cannot help it sometimes as I feel like time is getting away from me. It's almost as if as the days go by that I feel like I will lose my title as mom.  I know this to be untrue, but he is getting to the age where he doesn't need me to do everything for him.  He knows it makes me upset so he tries to let me help.  He has grown up way too fast.  I look at him and still see my little baby and cannot believe how incredible of a person he is.  I still cry the first day of school, but I am so lucky he still hugs and kisses me goodbye when I drop him off.  This week I ask Mommy's Block Party readers and contributors to spend as much time with your kids as you can.  In the blink of an eye they will be adults... Just look at the difference 8 years makes. Hold onto it and no matter how old they are take back to school pictures to remember the moments.    

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