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How to choose the best clothes


Sometimes shopping for clothes is a confusing and difficult situation. Visit website of reputed brands to gain knowledge on more recent cloth designs. You can visit a cloth store with a clear idea of what you want, but you might get confused about what you want once you get into it. Cloth stores have different cuts, sizes, styles, brands, and colors. Having a clear picture of what you want makes the process much easier.

Let's jump into the basic tips that will assist you in choosing the best clothes that will fit you well.

Decide the features that you wish to emphasize

Use outfits that will make your appearance look smaller, bigger, less noticeable. In this quest, consider the following:

Patterns: Clothes having vertical lines usually make the body part look thinner. Horizontal ones will bring a wider look. The bright attention colors draw much eye attention to worn parts of the body. Use them where you want to create emphasis, as the bust. The dark solid colors deemphasize the body parts. It's common when paired with bright patterns.

Structured tailoring: You can use a tailored structure to give emphasis and shape. Shoulder pads make shoulders look wider. A boxy outwear will make your upper body appear bulkier.

Waist styles: If you want a curvier look with a well-defined waist, go for low-waisted paints. You can emphasize your bust using the empire paints.

Hemline types: A-line skirts will add body curves making your lower body appear wider. Tapered skirts work the opposite of the A-line skirts. They deemphasize the lower body.

Cloth fit: Tight clothes espouse your body definition while baggy clothes will not.

Body measurements

It's always good to know your body measurements when buying clothes. Using a tape measure, write the exact numbers recorded. The measurement areas include:

  • Head circumference for hat sizing.

  • Neck size is very vital for men's clothes.

  • Upper arms for sleeves.

  • Widest bust or chest part.

  • Hips for women's clothes.

  • Natural waistline.

  • Inseam – the distance between the bottom ankle and the groin.

Your clothes should fit well

Having the right clothing fit is a crucial part when choosing your best clothes. A well-fitting cloth with an unflattering style will always look better than a poor style. Fitting clothes should be comfortable. They shouldn't hinder any movement and shouldn't have a sloppy or baggy look. If you intent to lose weight, don't go for clothes with an assumption you will fit in, in the future. Buy clothes after you have lost the needed weight for them to fit well. Always remember to hem your pants if you are short because a too low hem makes you much shorter. And if you're looking for plus size bottoms, try checking the Wholesale Fashion Trends site as they sell wholesale plus size bottoms.

Buy clothes that have a nice look on you now

If a cloth doesn't fit you well, don't buy it. Don't have an assumption that it will fit you later. There is no need to buy a jacket that won't button all the way. Don't buy clothes that hang off you. Pick the right size that fits your body.

How does your cloth look from behind?

It's possible for a cloth to look better in front but very terrible from behind. Using a front camera on your phone, check how you appear in the cloth you want to buy. You can also use a mirror to see how you look in that cloth from the front and behind.

Don't follow fashion

It's not recommended always to follow fashion. Have your way of incorporating trends that will fit well.


The clothes you wear speak more about yourself. Ensure you send the right message to people around you by buying the perfect clothes in a shop store. 


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