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Discovery Toys Review and Giveaway

I am a huge fan of toys. I can't help but want to get Balian new things to play with when he and I are out shopping together. He's getting very close to turning a year old, and when I look at toys for him, I am always watching out for toys that will help with his development. A lot of the toys I find out there, however, all seem to be the same. They look the same or do the same things, and Balian can only crawl around chasing something that lights up and makes sounds for so long before he becomes bored. So where am I supposed to go to find educational toys for his age group that will keep him stimulated and entertained?

I remember a seasoned momma of three boys mentioning Discovery Toys to me a few years ago. I was actually at her house for a make up home party, and she told me that when her boys were little, they didn't like to play with ordinary toys, so she would have Discovery Toys parties to earn new toys for them for Christmas. When she told me this, I was twenty-three, engaged and not really thinking about children yet, but now here I am- twenty-eight, and with my very own little babe; thinking she may have been on to something!

I was recently contacted by Discovery Toys representative Angie Webster, who was on fire for DT! She was (and is) so excited about her business that she almost made me want to join her team (if only I could take on another job!). She asked if she could send three of her favorite games to me to review, and I couldn't wait to see what she was going to send me. While I waited for her package, I headed to her website and started to read a little bit about Discovery Toys.

DT was founded by an early childhood educator in 1978, and today, they are the leader in direct marketing of learning toys! DT specializes in helping parents to Teach, Play and Inspire with their books, games, music and toys. Their products include toys and games for infants to children eight years old! There is even a section on their website that offers a Parenting Guide with helpful tips in choosing proper toys for your child's age range, and ideas to stimulate their minds. Be sure to check that out on Angie's website!

When our package of goodies from Angie arrived, we were so excited! She sent us three fun games. Now, only one of them was appropriate for Balian's age, but the other games are super fun (even for me)!

 DT Measure Up Cups...

Angie sent Balian DT's Measure Up Cups, appropriate for children 1-3 years. Balian is almost a year old, so we Angie thought he would enjoy these, and boy, was she right! As soon as I placed the colorful stacking cups on the floor, Balian couldn't wait to get his hands on them. He started out by banging them together, making a lot of noise, and then I showed him how they stack on top of each other. Once they were all stacked, he had a blast knocking the cups over. We then placed each one inside the other, nesting them. I love the cups, because they're colorful, and they're each numbered. When we play with the cups (which is several times a day), we say the colors and the numbers (we meaning me, hoping Balian will catch on) each time we stack them and then put them away. The cups come with an activity guide, which I love and plan to use as Balian gets older. As he grows, he will be able to not only stack and nest the cups, but use them to scoop, dump and fill up! This is definitely a keeper around our house, and it's a toy that will grow with Balian.

Angie's favorite things about the Measure Up Cups:

They stack
They teach "little into big" or nesting
They teach patterning
They are numbered, and we like to say they are "volumetric" - when used with water, the size 1 cup and the size 3 cup can together equal the volume of the size 4 cup - or the 3 will fill the 9 cup 3 times, the 1 will fill the size 12 cup 12 times, etc!
The creatures on the bottom of the cups get progressively bigger, the smallest creature being a butterfly, the largest being a whale - the bottom side of the cup can be used with play-doh.

Measure Up Cups are a classic Discovery Toy - I love the fact that listed above there are 5 ways that you can play and teach with them!  Discovery Toys truly grow with your child, they are not focused on just one stage in their development.  Kids can play with them for years!! Personally, we have a set that stays in the tub and another set that's with our other toys :).  Something to keep in mind when considering purchasing a Discovery Toy versus something else - do you want to buy 5 toys that do 5 different things or just 1 toy that does 5 things?  The latter would be Discovery Toys.
Balian playing with the Measure Up Cups...

Angie also sent us two games for older children: Zingo and Tricky Fingers...

 DT's Zingo...
Zingo is a super fun twist on Bingo, and I cannot wait until Balian is old enough to play with this. As soon as he's past the point of putting everything in his mouth, we'll give this one a try! Though it's intended for ages four and up, toddlers can have fun trying to match with this game. Older children can flip the Zingo boards over for more competitive play. This game helps build speaking and reading skills, along with picture and word recognition. I can already tell that we're going to have a lot of fun with this game. We have a church get together next weekend, where young adults and their children will come together for a cookout, and we were asked to bring games for adults and children- we'll definitely be bringing Zingo along!

Angie's favorite things about Zingo:
Zingo appeals to kids and adults alike - even the youngest players who can't read yet can play, because they can match.  It's a great game for beginning readers too, with the short words that are on the cards.  I've had rooms full of adult women that have been quite competitive about who said, "Cat!" or "Sun" first!!  Because these toys are educational, they really do appeal to a wide variety of ages :).  Someone I know bought Zingo when her kids were 6, 8, 10, and 12.  At the time she thought it was more for her younger 2 kids.  But all 4 played it every day!  Wow - how many games can you get that both a 6 yr old and a 12 yr old will play together?  
So don't be held back from an item that catches your eye because it has an age on it that is younger than your child.  It just means that it's safe for a child that age, and older!
We were also sent Tricky Fingers, a fun game for ages seven and up. This is a fun game with tiny little colorful balls and puzzle boards, where kids can shake, pick colors and puzzles and race! This game supports Learning Pathways, which leads to school readiness, self-confidence and academic success! It also builds thinking skills, math skills and motor skills. The game includes two puzzle boxes, fourteen pattern cards and instructions for play. I am excited to have this at my house for when my husband's cousins come over to visit. They are seven, eleven and fourteen, and I know that this is a game they can all play and enjoy together while the adults chat! I'm actually thinking this might make a great birthday gift for the youngest of the three!

Angie's favorite things about Tricky Fingers:
Great for travel as it's all self contained!!
Also suggested for the elderly as it's a great one for keeping their mind active and can help prevent Alzheimers.
Another game that is enjoyed by all ages - adults can be quite competitive with this little hand held game!
Fun for either 1 or 2 players.

Both Zingo and Tricky Fingers can be further enhanced by adult beverages. (Thought this tip was hilarious and worth a try- but please drink responsibly if you do enjoy a beverage every now and then and never when a child is in your care).
All in all, I am a huge fan of Discovery Toys, and really want to thank Angie Webster for introducing me to the wonderful world of learning toys and games offered by DT. Discovery Toys all carry a Lifetime Guarantee - so if your children break them, they can be replaced - for FREE!  No shipping on those replacements, either. What a great deal! With the holidays soon approaching, I will definitely be making a little wish list for Balian! All of these toys we have reviewed receive my personal Mommy Stamp of Approval, and I absolutely recommend that you check out Discovery Toys for the children in your life! Play with your kids- it's one of the very best things you can do with/for them.

Want It? Buy It!
You can shop for Discovery Toys anytime through Angie's personal DT website! She is happy to answer any questions you may have about Discovery Toys products or to share the DT opportunity with you! If you'd like, you may also contact Angie by e-mail.

Want It? Win It!
One lucky Mommy Blog follower will win a $20.00 Discovery Toys Gift Certificate! Use the entry form below to enter this giveaway!

Special thanks to Angie with Discovery Toys for offering this great giveaway! Good luck everyone!

Disclaimer: I was sent the above-featured products from a consultant with the featured company. I was not compensated in any way for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own, and those of the consultant. Your experience with these products may vary.


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  2. Great toys for some wonderful kids. I especially like the catepillar play toys for the bath tub. suann75@gmail.com

  3. Word match 1st words and the from time to time game would be perfect for my son who is struggling to tell time and to read as he enters Kindergarten. I love games that make learning fun! Thanks for a wonderful chance!
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  4. the time to time game would be my choice

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