Friday, October 31, 2014

'Tis the Season to be Stylish in Caite: Carmela Top #Review + #Giveaway

With the changing seasons upon us, my closet is a huge mess. I not only have out tank tops, shells, short sleeves, 3/4 length tops, blouses, etc- I also have out long sleeves and sweaters! The funky thing about NC weather is that it can go from 82 degrees to 42 degrees as a high for the day in the same week. I am loving the true fall temperatures, and have never been so ready to kiss my summer wardrobe goodbye for a few months! As I looked through my collection of fall and winter wear, a few weeks ago, I noticed that I had two styles of clothing- my comfortable everyday wear, and then my Sundays only set of clothing. I don't have much in the in between category... you know, for those days you want to be comfortable, but maybe with a dressier flair, a bit of added oomph.

I mean, I love fashion, but I can't dress like a fashion model- that would be totally impractical I'm a mom- to a rough and tumble four year old boy who loves to get messy, dirty, wrestle (with mommy), play soccer (with mommy), and so on. I'm a volunteer- working with adorable 3-5 year olds on Wednesday afternoons, as we learn music together. I'm a cook, a cleaning lady, the landscaper, a writer, yoga lover, and much, much more. I never know where my day is going to take me, and believe in being comfortable, stylish, and putting my best foot forward in all that I do.

Caite Online | Contemporary Embroidered Collection

We're multi-tasking women, and it's a great feeling when we find a brand of clothing that embraces that concept, and recognizes that we want to be stylish and comfortable, without having to live in sweats! When I ran across CAITE a few weeks ago, I was so pleased to see that they offer two beautiful collections of women's clothing that are meant to fit, and flatter, and not get in the way of what matters most to us. Caite designs their pieces to be timeless, and seasonless- offering pieces that work with you, in every season. tops, tunics and jackets have been created and styled to connect with the pieces already in your closet.  Caite's signature original embroideries all coordinate with the various shades of denim already in your wardrobe.  Feel assured that when dressing for casual daytime or dressier evenings that Caite pieces will always work well with denim.

I was thrilled for the opportunity to connect with the wonderful team at Caite, who offered me a piece of clothing from their wonderful Caite collection. Caite's apparel options are gorgeous, and perfect for everyday wear. I had a tough time deciding on a favorite piece, but when I saw the Carmela Top, I knew it would be a good fit for me!

Carmela Top by Caite

Features of the Carmela Top

An easy top to pair with any bottom, shoe or accessory, the Carmela top adds flair to the outfit with a chiffon back. Taking a solid long sleeve top to the next level by having a chic polish.

I don't own a lot of t-shirts, and I definitely have need for them. I don't buy t-shirts, because I think they're boring, so I wind up purchasing tops that don't always fit the best, and sometimes don't flatter my figure. I love that Caite can take something as simple as a plain long sleeved tee concept, and breathe new life into, by selecting a bold, striking color, using their ultra comfy fabrics, and then putting their own spin on the overall design.

Check out the gorgeous detail of the Carmela top by Caite. This is not your average t-shirt, ladies!

The lovely plum color of the Carmela top is beautiful, and isn't just gorgeous for the fall season, but can carry through winter, spring, and even summer. Though the fabric is soft, and warm, it's also lightweight and comfortable. I asked for a size small, because honestly, you never know how a garment might fit, even if you go by the size chart. I fall between a size 2/4, which matched up with a size S on the Caite clothing size chart. The tee has a beautiful, relaxed shape to it. It's a little bit loose on me across the chest (most things are, as I have a small chest), and I probably could have gotten away with the extra small, but I like knowing that if I put on a few extra holiday pounds (which may very well happen- I love sweets!), I will still be comfortable and look great in this top!

This is the back of the Carmela top- beautiful chiffon draping.

Take just a moment to check out the back of the Carmela top. It drapes so beautifully, and has a chiffon inverted V-shape, leading down to the tail. This top almost has a high/low thing going on, but it isn't cropped in the front, like most high/low tops tend to be. This gives you full coverage in the front, and added length in the back,

When wearing this top, I love how it just moves with me, and almost dances right along. It's got a beautiful shape to it, which is so flowy and feminine. This is far from the average boxy tee shirt you may bring home after a day of shopping with the family. This top is appropriate to wear during your everyday activities- to work (because it can be easily dressed up and worn with dress pants, a skirt, etc.), out on a date night. and it will razzle dazzle friends and family during the grand entertaining season that lies just mere weeks away!

Check out how I wore the Carmela Top by Caite...

Top: Carmela Top by Caite
Jeans: Forever 21 Denim
Scarf: Natasha
Boots: White Mountain

The Caremla top is flattering and comfortable, and though it's essentially a t-shirt with detail, I hardly feel like I am wearing a t-shirt when I am wearing this top. I have already received a ton of compliments on it, and I have to say, the color is one of my absolute favorites!

Caite has beautiful, unique apparel options for women. 
Check out some of these lovely pieces...

Kiara - Dk. Grey
Kiara Dark Grey

Amelia - Teal Jewel

Azura - Moss
Azura- Moss


Marley Cardigan
Marley Cardigan

Caite's beautiful collection of unique embroidered apparel will carry you through the seasons ahead, and will be pieces that you won't want to store away! You'll be mixing and matching these pieces with pieces you already own and love, and when in doubt- pair with denim! All of Caite's pieces work super well with denim! Caite's apparel would make a beautiful gift this Christmas! From their lovely collection of jackets, cardigans and tops, Caite has a unique piece just for that special someone on your gift list this year!

Want It? Buy It!

Head on over to Caite to browse their entire collection of women's apparel. Caite is sometimes featured on Zulily, so be sure to add them as a favorite brand so you'll be updated whenever there is a sale event happening. Join the Caite e-newsletter, so you'll never miss an update, and be sure to connect with Caite through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+!

Want It? Win It!

One lucky MBP reader will win a beautiful Tilly Jacket by Caite, valued at $124.00. This black jacket features a unique design, and is available in sizes S-XL. For more info on the Tilly Jacket by Caite, click here. This giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older. Please just the RC entry form below to enter for your chance to win. No PO Boxes, please. *Please note that it is MANDATORY for all entrants to this giveaway to sign up for the Caite E-Newsletter. Sign up on the Caite website- in the pop up box when you first visit their website.

Special thanks to Caite for outfitting me in the beautiful Carmela top and allowing me to share about it, and for offering this wonderful holiday giveaway for our awesome readers!

Good luck, and stay stylish!

Daily #Yoga Pose: Pigeon Pose

Happy Friday! I hope you're doing well, and are gearing up for a super fun Halloween! I can't wait to get out and take my sweet boy trick-or-treating tonight. Our neighborhood does Halloween up big time! We'll be busy tonight, so I knew that I needed to get up a bit earlier today, and get my exercise routine in before the day began. I have actually done this each day this week, and have found that starting my day off with a bit of yoga, pilates, and meditation/devotions is having a hugely positive impact on my day.

Already, I am seeing toning in my tummy, arms, and legs, and have a better outlook on the remainder of each new day. I am sleeping better at night, as well. I have been sharing some of the pilates and yoga videos I use on a daily basis, but thought that for today, it would be fun to simply share one of my favorite yoga poses, the Pigeon Pose.

Pigeon Pose- head down on left foot...

Take the downward-facing dog pose. Step forward with your left leg and lower your left thigh and shin on the mat. Keep your right leg straight. Go down on your left leg. Try to put your left thigh on the floor. Stretch your arms forward on the floor.

I love this pose- it's a wonderful stretch, and I find it very relaxing. You can take yourself through a simple routine from Child's pose to Downward Dog, stepping forward and then going into Pigeon pose, once on each side.  Even if you don't have 20-30 minutes to devote to a full routine, taking five minutes to do some simple yoga poses will give you a great start to your day!

Now, this is an intermediate yoga pose, and you might not be able to do this if you're just starting out with yoga. The trick to get the stretch, is to keep your hips square, as if they're bolted to the floor, and you want to feel that length from your leg, through your back, shoulders and arms. You can go a little way with your stretch through the arms and fingers, or walk the fingers out a bit more for more of a stretch. The best way to come out of this pose, is to roll up to sitting (you may need to use your hands to push yourself back up), bring your left knee back, and push up, either back to downward dog, or child's pose. If you're in Child's pose, roll up to sitting through the spine. If you're in downward dog, bring your feet in, hands on the mat, and roll up to standing through the spine.

Hopefully, you'll be able to give this pose a try and make it a part of your daily yoga routine!
As with any exercise, please don't do anything you don't feel comfortable doing, and please take former injuries, joint or muscles issues into consideration before trying something new. It may be best to contact your general physician before staring a new routine.

Wishing you good health and happiness, today and always!

Make a Baymax Pumpkin for Halloween! #BigHero6

Still looking for a last minute pumpkin carving idea? How about a Baymax pumkin, from Big Hero 6? The idea is simple enough. Use a white pumpkin, or an orange one would work, as well. You could always paint and orange pumpkin white, for added fun. 

Make a template and cut the eyes and midle line out. Use a black permanent marker to draw the eyes and line onto the white pumpkin, using the template. Allow it to dry, and voila, you have your very own Baymax pumpkin! You could easily do this project on a craft pumpkin. If you'd rather, you can carve out the eyes and line in the middle, and make your pumpkin into a Baymax-o-Lantern!

We're so excited about the upcoming debut of Big Hero 6! 
Take a look at the trailer, if you haven't seen it yet.

Disney's Big Hero 6 is in theaters November 7th!

Like BIG HERO 6 on Facebook:

Follow Walt Disney Animation Studios on Twitter: 

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Visit the Website:

Wishing you a safe, and Happy Halloween! 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Find It- A Contained Adventure for All Ages #Review + #Giveaway #HolidayGiftGuide

My son is at such a great age. We have sort of worked our way out of the endless tantrums, and B has become more independent. He still loves to play, and play with mommy and daddy, but has become much more content playing on his own for bits of time. During his independent play time, he plays pretend, dresses up, reads, and even enjoys playing games... the only problem is that most games require more than one player, and unless they're electronic, they aren't very portable.

We were thrilled to be introduced to Identity Games, especially since B's curiosity is only growing, as is his love for games. Identity Games was founded in Holland, in 1992. They are an award-winning (international) game creator, producer, and publisher. The mission of Identity Games is to make innovative, creative and educational games for every business, family and market while exceeding customer expectations by delivering high quality games at the best possible prices.From 2006 through 2013 Identity Games has won several awards in The Netherlands, Europe and the US.

As I looked through some of the games available by Identity Games, I came across Find It- a Contained Adventure, which looked like it would be an awesome game for the whole family, especially for B. This game was not what we were used to seeing as far as games are concerned, so I was definitely excited to see how B would react to a different type of game from a board game.

I was able to connect with the wonderful team at Identity Games, who offered to send us our very own Find It game to try and enjoy.

Our package from our friends at Identity Games arrived...

...and we found not one, but two Find It games!

We were send the Dinosaurs Edition and Kids World Edition of the Find It Games, and were so surprised to receive both of them, as I was only expecting the Kids World Edition. So, a big thank you to Identity Games, for sending both of these and making our little man extra happy!

Find It- Dinosaur Edition, and Kids World Edition.

B was extra excited after opening the box with the Find It Games inside, and couldn't wait to take them out of their individual boxes to play with them!

Find It is a really neat game. It consists of a heavy plastic cylinder, which contains colored plastic bits, filling up the cylinder. Also inside, are several tiny objects (48 in each one!), which become hidden within the colored plastic bits. All of the items hidden within the game are listed on the top of the cylinder. The game comes with a stack of cards, which asks questions, such as- 'Find an animal that eats meat.' You then shake, spin or twist the Find It game every which way, until you find the hidden object!

We couldn't wait to check out the Dinosaur Edition Find It, to see what might be hiding within the colorful bits!

The Dinosaur Edition Find It contains 40 hidden items, 27 playing cards, and multiple ways to play!

Here are the cards, which come with each Find It Game set. We couldn't wait to read through some of the Dinosaur clues!

The items were listed on the top, and we had a blast shaking the Dino Find It, looking for things like bones, a real feather, coins, etc.

We have played with the Dinosaur Edition Find It several times already. B really loves it, and could spend an hour or more, just twisting and shaking this game, looking for the hidden objects. We brought the Find It Dinosaur Edition game along with us on a recent day trip, which had us traveling in the car for a few hours. It was so nice to have a game that we could easily bring along, which fit into a car bag, kept B entertained for more than five minutes, had no screen, and made virtually no noise. Traveling without having to have a video on, or a handheld game app, was wonderful- it actually allowed the adults to enjoy the scenic views, and have pleasant conversation during our travel time.

Here are some of the items listed to look for in the Dinosaurs Edition Find It Game.

What can we find in the Dino Edition Find It? I see a hat, a dinosaur, a bone, just to name a few items.

We were also sent the Kids World Edition Find It, which is a wonderful game for B's age group. This Find It game contains blocks with letters, shapes, and other objects that are hidden in a cylinder of colorful plastic bits. We enjoyed finding items like pom poms, bicycles, letters, coins, beads, etc. We've enjoyed making a game out of it for the whole family- to see who can find an object the fastest! B really loves hidden object pictures in a monthly children's magazine that we receive, so this game just adds onto that fun and excitement. Every time we pick up one of the Find It games, we're seeing something that we didn't or couldn't manage to find the last time.

Find It Kids World Edition Game- super colorful and lots of fun! What do you see inside?

We keep the Find It games where B can reach them and grab them himself. They're wonderful for quiet time play, are are truly unlike any of B's other toys or games.

Features of the Find It Games by Identity Games...

It's a great travel game, terrific learning center activity or is a fun battle game. The Find It® hidden object game is a brightly colored, educational, Contained Adventure™. It contains 48 hidden items for you to find, conveniently listed on the top of the game. The objects inside range from everyday items to custom designed shapes and images, depending on the theme of the particular version. 

SPIN IT, TWIST IT, SHAKE IT! Be the first to find the hidden item! This family game is enjoyed by adults as well as children. It is a great travel game, terrific learning center activity, or is a fun battle game.The game comes with colored plastic ends, giving the game an exciting, colorful look and caters towards learning.The package includes the Find It® hidden object game and dice. An educational family game for one or more players to enjoy, whether you are 8 or 98!


Available in many more theme versions:

Find It Simpsons
Find It Skylanders
Find It Dinosaurs
Find It Hunt 
Find It Travel the World
Find It Wildlife
Find It Starry Night
Find It Sports 
Find It Kids
Find It Glitz
Find It Beach
Find It Battle Sports

We think the Find It games are really fun, and they're a quiet, educational toy/game that can be enjoyed by all ages. This would make a wonderful holiday gift for a special little boy or girl, or would make a wonderful stocking stuffer! 


Want It? Buy It!

Head on over to Identity Games to learn more about Find It, and all of the other wonderful games under the Identity Games umbrella. Find It games are available for purchase at the following retailers: Amazon, Toys R US, Target, and Walmart. You can connect with Identity Games through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Want It? Win It!

One lucky MBP reader will win their very own Find It Dinosaurs Edition game! What a wonderful adventure that awaits the winner! This giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older- no PO Boxes. Just use the handy RC giveaway entry form below to enter for your chance to win!

Special thanks to our friends at Identity Games for allowing us to have some fun with Find It Games, and for sponsoring this wonderful Holiday Giveaway for our readers!

Good luck!

All Treat, No Trick! #NeutrogenaFaceOff

Since Halloween is tomorrow, I couldn't help but get into the mood and join Neutrogena in their #NeutrogenaFaceOff challenge. So what's the challenge you might ask? Well, you post a picture of yourself in all of your Halloween glory, and then post a side by side of your fresh, clean face after taking off your makeup with their Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes. 
I am a huge fan of Neutrogena's Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes, and I am a huge fan of Halloween. I dress up almost every year and love to hand out candy. My costumes have varied from year to year, Zombie Sailor Girl, Hello Kitty, Tinkerbell, and this year Day of the Dead Sugar Skull. I've been practicing my look all week long, but the paint I use is so hard to get off. I was beyond thrilled when we were contacted by Neutrogena to participate in their #NeutrogenaFaceOff. 

I got the towelettes in the mail yesterday, and I quickly opened them and scrubbed my face clean. I sat in front of the mirror and for the next 2 hours painted my face to complete my look. After my look was complete and I got a "Looks good baby" from my hubby, I set out to clean my face with the Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes. Here's how it turned out

I am no artist, but I had so much fun creating this look and hope I don't offend anyone. I painted my face earlier in the week just practicing, and used a store bought brand of wipes to take off my makeup. It took 12 wipes to get all of it off. YIKES! Tonight I used the Neutrogena Towelettes and it only took 4 to clean my face. What a difference quality can make, and my face feels so clean and fresh. It even took off my mascara that uses a special cleanser. I'm no stranger to Neutrogena and can always tell a difference in the clarity of my skin when using their products. 

Here are some facts about Neutrogena:

Neutrogena Makeup Removing Cleansing Towelettes gently remover 
all traces of makeup, leaving behind no greasy residue.

Removes makeup with one easy step 

Gentle enough to use around your eyes

Safe for contact lens wearers

Neutrogena is a worldwide leader in premium, dermatologist-recommended skin, hair and cosmetics products for over 50 years. 

I have very sensitive eyes, and I love that I am able to wipe off my thick, black eyeliner with ease, and no irritation.  

Get in on the fun too, post a side by side with #NeutrogenaFaceOff.

Want It? Buy It!
Neutrogena can be found at major retailers nationwide. Want to stay up-to-date with all the latest Neutrogena has to offer? Well you can follow them on Twitter and Like them on Facebook.

Thanks to Neutrogena for allowing me to join in the fun with their #NeutrogenaFaceOff Challenge!

Getting to Know You Thursdays

Thanks for dropping by to get to know the MBP team of bloggers a little better. This week , we're catching up with MBP Founder and Sr. Contributor, Ondria. 

Good Eats- What's for Dinner Tonight? 
I have to be at a rehearsal tonight, and little man with be with me, so we will probably just grab something quick afterward, so he can be in bed at a decent hour, since tonight is a school night.

Whatcha Reading?
I am not currently reading anything, but would like to finish reading the stories about Four from The Divergent Series.

Listening to Anything Good?
K-Love radio, mostly.

Whatcha Been Watching?
My parents were telling me about a show they happened upon in Netflix, called Reign, which is about the life of young Mary, Queen of Scotts. I love history, so I am hooked! 

I Dreamed a Dream of...
None of my dreams have made much sense lately. I keep dreaming about people I know, and truly odd situations.

What I'm Loving This Week...
We went with B's class on his very first school field trip yesterday. We visited a local farm and watched a puppet show, stuffed straw into scarecrows, went for a hay ride, picked pumpkins, etc. B carved his very first jack-o-lantern with his daddy last night. It was a nice day. which gave us new memories to cherish/

I am so Done With...
Warm weather. Dear fall, please come back. We miss you.

What I'm Looking Forward To...
Having some time to work this weekend. B will be spending part of the day on Saturday with his grandparents, so I can catch up. This week has thrown my schedule way off.

Thanks for catching up with me!
I'd love to hear about your week, so leave a comment with an answer to a few of these 
questions, if you dare!

Have a Great Thursday!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Goodies for Me! Beauty Box 5 {Review}

My daily makeup routine is pretty simple, a little mascara, some concealer, and a dusting of powder and I am ready to go. I don't feel the need to really go all out with myself if I am just running errands, volunteering at schools, or just hanging out at home. When we have a date night or some special occasion, I take more time and give myself a mini makeover. I love the products I use, they are basic store brands, ones that I trust and can justify buying. I have always been afraid to try out more expensive or even different brands, but wish sometimes I could find a way to do that.

Beauty Box Five, founded in 2011, is a company that offers beauty sampling with a subscription. They understand that we all have different beauty needs and lifestyles and want to help find perfect products for you. Beauty Box Five finds the best products, new and older that will help satisfy all your cosmetic needs and shares their tips on the best ways to use them.

Beauty Box Five shares products that really work. You will be able to find luxury, drugstore, niche, eco-conscious, and even vegan brands among their selections. The products are truly for everyone and anyone to try and enjoy.

How Does Beauty Box Five Work?
BB5 is a quick, simple way to get beauty products delivered right to your door each month. By following these easy steps, you can be on your way to finding new and amazing things from BB5. First, you must choose between a Monthly ($12), Quarterly ($30), or Yearly ($99) delivery subscription. After selecting your subscription, you fill in your shipping and billing information and then you patiently wait for your BB5 box to arrive. If you sign up before the 21st of each month, you will receive the current month, if you sign up after the 21st, you will get the next month. Boxes ship USPS from Texas, and should arrive within 8 days of shipping. Shipping is free for US members and costs just $3 for Canadian members.

What Comes in a Beauty Box Five Box?
Each month, Beauty Box will send 5 deluxe samples and full sized products. These can be anything from makeup, beauty, skincare, perfume, body, nail, or haircare products. To see a list of brands that have been used by BB5 before, click here. You can also see and shop other months from BB5 here.

We were given the opportunity to review the August 2014 BB5 box, thanks to Kelsey for getting everything set up for us! I was really excited to see what products I would get and try.

My Beauty Box Five box is here!
I really like the packaging, the colors and fonts really pop and clearly show what the company is. It was also a nice smaller sized box, but don't let the size fool you, they filled it to the brim.

I opened up the box to find a shiny information card with the August 2014 theme:
Radiant and Remarkable
"The golden days of summer may be headed to an end, but you're still shining! This month we're recognizing the brilliant beauty that you are and adding the finishing touches to carry your carefree attitude well into the fall. Embrace beaming skin, dazzling lips, and lustrous locks to keep your glow going!"  
The front of the card also contained all the links to social media and the BB5 site.
The back side of the card is something I think every subscription service should have, an information about the box page. This side showed a small photo and brief blurb about each product that was in this month's BB5 box.
A box filled with goodies, I couldn't wait to try them out.
Our August 2014 BB5 box had the following items:
Retail Value $55/1.7 oz or approximately $15/.5 oz
"Shield your skin and soak up some rays, without guilt or greasiness! This lightweight moisturizer has the perfect amount of SPF to protect your pretty face and won't upset sensitive complexions--bring on the sunshine! #purlisse"
Wow, that is some expensive sunscreen, so I am not sure I would buy it in real life, but this sample is pretty fabulous. The sample size I received was .5 oz, the price listed above is for the 1.7 oz container, so probably more like $15. I really like the scent of this sunscreen, it is not overwhelming like most sunscreens. It also is very smooth and creamy, super lightweight, and not oily at all. It does not leave a white residue like some sunscreens tend to do either, and is something I could and will use daily.

Item #2: La Fresh Travel Lite Makeup Remover Wipes
Retail Value $19.99/48 packets or approximately $2.50/8 wipes
"We love to pile on the products, but when it's got to go, there's no need for a delay! These wipes take away all our favorite makeup fast-even waterproof formulas-without irritating our faces or leaving any residue behind. Ahh-quick, easy, and refreshed. #lafreshgroup"
These came in super handy last week on Fall Break when we were staying in hotels. I hate to lug all of my full sized makeup and cleansers just for a few days, so these travel-lite wipes were perfect to stick in my travel beauty bag. The scent is a little strong for my liking but the wipes really do the trick. I only needed one for my basic makeup of concealer, mascara, and powder.

Retail Value $3.99/.22oz  
"Your lips deserve a rush of color and shine with no stickiness attached. We adore Nanacoco's gloss because it's packed full of pigments and vitamin E to keep your sassy pout poppin' and nourished at the same time. #nanacoco"
Let me tell you, this is one brightly colored gloss. I am not normally this bold, so I won't be wearing this shade, which is called "Popular". I will say though, it isn't as bold once it is on your lips, but still too much for me. I would like to try out some of the other colors available, maybe the "Secret Crush".
The container is easy to open and use and seems to contain quite a bit of gloss for the price. The gloss is slightly sticky, but glides on the lips well. It has a very gentle, nice scent to it too. It also has a really nice shine to it when applied and left my lips feeling soft.
Retail Value $19.50/2 lbs. or approximately $1/1 oz package
"Is your mane hungry for nourishment? This intensive treatment works on all hair types, so you can renew and reinforce your strands right away. BB5 tip: massage this into your tresses post shampoo, leave in for 25 minutes, then rinse for smoothness and shine. #novex"
My hair is a nightmare, thick, coarse, curly, ick. I am not a fan of my hair most days and love salon days with my stylist. I have been abusing my hair for years, so products like this, that do a great job, are always a plus. This cream treatment really seems to nourish and calm my hair. I don't usually have 25 minutes, post shampoo, to let my hair sit though, so I guess that could be a negative.

Retail Value $7.00/4 pack or approximately less than $2/bottle
"Bored with plain polish? Wave hello to shiny, exciting nails! This lavish lacquer adds a pretty dash of color and fun finish to your digits, and the easy to apply brush makes switching to new hue simple.
This was my favorite product from my BB5 box. It is a black nail polish with sparkles, perfect for Halloween! It went on smoothly and dried rather quickly, I even let my girls put some on their toes. It did chip about the same as pretty much every other polish, so no plus there. I really like the color options available, a little unique and totally affordable.

Overall the BB5 box was filled with new and unique products to me. I don't think I would run out and purchase any of them today, but enjoyed the chance to try them out and if I happen to see them in the store, I will definitely give them a look. The BB5 subscription service is a reasonable price for what you are getting, you can see the value of the box in this breakdown:

(Because these are sample sizes and approximate prices, I can't give exact numbers)
Purlisse Pur protect SPF 30 $15
La Fresh Travel Lite Makeup Remover Wipes $2.50
Nanacoco Lip Gloss $3.99
Novex Brazilian Keratin $1
Style Essentials Nail Polish $1.75

If I paid for just one month of Beauty Box Five, it would run me $12. I do think the sample sizes are not as great a deal as the full sized products, but it is overall still a good value. The more months your subscription is for, the better the deal. As with most subscription services, some months are better than others, but overall this month was a good one and I got to try all new products for myself.
Want It? Buy It!
Interested in trying our BB5 for yourself, shop and sign up now. Give the GIFT of Beauty Box Five, for less than $100 you can give someone a year of surprises. You can follow Beauty Box Five at all of their social media outlets--Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.
 Thanks to Kelsey and BB5 for a great month of new products!