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All You Need To Know About the Heroic Role That Nurses Played In the Pandemic


It’s safe to say that the COVID-19 pandemic shook up the entire world and affected people in every aspect of life. From education to healthcare, corporate to industries, it badly impacted every sector and became the biggest headache for business owners. Many people lost their full-time jobs and were left with no source of income during the lockdown. Apart from financial losses, the COVID-19 pandemic caused a loss of precious lives worldwide. Initially, healthcare experts did not have any solid treatment or antidote to counter this deadly virus. The best they could do was to guide people to take precautionary measures and maintain social distancing. Thankfully, we now have a vaccine for COVID-19, which has made a positive contribution to helping people fight with virus. 

In this entire COVID-19 catastrophe, the role of nurses was truly remarkable. They have been the front-line workforce to battle this deadly pandemic and serve coronavirus victims, proving their worth as healthcare warriors by working day and night to fulfill their duties. Whether it was working in the covid zone with patients or looking after patient screenings, they took this challenge regardless of health risks. Putting your own life on the line is never easy, especially in a situation when the virus was still a mystery. In such crucial situations, nurses were responsible for fulfilling all needs of patients by communicating with other departments of hospitals. 

In this post, we will see how nurses have played a heroic role in this pandemic to serve patients dedicatedly. 

  1. Managing Health Crisis Efficiently

Among other duties, nurses also assisted medical experts while treating patients to looking after the patients under treatment to prevent the spread of the virus. Nurses connect the healthcare system with the patients, acting as the means of communication and conveying their concerns. They are liable to notice any change in the patient's condition by critically analyzing it. It helps them assess the patient’s response in terms of treatment and look for patterns that indicate any improvement.  

Nurses have added significant value to the current pandemic prevention by providing the correct assessments and findings to the doctors. For example, they can decide whether a patient needs respiratory therapy or not, and they can analyze the patient's condition to medical treatments. Highly qualified nurses have played a pivotal role in this regard to educate patients and help them heal not only physically but mentally as well. 

Additionally, the recent critical conditions have inspired more nursing students to join the force. Many people are now opting for a terminal degree in nursing to contribute their services to the healthcare system. Nurses are known to be the vital component of the healthcare workforce, being able to deal with the current crisis of healthcare more effectively. 

  1. Providing Emotional Support To Patients 

As a result of this global pandemic, nurses are the only ones apart from doctors who can stay around patients with complete precautions. Nobody could see covid-infected patients closely, so even their loved ones were forced to stay away from them. In this situation, no one can help or better assess a patient's condition other than nurses. 

They provide medical assistance to the patients and help them recover emotionally from the psychological trauma of COVID-19. That is why the role of nurses has become so crucial in this pandemic because they also have to take care of the patient's mental health to recover quickly. From younger to elderly patients, they have to deal with every age group, which in itself is a big challenge.

  1. Setting Examples By Taking Precautions

Nurses are at great risk of catching the virus as they stay with covid victims for most of their day. In this situation, they must take necessary precautions to protect themselves against the virus. Due to this, nurses follow all the standard operating procedures (SOPs) while keeping up with their duties 

All healthcare workers are must take robust measures to mitigate the risk. It includes different strategies like changing their work clothing before entering their houses and taking a shower regularly after the shift. It is encouraging professionals at all workplaces to take similar kinds of precautions to remain safe. While working in intensive care units (ICU), they have to follow all regulations and policies because any negligence can be very costly. Treating COVID-19 patients involves considerable risk, and nurses' role in this pandemic has shown us how to act in challenging situations. This way, nurses have made a positive impact on society by demonstrating the importance of dedication and perseverance. 

Final Words

Nurses are making their contribution along with doctors to help patients fight this lethal coronavirus. The whole nursing community deserves a big round of applause from the people worldwide for their resilience and commitment. They have put their lives in a risky situation to help covid victims recover and stand on their feet again. Nurses today have become the hope of billions of people in this crucial situation. It is our responsibility to take a leaf from their book and follow all the necessary precautions to decrease the spread of the virus. This includes maintaining social distancing, wearing protective masks, using hand sanitizers regularly, and, if possible, then staying at home. Nurses have given their best services to us, and now it is our turn to show them that they are not alone in the battle of this global pandemic.

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