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5 Tips to Improve Your Plumbing System

Keeping your plumbing system flowing smoothly can be a challenge. After all, most of the pipes are behind walls, under counters, and even underground. What can you do to keep your plumbing clean and clear?

Fortunately, there are several ways to keep your plumbing in top shape. With these tips, you can rest easy knowing you’re caring for your pipes and drains and you don’t have to fear major catastrophes. 

Schedule Annual Plumbing Maintenance
The number one thing you can do to care for your plumbing is to have a regular plumbing maintenance appointment each year. A professional plumber from North York can check your fixtures for cracks, leaks, and loose parts. 

Your water heater will also be inspected and the plumber can make adjustments you need. Finally, the professional will thoroughly inspect the main water and sewer lines. At times, you start getting rotten egg smell in house. It can also be an issue with your plumbing, They’ll let you know if the lines are working well, are threatened by corrosion or tree roots, or have other concerns so its compulsory to get in contact with a licensed plumber in Brisbane.

You can’t inspect these main lines on your own, and annual maintenance appointments will help you catch all kinds of issues before they become major problems. 

Be Kind to Your Drains
Many people see their drains – especially in the kitchen – as a catch-all where they can dispose of anything. That isn’t the case! If you do put all kinds of things down the drain, you’ll be damaging your plumbing.

Grease and oil build up in a drain, even with the disposal. Over time it will clog the drain and cause serious problems. Instead, let it solidify and put it in a compost bin. 

Also, be sure to use a basket strainer on showers and sinks. It will catch grime and debris that you don’t want in your plumbing. Yes, it’s a bit icky to clean out, but it’s far better than cleaning the same gunk out of your pipes! 

Only Flush Waste

Another way that people accidentally cause problems with their plumbing is by flushing all kinds of debris. Yes, the pipe in a toilet is wider than a sink, but that doesn’t make it a garbage can. Never flush hygiene products, medication, cotton balls or Q-tips, or other items. They can cause serious clogs.

Also, watch out for products that are labelled “flushable” but are thicker than usual toilet paper. Many times these products don’t do well in sewer lines and can cause clogs despite the claims. 

If you’re noticing a lot of toilet clogs, don’t hesitate to have a professional plumber come check out the problem.

Prevent Plumbing From Freezing
It’s no secret that Canada is cold in the winter. This can cause your plumbing pipes to freeze and burst, causing flooding and other water damage. Always have air circulating in your home, including the basement. It should be at least 16 degrees Celsius. 

Insulate plumbing lines that are near outside walls as well. Work on making sure you don’t have any rooms or areas of the home that aren’t getting proper heat all year. Finally, be sure you drain your hose and any outdoor taps completely before the first freeze. 

Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaners
Many people see chemical drain cleaners as a first option for any slow drain or clog. Unfortunately, this caustic material not only dissolves clogs, but it also damages pipes and drains as well. Instead of using these chemical cleaners, consider a bio-safe option.

You can also remove the P-trap to remove debris or use a snake to remove a clog as well. Having chemicals sitting in your drain and pipes regularly isn’t ideal.

Caring For Plumbing Pays Off
You might see these steps of caring for your drains and pipes as a hassle, but that’s far from true. A hassle is when you have leaks, frozen pipes, and clogged drains. By using the tips we’ve outlined above, you can have healthy plumbing that saves you time and money for years to come.

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