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Combi Boiler Maintenance: Annual Service and Gas Safety


Combi boiler maintenance or plumbing systems, in general, is not something that many people think about, but it's very important to keep the system running smoothly. Annual service and gas registration are two things that need to be done by law in order to make sure your boiler complies with safety regulations. The following article will discuss how you can maintain a combi boiler for optimal performance as well as the benefits of annual servicing and gas registration.

What is annual boiler service?

A combi boiler has two parts: a heat exchanger and the ventilation system. The annual service that MUST be done by a heating engineer is to ensure that the gas valve, safety controls and venting are all working properly. It's also important to make sure there isn't any damage or corrosion of the metal in these areas as this can lead to an unsafe environment with excess carbon monoxide emissions for your family.

Annual servicing involves checking the following items:

  • Gas Valve

  • Safety Controls (pressure relief valves)

  • Venting Systems (flue pipes, vents/draught diverters, chimneys)

  • Combustion chamber cleanliness & condition

  • Flue pipe damper operation

How often should a boiler be serviced by law?

Your boiler should be serviced every 12 months and before the expiry date of your annual gas registration.

Do I need to get my boiler serviced annually?

All gas and combi boilers must be serviced annually to ensure that they are safe and running efficiently. Not only is it law but it will also prevent an early boiler replacement.

In addition, a combi boiler must also have gas safety checks carried out when you renew your annual gas registration. 

Gas safety inspections will check the following items:

  • The pressure relief valves (safety controls) on your appliance should not leak

  • Your venting system needs to provide an adequate escape route for any carbon monoxide fumes generated by combustion

If these areas are in good condition then it is likely that all else will be too! If there has been damage or corrosion of metal components this could lead to some unsafe conditions with excess carbon monoxide emissions so it's important to get checked as soon as possible.

What is a gas safety certificate?

A gas safety certificate is a document that outlines the regulations, legislation and standards to which your boiler operator must comply. The certificate is issued by a gas registered engineer and applies to the installation, operation and use of the boiler.

The British Gas Safety Trust will provide information on how best to maintain your home's appliance from its website: "Gas safe register". It also offers tips for staying well-informed about any potential risks or dangers in doing this work yourself at no cost!

Is it a legal requirement to have a gas safety certificate?

It is a legal requirement to have an up-to-date gas safety certificate for each boiler operated.

You must be registered with the Gas Safe Register, and you should always contact your local authority if there are any queries relating to your certificate of registration or requalification arrangements.

The annual service reviews all aspects of the installation, including insulation standards and helps reduce central heating maintenance in order that it complies with current legislation requirements governing these areas. It also gives an opportunity to do simple maintenance tasks such as changing filters which can save money on repairs later down the line; not forgetting that certain parts might need replacing during this time too - like ignition cartridges (the bit inside) which could lead to dangerous malfunctioning issues should they fail from wear and tear over time.

Is it a legal requirement to register a gas boiler?

No. It is not a legal requirement to register your gas boiler, however, you must register your boiler to begin the warranty period. 

You can register your gas boiler with the National Homes and Buildings Registration Authority (NHBRA) or an approved installer who will issue you a Certificate of Compliance. You must keep this certificate so that when it comes to selling your property, NHBRA can confirm whether you are in compliance with legislation for any potential buyers.

If there is no current registered owner on record at NHBRA then it will be necessary to obtain a new Certificate of Compliance before registering the boiler at NHBRA.

If you have not had your annual service completed by law, registration becomes invalid because all work carried out during its 12-monthly inspection period cannot be considered as compliant under safety regulations.

Can anyone service my boiler?

A gas safe registered installer will be able to service your boiler. To find one in your area, use the gas safe register website and search for a local engineer.

Remember, only gas registered engineers can carry out work on a gas appliance.  If you don't know who is registered in your area, you can check the Gas Safe Register website.

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