Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Relax... What's that?

I am no good when it comes to following directions. I skip ahead when I read, which causes me to mess up simple recipes all the time. It's the easy stuff that always trips me up- the complicated stuff isn't usually a problem. And I was totally that one kid in kindergarten who pasted green tissue paper leaves down the side of my tree trunk, when the teacher told us not to... 'leaves stay up top.' Maybe it's my attention to detail that's the real culprit here- I noticed and remembered early on that branches/leaves most certainly don't just grow from the tops of trees. I also once colored George Washington's nose green in the first grade & was reprimanded. We were told to use every color in the crayon box... didn't I? From that day on, I was determined not to let anyone stifle my creativity. Such a rebel. :) 

Yes, I am going somewhere with this. Excuse me if I get off course every now and then- pregnancy is rough on the brain! Just this evening, I walked into the pantry to retrieve the breadcrumbs, and as soon as I got in there and turned the light on, I had forgotten the purpose of my mission. All this to say- I need to relax. Everyone's always telling me to relax, especially since I'm technically now full term in this pregnancy. The thing is- I am horrible at relaxing. I know what you're thinking- how can anyone be bad at relaxing? I just am. I have a hard time sitting still. Sacha thinks I have ADD... I disagree. I just like being productive! If there are things to be done, I can't chill out until they are all truly complete! Like now- I made out my To Do list for the day, and 'update blog' was on it, so here I am. Updating you all on... not very much. I wish I could be one of those people who easily sits down to watch a movie, but I'm just not. I wish I could focus my attention on a hobby for more than fifteen minutes without having to get up to check on something else. I enjoy staying busy- I even like to be on the go while on vacation. But, this is not the time to be on the go so much... and trust me, it's not like I don't have tons of stuff going on. I tried to lie down and take a nap this afternoon- and I just couldn't make it happen. You know what sounds relaxing? A pedicure! Not allowed to go to the nail salon, though... something about the fumes being dangerous. I see pregnant women with beautifully manicured toes all the time- why do they get to go!? Oh well- I'll keep on trying to paint and maintain my own toenails for as long as I possibly can... haven't had to ask Sacha to do that, yet.

Had a check up w/Dr. P today and it went well. Saw two other gals from my Lamaze class while there. One of them is due on Monday, the other is due the same day we are. Dr. P said that there wasn't anything happening just yet- that Balian isn't near ready to appear, and that it's likely that he'll stay in there up until or after his due date. Yay for me. More weeks of a rolling head on my bladder, swollen feet and ankles, and a belly that seems like it can't possibly get any bigger, but somehow still manages to do so. Oh- and the feet are now so swollen that they fall asleep all the time! Not nice! I'm doing everything I can think of- putting them up, drinking more water, taking little walks, and even eating bananas... totally gross. I've been eating them off and on, hoping Balian will develop a taste for them, because Sacha and I both hate them. And the belly thing... he's getting pretty heavy feeling in there! I really do feel like I've got a watermelon strapped to my person. It's so weird to have a tummy this large... a tummy that's big, round and extremely hard! Sometimes I just lie in bed at night, poking at it... expecting it to wiggle, but it never does. Guess I'll get the JELLO wiggles after the baby is born. Again, that will be weird. Seems like I have a lot of wonderfully weird things to look forward to. Now, if I could just do what I set out to do tonight and relax! Wish me luck!


Monday, September 13, 2010


Yes, just three weeks to go until Balian's due date of Oct. 5th. Wow- just three more weeks. Seems like just yesterday the pregnancy test was blinking 'pregnant' at me in our Maryland apartment, and now here we are... months later, in NC and just about ready for this little guy to make his grand entrance into the world. Still, who knows when labor will begin. Could be tonight, tomorrow or next week... or maybe even when it's supposed to be!

Sacha and I have both been busier than ever. I am in nesting mode- no doubt about that. At 37 weeks, I should have most everything done that needs to be done before our son comes home to live with us, yet I am finding more and more to do with each passing day. I wish the house would just stop getting messy and dusty for the next... year! I usually love to clean, but bending over to reach anything near-ish to the ground is proving to be more and more difficult with each passing day. I can't seem to be able to keep the kitchen clean for some reason. When I get little energy bursts, I get in there and start cooking... or baking. Last week, I decided to make some bread from scratch... for the first time, ever. Made a yummy cinnamon bread loaf, and a honey wheat loaf, too. Cookie dough will be on my list for tomorrow... figure I'll make it and freeze it- just so it'll be on hand when needed. I have leftover chicken in the 'fridge, which is now waiting for me to turn it into a pot pie or casserole... also to be frozen. I keep saying I'll get around to cooking, baking and freezing more and more things, but since I can only stand for so long before I end up with dino feet, I never get as much accomplished as I set out to!

We finally have a crib for the nursery. Used... like new, with the mattress and all. Sacha plans to stain it, eventually. Not worth doing right now. I'm just happy that the crib is together, along with the room... it finally looks like a baby's room! :) Now, all it needs is a little inhabitant. That will happen in due time.

I have a lovely cold. Woke up with it on Friday morning. Not sure where it came from and I am trying desperately not to get Sacha sick. I am praying that Balian stays in his cozy home, which is my womb until this cold has ceased to be. This is the third nasty cold I have had since becoming pregnant. I think I'd rather have morning sickness! Colds and pregnancy so do not mix... esp. because you're pretty much screwed when it comes to being able to take anything that will knock it out! Oh, well... just letting it run its course and hoping it wins the race. The worst thing about being sick like this is not being able to sing. How I love singing! We had our first Women's Ensemble rehearsal of the year at the church yesterday afternoon, and are going to be working on some very nice pieces, which I am excited about. Sacha started his rehearsals with the youth brass group, which he is directing. I believe he had five kids at the rehearsal. Sacha also resumed rehearsals with the Men's Chorus yesterday, which he enjoys being a part of. You know us... we love music and we love our church. Serving God & sharing our gifts brings joy to our hearts.

I'm being thrown a baby shower this Sunday afternoon, and am looking forward to spending time with some lovely ladies from the church choir. I've been hearing all about how much fun it's going to be... can't wait! And now- I must rest. I've been told to rest several times today, and have yet to actually attempt to do that... so, here it goes. Hopefully, a good night's sleep is just moments away. Hope you all get some good rest, too... I know I'm not the only one who needs it. More another time... maybe after we go to the Dr. for our check up on Wednesday.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Winding Down...

Well folks, we're officially in the home stretch of this pregnancy. Week 36 is here! Sacha and I (and the not so little bean, of course) went to the OB's office for a check up today. We met with Dr. Mills- he checked baby's heartbeat, measured my belly, said all looked well and sent us on our way. We're going to the Dr.'s every Wednesday now! Pretty exciting, right!? Yes, indeed. Our little guy will be here before we know it!

It's hard to say what's been happening since the last time I posted. Sacha and I are staying very busy- both of us are still working... Sacha with his window glazing, and me with the fun world of decorating through Celebrating Home. I'm trying to get parties and orders/specials in place for when I'm out of commission for a little while. Sacha is actively seeking a teaching position with the school system, also. Church stuff is busy as ever. We've been helping to get the new youth band up and running & that seems to be going very well. I'll have to bow out for now, and Sacha can still step in here and there as needed. It's time for me to start slowing down and subtracting from my commitments. I have a really hard time saying 'no' when people ask me to do something- even now, in this eighth month of pregnancy.

We're still working on the baby's room, but all of his basic needs will be met by what we already have. We've got a baby shower coming up on the 19th, which is being thrown by a couple of super sweet ladies in the church choir. It'll be an exciting afternoon, I'm sure! I made a shelf the other day and got it situated for the nursery- Sacha's job will be to hang it up. It's cute... has Balian's name on it with a little giraffe. Gotta love those cute little animals that are showing up all over his room! 

Since Balian can decide to make his way into the world just about any day now, I decided it would be best if I at least packed my labor bag. Started doing that tonight- stocked it with my robe, glasses, pj's, a baggie full of loose change, the camera, some calming lotion, playing cards- that kind of stuff. Still need a pair of slippers... which I really don't want to have to buy b/c I'm not fond of them and probably will never wear them once I'm home. I hate shoes in the house, hate wearing socks, etc... anything that makes my feet hot is unappealing to me. I still have to pack my after delivery bag- but I'll worry about that tomorrow. I pulled out the things that I want to take to the hospital for Balian, too... a couple of onesies and sleep gowns, some socks, a hat, a couple of blankies and a couple of tiny diapers. It all looks so cute... just lying there on the changing pad, waiting for someone to be in it all! I also realized while packing these things that this is getting pretty serious. It's such a strange feeling- knowing that he can choose to show up any time... but not knowing when that time will be! Whenever it is, we're ready to meet our son. :)

And as for month eight of pregnancy, it isn't treating me too badly. I'm getting more, 'Boy, are you lookin' big' comments from folks, but I assume they mean the baby, of course! Yes- I look big, and feel big... and my feet are so swollen that I can't even squish them into my Rainbow sandals on most days. The other day, those feet were so swollen that I couldn't bend my toes! My Dr. informed me (today) that the swelling will be twice as bad for up to two weeks after delivery! Glad he told me- otherwise, I probably would think that something wasn't right. I had some pretty mean contractions about a week ago... had to practice my Lamaze breathing to get through them! Thankfully, they went away and left me alone until after dinner on Friday night. They sure are uncomfortable! Just little preludes. I absolutely have that penguin waddle thing going on, which Sacha finds hilarious- but I don't let it stop me from cleaning the house, cooking, washing dishes, doing laundry, etc. I was even outside pulling weeds out of the flower beds over the weekend! I haven't been too emotional, though Sacha says my fuses are getting shorter and shorter. I only really cry about not having my sister here... because I want her to be here, but we talk a lot and she'll get the first pics of the baby, I'm sure.

We had our last Lamaze class last night (Tuesday). We practiced swaddling baby dolls- I'm no good at it, by the way. At least I didn't grab the baby out of the bin by the head like some of the other girls did! We had cake and ice cream to celebrate at break time, and then we had a reflexologist come in and give us a little seminar for the rest of the class time. None of what she showed us was working to relieve any of my back pain... of course. Oh well. Sacha enjoyed it when we had to switch chairs and all of the girls had to rub their husband's feet! How is that fair!? Didn't mind it, really... and Sacha actually did find some of it to be relaxing. After that, we were each given a little Huggies

Sacha turned the big 25 last Sunday! We spent part of the day at church, and then went to mom and dad's for lunch and cheesecake... and then we went to Gretchen's for dinner and peanut butter pie! Yeah- we stay well fed. It was a great day! The rest of this week will be for rehearsals at the church, worship services, more rehearsals, and hopefully a little rest in between... rest is important, esp. since I'm not getting very much at night time due to having to get up a million times to tinkle! Irritating, but good that it's preparing me for being up all night with a new baby.

And now, I believe that it is time to get into my jammies, have a snack, take my vitamin and crawl into bed. Yeah- I know it's only 9:30, but hey- I'll probably be up & making coffee at 5:30 tomorrow morning, like most days! More another time...