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Smartipants Review and Giveaway

Before Balian was born to us almost one year ago, my hubby and I felt the sting in our wallets of how expensive diapers were going to be. Like it or not, diapers are a true necessity for babies, and it's unfortunate that it's a necessity that piles up in landfills around the world- just sitting there in large heaps, never breaking down.

Thankfully, cloth diapers have come a long way since our parents used them with us! No more pinning, lining, etc. Many cloth diaper companies offer all-in-ones, which means there's little to no work involved and they easily fit any size baby! That's why I love Smartipants Cloth Diapers! I have been on the hunt for cloth diapers that work well for quite a while. They are such a wonderful alternative to using disposables, and I encourage every parent to seriously look into cloth diapering, especially those who just don't have the bucks to keep throwing diapers away! Cloth diapers are good for your wallet, the earth and your baby!

What makes Smartipants so special? Smartipants One Size diapers have a built-in leak-guard, which means your little one won't leak out the sides (a common problem with many cloth diapers, in my experience). These diapers come with a soft, absorbent insert, and the diaper shell is waterproof! The diaper itself stretches to fit the legs of any and every size baby (mine's got those adorable chunky thighs, and the fit is awesome!), and there are many adjustable snaps to ensure a snug, yet comfortable fit for baby. Balian loves wearing his Smartipants! We haven't had a single leak using the Smartipants diapers, and that's music to a busy mom's ears! The messies easily wash away from the Smartipants diapers, too! After being soiled many times, the white cloth still looks brand new!

 Little Smarti

Smartipants also offers many other diapering options, and they've got you and your little one covered from day one! They offer 'Little Smarti' Newborn Diaper Packs, which gently hug your newborn's bum and fasten by velcro, instead of snaps. They also offer Smart Start Packs, Deal Packs, Single Diapers and Smart Fit Covers, which fit over any and all cloth diapers!

 Smartipants Single Diaper: Clever Clover

We were lucky enough to be able to try one of Smartipants' one size diapers.We were sent a single diaper in the new Clever Clover shade. I love the color, and best of all- I love the fit! This diaper stays in place, and Balian can easily move around in it. No leaks, no messes, easy to clean... what more could a cloth diapering mommy ask for? Balian has thinned out a little bit since we first began using the Smartipants diaper, and it still fits just as comfortably and securely as it did the very first time we used it! These diapers will grow with your babies, and if you have another baby down the road, you can use them again and again! There's very little work involved with Smartipants diapers. Just put the insert into place before use, and remove the insert before washing. I pick one night to do my cloth diaper washing, stuffing and folding- and it takes very little time. The single diapers run about $14.95 each.

Smartipants Smart Tote

If you're going to use cloth diapers, having a wet bag is a great idea... a must, really! I keep one hanging in our laundry room at all times; that way, I can just toss the wet diapers in there and wash them when ready. Smartipants offers smaller portable totes and larger wet pails- all portable, and they start at around $10.00. Can't beat that!

All in all, I love Smartipants, and would recommend them to all of my cloth-diapering friends! If you haven't tried this brand yet, what are you waiting for? They're ranked #1 on Diaperpail.com! And if you've never cloth diapered, but are wanting to give it a try, start with Smartipants! They absolutely get my Mommy Stamp of Approval!

Want It? Buy It!

Visit Smartipants.com to purchase a variety of Smartipants Cloth Diapers and Accessories!

Want It? WIN IT!

One lucky Mommy Blog reader will win a Single Diaper w/insert from Smartipants! Use the entry form below to enter to win!

Thanks to Josh at Smartipants for offering this great giveaway! Good luck everyone!



  1. I currently use disposable diapers. But, I'd love to try cloth diapering for a change.


  2. I need more diapers, my son is a very heavy wetter and I have to wash diapers every day to have enough to get us through 24 hrs.

    fatallyunloved at gmail

  3. I am a cloth diapering momma. I have only tried one brand of cloth diapers, Kawaii Baby. I would love the opportunity to try another risk free. ;)

  4. I actually have a few smartipants diapers and I like them for my little girl and would love another one!!


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