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Hugdoll by Kidu Keeps Kids Cozy in the Car

Thank you to Kidu for providing me with a hugdoll for review. All thoughts and opinions shared are my own. 

Everyone, meet Leonard. He came to us all the way from Korea! We took some time to look on our globe to see just how far he came to live with our family. It was a very long trip but we are happy to have him.

Hugdolls also come in blue, green and yellow

One thing that all moms can relate to is getting your kids in and out of the car. Day in and day out, for short jaunts and for long road trips, it begins with buckling our seat belts.

My Jordan is four years old and uses a booster seat with a seat belt. He doesn't always like having to wear it and some days he falls asleep and his head will droop down or to the side.  I was thrilled to be able to introduce him to a hug doll because he actually wants to hop in the car and buckle up with Leonard.

Using our hugdoll is really easy and no real issues besides maybe having to pull the belt out a little longer than usual.

The only downside that I can see to the hugdoll is that we have been enjoying him in the very hot southern summer. Leonard stays in the car when we get out and once or twice Jordan said it was making him hot to have a stuffed animal on him. It wasn't a major issue and I know it will be nice to snuggle him in the winter months. He is very soft and a nice size for kids in his age group.
Update: I just saw on the website that you can purchase a cool pack to put on your hugdoll during the summer months and it will keep your child cool with no need to refrigerate!

Your family can have your very own hugdoll! It is still in the design stages and can be pre-ordered on www.indiegogo.com/projects/hugdoll-the-seat-belt-buddy-for-children-car#/  
If you have a little one who puts up a fight when it's time to buckle or a little one who is often lulled to sleep in the car, you will enjoy having this fella there to hug and snuggle.

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  1. This is such a cute hug doll. My niece would love this to take with her in the car! So cute!


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