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How to Save Money as a New Mom

Becoming a new mom has likely been one of the most memorable and joyous moments of your life.

Your little bundle of joy brings smiles to everyone, and you simply cannot imagine loving someone more

than you do your new child. However, no one loves financial burdens.

According to the USDA’s 2015 report Expenditures on Childrethe cost of raising a middle-income family is around $12,980 per year. That’s approximately $230,000

from birth to the age of 18. Spending almost a quarter of a million dollars probably seems like an astronomical

sum to most middle-income families, so it’s vital to save wherever possible.

With so much to think about as a new mom, while also not forgetting to take care of yourself we wanted to put together this quick guide to help you save a little money as you begin this chapter of

your life.

At the Hospital

There’s no need to go into any more debt than absolutely necessary when it comes to the birth of your

new child. If there is an additional charge for a private room, opt for a two-person room since many

insurance companies will not cover the cost of a private room.

Ask the staff for free swag. Companies will often leave freebies at maternity wards.

However, hospital staff may be super busyand forget to share them out. Don’t be afraid to ask because you can get coupons, ointmentslotions, and other necessities.

Double Duty

Look for furniture that functions as more than one intended use, such as an intricate high chair that converts into a booster seat and then a regular chair. There are also plenty of cribs that convert into toddler beds as well.

Diaper Duty

You’re going to go through a lot of diapers for the foreseeable future, and those costs are going to add up

quickly. Instead of opting for big markets and big brands, you can opt for a diaper subscription service so that you have quality diapers at a discounted price delivered right to your door.

Coupons and Clubs

Clipping coupons the old-fashioned way, with the help of applications on your mobile device, or online

can save you a ton of money. Try joining a local coupon club and exchange coupons with others looking

to score a great deal. You may be surprised by how a few minutes clipping coupons can save you big on

groceries and baby items. 

There are also tons of places online where you can sign up for coupons and actual freebies. Some sites

will even send you free items for you to review while numerous other websites will give you stuff for free

just to try it out.

Baby Clothes

There’s simply no way around it, your baby is going to grow, and sometimes it will seem like they are

growing daily. To save money, don’t buy a lot of clothes at once and definitely don’t purchase items for

the future because you never know when, or how long, your baby will be that size. Instead, choose the

best clothes, for now, that can be mixed and matched with anything. 

You can also take the “no new baby clothes challenge” and look for other new moms on social media

that are nearby and may be interested in handing down their infant’s clothes. With a baby that will only

wear a few outfits for just a couple of months at most, not to mention spitting up on it daily, there’s no

need to go all out when it comes to their clothes.


While there will be expenses you simply cannot avoid with your newborn, there are some great ways

you can save money. The above tips can help you curb spending, and with a little effort, your bank

account will thank you.

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