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I'm Leavin on a Jet Plane.....

Well, I may not be leaving on a jet plane yet, but I will
be soon! I thought I would do a little late night posting to get everyone up to speed since I have not posted anything about Cory or Myself in a while. We are doing well, and even better because I have started a part-time job! I am now working for American Airlines as a ticket and gate agent. I am loving the job, I get to interact with some amazing people, and am secretly hoping that some awesome celebrity will come through my line. Holla at me Prince William! Or maybe a little bit of Jason Aldean, yes I do want you to stay here a little while! Just don't tell Cory! Anyway.... So far the job has been great, but I will be in Dallas for two weeks for training in the middle of September. I am hoping to review while I am gone, but I know Ondria and Steph have amazing things planned and I can't wait for everyone to see what we have in store!

Now, on to Buddy. We have a half shi tzu, yorkie dog who is almost 6 years old. The other day Cory noticed some fleas on him and I knew the drill that was soon to follow. Shave Monkey (that's what we call him), give him a bath and wait to see if it clears on its own. Well it didn't, so I took him to the vet to get him on a new medication for fleas and ticks, I'm not sure it's working too well since he is scratching and licking like crazy still, but it may take a while to fully work. While we were at the vet, the dreaded talk of having him neutered came up. I have nothing against getting him fixed, but it was never at the top of my list, and I always wanted to breed him but never got the chance, and I never will have the chance. Buddy only has one testicle and the vet told us that if we don't get him fixed and have the other one surgically removed that it has been known to cause cancer in 90% of male dogs with the same condition. I was heart broken for him. So now we have to schedule a time when we will be home to have him fixed. Although, Cory and I had a good laugh when Cory brought up the image of buddy trying to go through the dog door or get under the bed with his cone on! Still makes me laugh a little, but not in a cruel way!

OK.. Enough about us for tonight! Hope everyone is up to speed now. Remember, if you are in the Tulsa,OK area and are considering flying, I hope you choose American and come see me! I would be happy to see you all and help you in any way I can, which may not be very many ways right now! Oh and yes, you do have to pay for your bags, so stop asking me! Just kidding, not about the bags though!


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