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1,000 Facebook Fans Giveaway

As promised, here are THREE awesome giveaways from Avon Rep Brittany Brownfield! This is our way of saying thanks for helping us reach 1,000 likes on our Facebook page! We love our followers... now, if only we could get everyone to follow our actual blog!

Three prizes, three winners, one entry form. 
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Thanks to Avon Rep Brittany B for offering this giveaway!
Good luck, everyone!

Discovery Toys Review and Giveaway

I am a huge fan of toys. I can't help but want to get Balian new things to play with when he and I are out shopping together. He's getting very close to turning a year old, and when I look at toys for him, I am always watching out for toys that will help with his development. A lot of the toys I find out there, however, all seem to be the same. They look the same or do the same things, and Balian can only crawl around chasing something that lights up and makes sounds for so long before he becomes bored. So where am I supposed to go to find educational toys for his age group that will keep him stimulated and entertained?

I remember a seasoned momma of three boys mentioning Discovery Toys to me a few years ago. I was actually at her house for a make up home party, and she told me that when her boys were little, they didn't like to play with ordinary toys, so she would have Discovery Toys parties to earn new toys for them for Christmas. When she told me this, I was twenty-three, engaged and not really thinking about children yet, but now here I am- twenty-eight, and with my very own little babe; thinking she may have been on to something!

I was recently contacted by Discovery Toys representative Angie Webster, who was on fire for DT! She was (and is) so excited about her business that she almost made me want to join her team (if only I could take on another job!). She asked if she could send three of her favorite games to me to review, and I couldn't wait to see what she was going to send me. While I waited for her package, I headed to her website and started to read a little bit about Discovery Toys.

DT was founded by an early childhood educator in 1978, and today, they are the leader in direct marketing of learning toys! DT specializes in helping parents to Teach, Play and Inspire with their books, games, music and toys. Their products include toys and games for infants to children eight years old! There is even a section on their website that offers a Parenting Guide with helpful tips in choosing proper toys for your child's age range, and ideas to stimulate their minds. Be sure to check that out on Angie's website!

When our package of goodies from Angie arrived, we were so excited! She sent us three fun games. Now, only one of them was appropriate for Balian's age, but the other games are super fun (even for me)!

 DT Measure Up Cups...

Angie sent Balian DT's Measure Up Cups, appropriate for children 1-3 years. Balian is almost a year old, so we Angie thought he would enjoy these, and boy, was she right! As soon as I placed the colorful stacking cups on the floor, Balian couldn't wait to get his hands on them. He started out by banging them together, making a lot of noise, and then I showed him how they stack on top of each other. Once they were all stacked, he had a blast knocking the cups over. We then placed each one inside the other, nesting them. I love the cups, because they're colorful, and they're each numbered. When we play with the cups (which is several times a day), we say the colors and the numbers (we meaning me, hoping Balian will catch on) each time we stack them and then put them away. The cups come with an activity guide, which I love and plan to use as Balian gets older. As he grows, he will be able to not only stack and nest the cups, but use them to scoop, dump and fill up! This is definitely a keeper around our house, and it's a toy that will grow with Balian.

Angie's favorite things about the Measure Up Cups:

They stack
They teach "little into big" or nesting
They teach patterning
They are numbered, and we like to say they are "volumetric" - when used with water, the size 1 cup and the size 3 cup can together equal the volume of the size 4 cup - or the 3 will fill the 9 cup 3 times, the 1 will fill the size 12 cup 12 times, etc!
The creatures on the bottom of the cups get progressively bigger, the smallest creature being a butterfly, the largest being a whale - the bottom side of the cup can be used with play-doh.

Measure Up Cups are a classic Discovery Toy - I love the fact that listed above there are 5 ways that you can play and teach with them!  Discovery Toys truly grow with your child, they are not focused on just one stage in their development.  Kids can play with them for years!! Personally, we have a set that stays in the tub and another set that's with our other toys :).  Something to keep in mind when considering purchasing a Discovery Toy versus something else - do you want to buy 5 toys that do 5 different things or just 1 toy that does 5 things?  The latter would be Discovery Toys.
Balian playing with the Measure Up Cups...

Angie also sent us two games for older children: Zingo and Tricky Fingers...

 DT's Zingo...
Zingo is a super fun twist on Bingo, and I cannot wait until Balian is old enough to play with this. As soon as he's past the point of putting everything in his mouth, we'll give this one a try! Though it's intended for ages four and up, toddlers can have fun trying to match with this game. Older children can flip the Zingo boards over for more competitive play. This game helps build speaking and reading skills, along with picture and word recognition. I can already tell that we're going to have a lot of fun with this game. We have a church get together next weekend, where young adults and their children will come together for a cookout, and we were asked to bring games for adults and children- we'll definitely be bringing Zingo along!

Angie's favorite things about Zingo:
Zingo appeals to kids and adults alike - even the youngest players who can't read yet can play, because they can match.  It's a great game for beginning readers too, with the short words that are on the cards.  I've had rooms full of adult women that have been quite competitive about who said, "Cat!" or "Sun" first!!  Because these toys are educational, they really do appeal to a wide variety of ages :).  Someone I know bought Zingo when her kids were 6, 8, 10, and 12.  At the time she thought it was more for her younger 2 kids.  But all 4 played it every day!  Wow - how many games can you get that both a 6 yr old and a 12 yr old will play together?  
So don't be held back from an item that catches your eye because it has an age on it that is younger than your child.  It just means that it's safe for a child that age, and older!
We were also sent Tricky Fingers, a fun game for ages seven and up. This is a fun game with tiny little colorful balls and puzzle boards, where kids can shake, pick colors and puzzles and race! This game supports Learning Pathways, which leads to school readiness, self-confidence and academic success! It also builds thinking skills, math skills and motor skills. The game includes two puzzle boxes, fourteen pattern cards and instructions for play. I am excited to have this at my house for when my husband's cousins come over to visit. They are seven, eleven and fourteen, and I know that this is a game they can all play and enjoy together while the adults chat! I'm actually thinking this might make a great birthday gift for the youngest of the three!

Angie's favorite things about Tricky Fingers:
Great for travel as it's all self contained!!
Also suggested for the elderly as it's a great one for keeping their mind active and can help prevent Alzheimers.
Another game that is enjoyed by all ages - adults can be quite competitive with this little hand held game!
Fun for either 1 or 2 players.

Both Zingo and Tricky Fingers can be further enhanced by adult beverages. (Thought this tip was hilarious and worth a try- but please drink responsibly if you do enjoy a beverage every now and then and never when a child is in your care).
All in all, I am a huge fan of Discovery Toys, and really want to thank Angie Webster for introducing me to the wonderful world of learning toys and games offered by DT. Discovery Toys all carry a Lifetime Guarantee - so if your children break them, they can be replaced - for FREE!  No shipping on those replacements, either. What a great deal! With the holidays soon approaching, I will definitely be making a little wish list for Balian! All of these toys we have reviewed receive my personal Mommy Stamp of Approval, and I absolutely recommend that you check out Discovery Toys for the children in your life! Play with your kids- it's one of the very best things you can do with/for them.

Want It? Buy It!
You can shop for Discovery Toys anytime through Angie's personal DT website! She is happy to answer any questions you may have about Discovery Toys products or to share the DT opportunity with you! If you'd like, you may also contact Angie by e-mail.

Want It? Win It!
One lucky Mommy Blog follower will win a $20.00 Discovery Toys Gift Certificate! Use the entry form below to enter this giveaway!

Special thanks to Angie with Discovery Toys for offering this great giveaway! Good luck everyone!

Disclaimer: I was sent the above featured products from a consultant with the featured company. I was not compensated in any way for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own, and those of the consultant. Your experience with these products may vary.

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Smartipants Winner...

Congrats to Taryn, the winner of the Smartipants giveaway!
You have been e-mailed and have 48 hours to respond!

Thanks to everyone who entered!
More great giveaways coming this week!


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Sleep... who needs it?

Um, I do, I do! Sleep is seriously lacking at our house this week. Balian started the week off really well with sleeping pretty solidly in his crib, and then I don't know what happened, but it's been all downhill since Wednesday night.

At first, I thought he might be cutting another new tooth, but I can't find one. Suppose that doesn't mean that a new one isn't right around the corner. We're so new to this teething thing, and let me tell ya- it ain't fun! Kudos to all the moms and dads who have managed to survive teething.  feel like I got more sleep when Balian was a newborn babe- and I seriously may have! I'll take some advice, if anyone's willing to offer any. We don't know what else to do other than give him some infant Advil before bed, and I hate to do that unless I know he really needs it.

Here are some tips I came across for new moms to help them stay on track with getting enough rest...
1. Realize and talk about your sleep needs.
2. Take advantage of people who offer to babysit- especially trusted family members.
3. Just say no to added responsibility.
4. Sleep when your little one sleeps.
5. Say yes to those who offer help.
6. Don't worry that you won't hear your babe cry.
7. Outsource your tasks and to-do's.
8. Keep your cool and keep your eye on the goals ahead.
9. Don't ignore the baby blues.
10. Don't rule out the fact that you may have an underlying sleep disorder.

I know these tips may seem like they're just meant for new mommas, but all moms need a break every now and then. I am the worst offender when it comes to saying no to added responsibility. My church volunteer plate is spilling over into a doggie bag, and I often wonder if folks even remember that I have an infant? If you have to say no, you should do it and not feel guilty about it- I'm learning that over and over again the hard way. I'm also bad about accepting help. To me, it means that I'm not strong enough to handle my own child and household duties, but that's not true. Caring for a baby, or any child or children is a full time job and then some. Take the help when it's offered!

Hopefully, you'll find these tips useful, whether you're currently expecting or you're a seasoned momma. Take care of yourselves so you can take care of your precious families!
Hope the rest of you get some rest and relaxation in this weekend, especially if you need it as much as I do!


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1st Ever Mommies and Friends Weekend Blog Hop is Here!

Okay, everyone! Link up your blog, FB page, Twitter, etc! Please go down the list and follow everyone's blogs, pages, Twitter, etc. This is how we network and grow! Please be kind and follow the blogs and pages of interest. The Mommy Blog will always follow back new followers! Have fun!

Welcome to the Mommies and Friends Weekend Blog Hop!

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Bella Materna Review and Giveaway

Am I the only one who had a hard time finding a nursing bra? When I was pregnant with Balian this time last year, I was scrambling to get my hospital bag packed and was frantically looking for an acceptable nursing bra. When I finally did come across some nursing bras at a well known area store, I was disappointed in the selection and the quality, but had little time to spare, so I had to make do with what I could find. After my milk came in and it was time for me to sport nursing bras 'round the clock, I wished and hoped to find a better bra. I felt that the ones I had were ugly- just plain white, nude, black and polka dotted blue and white. The straps wouldn't adjust right, no matter what I did, and they offered hardly any support to my new boobs! I'm very small-chested, so having bigger breasts was new to me, and my bras weren't helping me to feel comfortable in my new mommy skin.

A couple of months ago, I was offered the chance to review a nursing bra from a company called Bella Materna. They specialize in- you guessed it... maternity and nursing wear. Bella Materna is your one stop shop for luxury maternity wear. Their beautiful, yet comfortable styles celebrate a new mom's changing body through pregnancy and post-natal. Bella Materna launched in 2000, with an exclusive line of panties that sit just below the tummy. Bella Materna has since expanded to include nursing bras, camisoles, loungewear, sleepwear, maternity and transition pieces and under garments. Their piece are made of fine Italian nylon/lycra and beautiful French lace. These lovely garments will make every new mom feel beautiful, while keeping them comfortable.

 French Lace Padded Nursing Bra...

I was sent the gorgeous French Lace Padded Nursing Bra in plum. When my package arrived from Bella Materna, I could hardly wait to open it. It had been way too long since I had owned a pretty bra. Right- I was expecting pretty, but the photo I viewed on the Bella Materna website (albeit beautiful) did not do the actual garment justice. I was glowing when I removed the lacy bra from its confines. As I touched the lace covering the padding, I immediately sensed the high quality of my lovely new bra. I loved everything about the way it looked... the beautiful lace, the lovely plum color, the hooks and straps, and the padded cups. My husband also loved the way it looked, by the way, and couldn't wait for me to try it on. When I tried it on, it fit perfectly! I didn't have to adjust a thing, which was truly a God-send, because I usually have to spend a lot of time adjusting and re-adjusting bra straps, and new mommas just don't have that kind of time. I loved the way it felt on my skin, and even with my post-baby body, I felt a little inkling of sexiness creep back into my life. I tucked the bra into my lingerie drawer and knew the the true test would follow in the days to come.

The next day, I put my new bra on from Bella Materna and went about my new mommy business. I was eager for Balian's mid-morning feeding so I could test the bra out. When feeding time arrived, the cup unsnapped with ease, and didn't seem to be in Balian's way, as some of my other nursing bras were. It also allowed full access to my breast, and didn't cover anything up, which was great for Balian! As the day wore on, so did the bra- but it wore extremely well. My straps stayed in place all day long, and my breasts had full support, which was a wonderful feeling. Pregnancy and mommyhood absolutely changes your breasts shape, and size and Bella Materna's bras are wonderful for all of the transitions we go through as mommies. 

Features include:
  • Lactation consultant approved Flexy wires for safety and comfort
  • One-handed nursing clip access
  • Adjustable straps
  • Four stage hook and eye closure at back
  • Infinity rings to convert your nursing bra to non-nursing
  • Oeko-tex certified to be to be toxin free

Now that Balian hardly nurses anymore (he's weaned himself), I still wear my bra from Bella Materna. They have infinity rings, which switch the bra from nursing to non-nursing! How clever is that? I have a feeling that it will always be my very favorite bra, and I know that when little baby Witt #2 comes down the road, I can confidently purchase maternity and nursing wear from this wonderful company! I would encourage you to do the same, and tell all of your friends about Bella Materna

Check out some of the other gorgeous pieces offered by Bella Materna...

Lace Anniversary Tanga...

Lounge Wrap...

Anytime Nursing Gown...

I love Bella Materna and am so glad that I had the chance to work with them! A good bra and some beautiful pieces from Bella Materna are definite Mommy Must Haves, and Bella Materna gets my Mommy Stamp of Approval!

Want It? Buy It...
You can shop Bella Materna's beautiful collections on their lovely website.

Want It? Win It...
One lucky Mommy Blog reader will receive their very own piece of heaven from Bella Materna! Please use the entry form below to enter!

Thanks to Anne at Bella Materna for offering this giveaway! 
Good luck everyone!


Disclaimer: I was sent the above featured product directly from the sponsor. I was not compensated in any way for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience with this product may differ.

We Have a Winner... OR 3!

The Winner of
the Southern Serenity Giveaway is:
Erin B

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Sarah Keller

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Renee Stegall

You have 48hrs to respond and claim your prize. We will contact you through email shortly.


What I'm Lovin' Thursday...?

Should have posted this yesterday, folks... but just didn't get a chance!

Loving this Shutterbug dress from J.Crew for Fall 2011...

Loving that Hurricane Irene is projected to leave us alone this weekend!

Loving these Kedan Boots from Nine West...

Loving Hillsong UNITED's Aftermath CD...

Love New York & Co's new 'Diary of a Princess' collection: inspired by Kate Middleton...

I love that today is the first day of school in our neck of the woods b/c it means the kids across the street won't be outside making noise all day...

I love that I have this, and two other Celebrating Home Bean Pots, and that cooking and baking in them is a huge mommy-help! Couldn't live without my Bean Pots...

What are ya'll lovin' this week?


I'm Leavin on a Jet Plane.....

Well, I may not be leaving on a jet plane yet, but I will
be soon! I thought I would do a little late night posting to get everyone up to speed since I have not posted anything about Cory or Myself in a while. We are doing well, and even better because I have started a part-time job! I am now working for American Airlines as a ticket and gate agent. I am loving the job, I get to interact with some amazing people, and am secretly hoping that some awesome celebrity will come through my line. Holla at me Prince William! Or maybe a little bit of Jason Aldean, yes I do want you to stay here a little while! Just don't tell Cory! Anyway.... So far the job has been great, but I will be in Dallas for two weeks for training in the middle of September. I am hoping to review while I am gone, but I know Ondria and Steph have amazing things planned and I can't wait for everyone to see what we have in store!

Now, on to Buddy. We have a half shi tzu, yorkie dog who is almost 6 years old. The other day Cory noticed some fleas on him and I knew the drill that was soon to follow. Shave Monkey (that's what we call him), give him a bath and wait to see if it clears on its own. Well it didn't, so I took him to the vet to get him on a new medication for fleas and ticks, I'm not sure it's working too well since he is scratching and licking like crazy still, but it may take a while to fully work. While we were at the vet, the dreaded talk of having him neutered came up. I have nothing against getting him fixed, but it was never at the top of my list, and I always wanted to breed him but never got the chance, and I never will have the chance. Buddy only has one testicle and the vet told us that if we don't get him fixed and have the other one surgically removed that it has been known to cause cancer in 90% of male dogs with the same condition. I was heart broken for him. So now we have to schedule a time when we will be home to have him fixed. Although, Cory and I had a good laugh when Cory brought up the image of buddy trying to go through the dog door or get under the bed with his cone on! Still makes me laugh a little, but not in a cruel way!

OK.. Enough about us for tonight! Hope everyone is up to speed now. Remember, if you are in the Tulsa,OK area and are considering flying, I hope you choose American and come see me! I would be happy to see you all and help you in any way I can, which may not be very many ways right now! Oh and yes, you do have to pay for your bags, so stop asking me! Just kidding, not about the bags though!


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Simply Fun Review and Giveaway

It's already starting. Every time I take Balian shopping, he wants a new toy. I'm a big fan of consignment shops. which usually have toys scattered throughout the children's section, and as soon as he sees a toy, it's like my little monkey goes bananas! Balian loves to play, as any infant (soon-to-be toddler) should. That's why, when I was contacted by Diana Duncan, a rep for Simply Fun, I just had to find out more about her company.

Simply Fun is a direct sales company that promotes learning and connecting through play. 

From the Simply Fun website:
Play teaches children important academic, social and developmental skills. It helps them make sense of their world. From ABC's to saying please, children are hard-wired to learn through play.
Play allows important human connections to take root, to grow, and to flourish. It allows us to share with each other — to really know each other as human beings.
And ultimately, play lightens our load. It relieves stress and creates joyful memories that we can go back to mentally to help us through our rough patches.
Play keeps our families connected! 

It's true- play is so important. My parents spent a lot of time playing with me, and my sister. We especially played a lot of games, which we loved! My goal is to absolutely do the same thing with Balian, and not to let my busy work-at-home mom schedule get in the way of his education and development. So, we devote a large portion of the day to playing together! When Diana D. asked if she could send a learning toy Balian's way, we were thrilled! There aren't a whole lot of Simply Fun products appropriate for his age, but we found one that works perfectly for him.

Meet Digger the Dog! Digger is an adorable full-bodied plush friend and puppet in one. He's straight from the artwork of a popular Simply Fun game- Walk the Dogs. Digger is soft and fluffy, and extremely lovable! I wish I could have captured Balian's face when we introduced him to Digger. Balian loves puppies- big and small, but I have really horrible allergies with cats and most dogs, so a puppy is probably going to be out of the question. Since Digger is a puppet, I can easily make him pant, 'lick' Balian with his long tongue, hop around, chase Balian, lie down, etc. To Balian, Digger is real, and he's his best new friend! Balian spends a lot of time with Digger... they play together, and they even take naps together sometimes! This adorable pup is a wonderful friend, and a wonderful learning/teaching tool. It's helping me teach Balian about the things puppies do and the sounds they make. Digger is an utter delight to have around here! I can already tell that he and Balian are going to be pals for a long time!

Balian and Digger at play together...

Simply Fun has games available for toddlers, preschoolers, elementary and even teenagers! If you're looking for a way to stimulate the minds of your kids, while having fun, look no further! From board games to puzzles, Simply Fun has plenty of things to choose from for every age group. Bring back family game night with some games from Simply Fun! And don't forget... playing with your children is one of the best things you can do for them/with them! Let's encourage all  the families we know to play, play, play!

Want It? Buy It!
Contact Simply Fun rep Diana Duncan or visit her website to purchase Simply Fun Products.

Want It? Win It!
Two lucky Mommy Blog readers will win a set of Hello Friends playing cards from Simply Fun with Diana!
Have fun playing a card matching game while learning to say HELLO in six languages. Players take turns laying down cards which match the languages played, or using wilds and goodbyes that have all the languages listed. The first player to play all his or her cards wins the game!
Use the entry form to enter this great giveaway!

Good luck, everyone!


Disclaimer: I was sent the above mentioned product directly from this consultant. I was not compensated in any way for facilitating this review. The opinions expressed in this review are my own. Your experience with this product may differ.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Drybees Review

As we have tried different cloth diapers with Balian, we've definitely had our share of diapers we love and diapers we don't much care for. Lucky for us, there's another diaper we love, which also saves us a lot of time and money!

Let me introduce you to DryBees, an All-In-One Cloth Diaper system. I am a huge fan of all in one's, and DryBees does not disappoint! These thoughtfully-crafted diapers are by far one of my favorites, because the liners are sewn right into the diapers! That's right, mommas... no stuffing! This saves you a lot of precious time, which can be better spent with your adorable babes instead of stuck in the laundry room. 

 Features of the DryBees AIO Hybrid...

We were very happy to be able to review an All-In-One diaper from DryBees. Balian was sent their AIO Hybrid diaper in light blue. These cute diapers are lined with a soft liner, which is designed to keep baby dry and prevent diaper rash. The microfiber insert contains three layers! Talk about absorbency! I love that the insert is just sewn right into place. This actually helps with the fit of the diaper. Since the insert is enclosed in the body of the actual diaper and leg casings, it ensures a comfortable, yet secure fit.

Balian shows off his DryBees AIO Hybrid Diaper...

I love DryBees! They really do a great job at keeping Balian nice and dry. We've had a couple of small leaks, but nothing major- it was mainly due to my not fastening the velcro closures tightly enough. Once we got used to the velcro fasteners, it was smooth sailing from there. One thing I discovered, though, is that you need to check the lining of the diaper after it comes out of the dryer. I usually have to toss it back in for a second drying cycle.

DryBees also has other great products for your little ones!  DryBees Lacies are adorable little lace-detailed pocket diapers! They'll go perfectly with your little one's sun dresses, and come in a variety of girly colors.

DryBees Lacies...

DryBees also offers specialty fleece pocket diapers for night time! They're a little bit bulkier than your traditional DryBees diaper, but they're designed specifically for wearing overnight or for day time heavy wetters. These will keep your mind at ease through the night and keep your little one dry as can be!

DryBees offers an info section on their website, which helps caregivers understand how to use and care for their DryBees diapers! So, if you're a cloth diapering virgin, don't worry... DryBees has all of your questions covered! All in love, we love our DryBees. They're comfortable for Balian to wear, they really don't leak, and they are quite absorbent. If you're a first-timer and you're looking for a great cloth diaper to try out, I'd definitely go with DryBees. They're much more affordable than a lot of other all-in-one systems, and there's nothing to stuff. DryBees makes diapering a breeze!

Balian- all fresh and clean in his DryBees diaper...

Want It? BUY IT!
You can purchase the above mentioned products on the DryBees website
A Hybrid AIO retails for about $17.95.


Disclaimer: I was sent the above mentioned product directly from the above mentioned company. I was not compensated in any way for facilitating this review. The opinions expressed are my own. Your experience with this product may differ.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Smartipants Review and Giveaway

Before Balian was born to us almost one year ago, my hubby and I felt the sting in our wallets of how expensive diapers were going to be. Like it or not, diapers are a true necessity for babies, and it's unfortunate that it's a necessity that piles up in landfills around the world- just sitting there in large heaps, never breaking down.

Thankfully, cloth diapers have come a long way since our parents used them with us! No more pinning, lining, etc. Many cloth diaper companies offer all-in-ones, which means there's little to no work involved and they easily fit any size baby! That's why I love Smartipants Cloth Diapers! I have been on the hunt for cloth diapers that work well for quite a while. They are such a wonderful alternative to using disposables, and I encourage every parent to seriously look into cloth diapering, especially those who just don't have the bucks to keep throwing diapers away! Cloth diapers are good for your wallet, the earth and your baby!

What makes Smartipants so special? Smartipants One Size diapers have a built-in leak-guard, which means your little one won't leak out the sides (a common problem with many cloth diapers, in my experience). These diapers come with a soft, absorbent insert, and the diaper shell is waterproof! The diaper itself stretches to fit the legs of any and every size baby (mine's got those adorable chunky thighs, and the fit is awesome!), and there are many adjustable snaps to ensure a snug, yet comfortable fit for baby. Balian loves wearing his Smartipants! We haven't had a single leak using the Smartipants diapers, and that's music to a busy mom's ears! The messies easily wash away from the Smartipants diapers, too! After being soiled many times, the white cloth still looks brand new!

 Little Smarti

Smartipants also offers many other diapering options, and they've got you and your little one covered from day one! They offer 'Little Smarti' Newborn Diaper Packs, which gently hug your newborn's bum and fasten by velcro, instead of snaps. They also offer Smart Start Packs, Deal Packs, Single Diapers and Smart Fit Covers, which fit over any and all cloth diapers!

 Smartipants Single Diaper: Clever Clover

We were lucky enough to be able to try one of Smartipants' one size diapers.We were sent a single diaper in the new Clever Clover shade. I love the color, and best of all- I love the fit! This diaper stays in place, and Balian can easily move around in it. No leaks, no messes, easy to clean... what more could a cloth diapering mommy ask for? Balian has thinned out a little bit since we first began using the Smartipants diaper, and it still fits just as comfortably and securely as it did the very first time we used it! These diapers will grow with your babies, and if you have another baby down the road, you can use them again and again! There's very little work involved with Smartipants diapers. Just put the insert into place before use, and remove the insert before washing. I pick one night to do my cloth diaper washing, stuffing and folding- and it takes very little time. The single diapers run about $14.95 each.

Smartipants Smart Tote

If you're going to use cloth diapers, having a wet bag is a great idea... a must, really! I keep one hanging in our laundry room at all times; that way, I can just toss the wet diapers in there and wash them when ready. Smartipants offers smaller portable totes and larger wet pails- all portable, and they start at around $10.00. Can't beat that!

All in all, I love Smartipants, and would recommend them to all of my cloth-diapering friends! If you haven't tried this brand yet, what are you waiting for? They're ranked #1 on Diaperpail.com! And if you've never cloth diapered, but are wanting to give it a try, start with Smartipants! They absolutely get my Mommy Stamp of Approval!

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Visit Smartipants.com to purchase a variety of Smartipants Cloth Diapers and Accessories!

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One lucky Mommy Blog reader will win a Single Diaper w/insert from Smartipants! Use the entry form below to enter to win!

Thanks to Josh at Smartipants for offering this great giveaway! Good luck everyone!


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sexy After Baby?

 Disclaimer: This post contains photos of models showing tasteful lingerie. You are advised to use discretion while reading this post and while visiting the sponsor's website. If you are in any way offended by this content, that is certainly not our intention. Please skip ahead to the next post.

I hear many women talking about how they don't feel sexy after having kids. Whether it is because they are having trouble getting back into shape, or they just don't have the time to spend on themselves, Mommies just aren't feeling too sexy.  While, I don't have children myself, I know the struggles of trying to feel hot or sexy when I've had little time to prepare. Wouldn't you love something simple, easy and sexy to spice up your night life and make it a special time for the two of you?
While you may not have your figure back, or baby may have sucked all the life out of your hair or skin, my guess is, your hubby is not even going to notice once you slip into a saucy little number. And lets all be straight for a moment, again while I have no children, I hear from so many women, that their husbands are counting down the days until you can hit the sheets again! If you are looking for a little "somethin', somethin'" to spice up your boudoir, Edenfantasys has what you are looking for, from simple and chic, to spicy and hot, I am confident you are going to find what you are looking for! I know I did!

If you are looking for something a little more modest...

This Blue baby doll with g-string is perfect to cover any areas you are not comfortable with, and at $43.99, the price is pretty budget friendly! Pair this set, which also comes in red, with a sexy pair of heels and you will be one Hot Mama! I also think this would look cute with jeans and heels for a hot night out! Double it for a night out on the town and rendezvous in the bedroom!

Looking for something a little sexier and more revealing?

How about trying the Fetish femme pink baby doll. This is HOT!!!
 At $26.99, this set is perfect if you are looking for a sexy piece that won't break the bank! The soft pink color makes you look innocent, but the slit down the front makes it seem so naughty! I think this could also double as a sexy beach cover up!

Want to sizzle? How about the Bow Mesh Corset...

This corset is RED HOT!! While it is a little on the pricey side, at $72.99, I don't think your hubby will mind too much once he sees you in it! The bow and ruffle detail adds softness, but the form fitting corset adds Va Va Voom!

Don't think I forgot about you Plus Sized Mommas out there!
Most of the Lingerie comes in plus size options! I am a little upset that when I clicked on the plus sized model, it pulled up an average sized model. I wanted to share with you all how amazing the lingerie looked on the plus sized models, but you will have to head on over to the site to see for your self! They really do look great! The selections are sexy , unlike most plus sized options on the market, that only offer cute cover-ups! They have really designed for a women's body!

In addition to the above sets, Edenfantasys, also offers Bra and Panty sets, many priced under $25.00, Costumes, Teddies and Body Stockings, and other accessories add a little "Fun" to your romp! Trot on over to their site and see all of the other options they offer, plus many more things to add a little umph to your tryst!

If you are wanting to feel sexy with out the hassle and effort, then Edenfantasys is the perfect option for you. Not a Mom yet? No worries, they have everything you could ever imagine to spice up your night, or day!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, where some form of compensation was given for blogging about the above mentioned items from the sponsor.