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Shower 101: Things to Consider While Picking a Shower for Your Bathroom

 Choosing a shower for your bathroom is more than just loving its design. Read our expert guide for picking the perfect shower for your bathroom.

A shower really does make a huge difference in the look of your bathroom, and people tend to stress over picking the perfect one. From selecting the type of shower to the water pressure and the plumbing system, it is a tedious process.

If you are not sure where to start, then you are at the right place to get guidance.

In this blog, I will take away all of your stress about choosing the right shower for your bathroom. I will cover every aspect of the choice so that you can feel confident that you have the perfect one!

Ultimate Guide to Picking the Right Shower 

  1. Selecting the Shower Type

Digital Showers

Digital or remote control showers are a trendy option. With the concept of convenient controlling, digital showers include a panel with assorted settings. You can customize the shower and set the water temperature to your exact requirement. 

These kinds of showers are modern and easy to install.

Thermostatic Showers

If you have elderly people or children in the house, thermostatic showers will be the best choice. This kind automatically keeps the water temperature constant, even when other taps are opened.  

Mixer Shower

If you have a combi boiler or a large-capacity water tank installed in your house, then you will benefit from buying a mixer shower. Mixer showers work with both hot and cold water and deliver it via the showerhead with a high-flow rate. The water flow control is adjustable as you desire.   

Electric Shower

Another highly demanded shower is the electric shower for its quickness and ease of installation. These heat up cold water within a few minutes, so for taking a hot shower you don’t have to wait as long as you do for conventional water heaters. 

Don’t worry, these showers are extremely energy-efficient.  

Eco Shower

If you want to go sustainable and save some money on water bills every month, then eco showers are preferable. These types of showers offer up to 50 percent water usage reduction compared to a non-eco shower.

2. Identifying Your Water Plumbing System

Low-pressure water system

Low-pressure systems are the most common in households. Keeping that in mind, there are unlimited options for power showers and showerheads in the market. Choosing a dedicated showerhead is also important if you have a low-pressure water system. Visit here to research some amazing low-pressure showerheads.

Cold Water Supply

If you have a cold mains system in your house, then cold water will naturally flow through your shower. In this case, electric showers are the best choice as they take less time to heat up the water for you. 

Make sure your plumbing system is in good condition for your shower to work perfectly.

High-pressure water system

If your home has a high-pressure water plumbing system, then you should avoid power showers or high-flow showers. You can go for low-volt electric showers or eco showers in this case.  

3. Know Your Bathroom Space

Walk-in Shower

If your bathroom has limited space but you still want to make it look aesthetically pleasing, then a walk-in shower is a win. Walk-in showers are trendy, space-saving, and stylish. 

Corner Shower

Corner showers are for extremely small bathrooms, where space is a concern. They make the most use of your bathroom corner. Corner showers can also be fitted on top of bathtubs for bathing and showering at the same time.  


If you have enough space inside the bathroom and a good budget, go for a bathtub. Bathtubs provide you with a luxurious and relaxing bathing experience. 

If you have children, then you can make them shower in the bathtub together, which will save water and time! 

4. Choose Shower Head

Fixed Shower Head

As you can guess by the name, fixed showerheads remain fixed on the ceiling. These are also known as rainforest showers and give a rich shower moment on high water pressure. 

Handheld Showerhead

Hand showerheads are generally paired with a fixed shower head to flexibly move it around your body while showering. Fixed showerheads cannot give this flexibility. 

Shower Tap

You can also pair a shower tap with your fixed showerhead if you sometimes like to shower while sitting. Shower taps are convenient to quickly wash your feet instead of drenching yourself by turning on the ceiling showerhead.

5. Style

After considering everything above, the style of the shower you choose also matters. The design should suit and complement your bathroom’s interior. No matter what type of shower you choose, try to keep a contrast with your bathroom and other bathroom components, such as the toilet and basin. In this way, your bathroom will look visually pleasing. 

6. Budget

Last but not the least, budgeting before you buy a shower is important. Considering the price will give you an idea of what kind of shower you should look for. 

This way you can research showers in your range instead of wasting your time looking at every type. If you have a high budget, then your options will also include bathtubs. If not, then look for more cost-effective options.

Final Thought

Choosing the right shower does take a bit of effort, but the outcome will be worth it! I hope these tips have given you a start on picking the right shower. The choice might seem daunting, but as you progress, you will enjoy it! 

More than that, when you will enjoy the rich and luxurious showers in your new shower, all the effort and investment will be worth it! 

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