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My son is at such a great age. We have sort of worked our way out of the endless tantrums, and B has become more independent. He still loves to play, and play with mommy and daddy, but has become much more content playing on his own for bits of time. During his independent play time, he plays pretend, dresses up, reads, and even enjoys playing games... the only problem is that most games require more than one player, and unless they're electronic, they aren't very portable.

We were thrilled to be introduced to Identity Games, especially since B's curiosity is only growing, as is his love for games. Identity Games was founded in Holland, in 1992. They are an award-winning (international) game creator, producer, and publisher. The mission of Identity Games is to make innovative, creative and educational games for every business, family and market while exceeding customer expectations by delivering high quality games at the best possible prices.From 2006 through 2013 Identity Games has won several awards in The Netherlands, Europe and the US.

As I looked through some of the games available by Identity Games, I came across Find It- a Contained Adventure, which looked like it would be an awesome game for the whole family, especially for B. This game was not what we were used to seeing as far as games are concerned, so I was definitely excited to see how B would react to a different type of game from a board game.

I was able to connect with the wonderful team at Identity Games, who offered to send us our very own Find It game to try and enjoy.

Our package from our friends at Identity Games arrived...

...and we found not one, but two Find It games!

We were send the Dinosaurs Edition and Kids World Edition of the Find It Games, and were so surprised to receive both of them, as I was only expecting the Kids World Edition. So, a big thank you to Identity Games, for sending both of these and making our little man extra happy!

Find It- Dinosaur Edition, and Kids World Edition.

B was extra excited after opening the box with the Find It Games inside, and couldn't wait to take them out of their individual boxes to play with them!

Find It is a really neat game. It consists of a heavy plastic cylinder, which contains colored plastic bits, filling up the cylinder. Also inside, are several tiny objects (48 in each one!), which become hidden within the colored plastic bits. All of the items hidden within the game are listed on the top of the cylinder. The game comes with a stack of cards, which asks questions, such as- 'Find an animal that eats meat.' You then shake, spin or twist the Find It game every which way, until you find the hidden object!

We couldn't wait to check out the Dinosaur Edition Find It, to see what might be hiding within the colorful bits!

The Dinosaur Edition Find It contains 40 hidden items, 27 playing cards, and multiple ways to play!

Here are the cards, which come with each Find It Game set. We couldn't wait to read through some of the Dinosaur clues!

The items were listed on the top, and we had a blast shaking the Dino Find It, looking for things like bones, a real feather, coins, etc.

We have played with the Dinosaur Edition Find It several times already. B really loves it, and could spend an hour or more, just twisting and shaking this game, looking for the hidden objects. We brought the Find It Dinosaur Edition game along with us on a recent day trip, which had us traveling in the car for a few hours. It was so nice to have a game that we could easily bring along, which fit into a car bag, kept B entertained for more than five minutes, had no screen, and made virtually no noise. Traveling without having to have a video on, or a handheld game app, was wonderful- it actually allowed the adults to enjoy the scenic views, and have pleasant conversation during our travel time.

Here are some of the items listed to look for in the Dinosaurs Edition Find It Game.

What can we find in the Dino Edition Find It? I see a hat, a dinosaur, a bone, just to name a few items.

We were also sent the Kids World Edition Find It, which is a wonderful game for B's age group. This Find It game contains blocks with letters, shapes, and other objects that are hidden in a cylinder of colorful plastic bits. We enjoyed finding items like pom poms, bicycles, letters, coins, beads, etc. We've enjoyed making a game out of it for the whole family- to see who can find an object the fastest! B really loves hidden object pictures in a monthly children's magazine that we receive, so this game just adds onto that fun and excitement. Every time we pick up one of the Find It games, we're seeing something that we didn't or couldn't manage to find the last time.

Find It Kids World Edition Game- super colorful and lots of fun! What do you see inside?

We keep the Find It games where B can reach them and grab them himself. They're wonderful for quiet time play, are are truly unlike any of B's other toys or games.

Features of the Find It Games by Identity Games...

It's a great travel game, terrific learning center activity or is a fun battle game. The Find It® hidden object game is a brightly colored, educational, Contained Adventure™. It contains 48 hidden items for you to find, conveniently listed on the top of the game. The objects inside range from everyday items to custom designed shapes and images, depending on the theme of the particular version. 

SPIN IT, TWIST IT, SHAKE IT! Be the first to find the hidden item! This family game is enjoyed by adults as well as children. It is a great travel game, terrific learning center activity, or is a fun battle game.The game comes with colored plastic ends, giving the game an exciting, colorful look and caters towards learning.The package includes the Find It® hidden object game and dice. An educational family game for one or more players to enjoy, whether you are 8 or 98!


Available in many more theme versions:

Find It Simpsons
Find It Skylanders
Find It Dinosaurs
Find It Hunt 
Find It Travel the World
Find It Wildlife
Find It Starry Night
Find It Sports 
Find It Kids
Find It Glitz
Find It Beach
Find It Battle Sports

We think the Find It games are really fun, and they're a quiet, educational toy/game that can be enjoyed by all ages. This would make a wonderful holiday gift for a special little boy or girl, or would make a wonderful stocking stuffer! 


Want It? Buy It!

Head on over to Identity Games to learn more about Find It, and all of the other wonderful games under the Identity Games umbrella. Find It games are available for purchase at the following retailers: Amazon, Toys R US, Target, and Walmart. You can connect with Identity Games through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Want It? Win It!

One lucky MBP reader will win their very own Find It Dinosaurs Edition game! What a wonderful adventure that awaits the winner! This giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older- no PO Boxes. Just use the handy RC giveaway entry form below to enter for your chance to win!

Special thanks to our friends at Identity Games for allowing us to have some fun with Find It Games, and for sponsoring this wonderful Holiday Giveaway for our readers!

Good luck!


  1. I have seen those before and love them! They are so cool because they're always changing.

  2. I like that they are both fun AND educational

  3. I like that it gets kids to really focus on the game and learn something new!

  4. I like the challenge for the kids. My grandchildren would LOVE this. I like good old fashion games like these. You don't have to plug it in it is hands on.

  5. My daughters( and I ) would love this. We love look and find books and would be great to have one handheld.Would be great for long car rides too. I love the whole idea of it!

  6. One of our favorite quiet time activities is building a fort ,filling it with pillows and blankets and reading books in it:)

  7. I've seen these before and think it's such a great tool for calming kids down - would be a great thing to have in the "quiet time" box!

  8. A favorite quiet time activity for us is coloring!

  9. Find It Sports also looks like a lot of fun!

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  11. I love that these are both fun and educational!! my 4 year old son would LOVE the dino one!!

  12. I like that it would be something that would provide my son with entertainment tat is not in the form of electronics and that it is also educational ;)

  13. Some of my favorite time activities to do with my son are coloring, painting, reading stories, tic tac toe, and baking together.

  14. We love to bake as a quiet time activity.

  15. We love cuddling up with a good book.

  16. The Find It Sports also looks like fun.

  17. They seem like they would be fun for a rather wide range of ages.

  18. Had NO IDEA there were so many varieties! Love the cards that come with it!

  19. Reading is the best quiet time activity

  20. Another quiet activity we like to do is play paper dolls.


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