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8 Reasons Why You Need to Upgrade Your Boiler


The United Kingdom is known for its cool and rainy climate all year round especially every December to February. It may experience a couple of heatwaves a year that are as high as 30 degrees celsius, however, normally, its average temperature is between 18 to 25 degrees celsius.

Now that the winter season is on its way, people in the UK are about to expect a drop in temperature -- as low as seven to just below zero degrees celsius. This is why the majority of houses and residential and commercial buildings in the country have a central heating system that utilizes a boiler. Boilers are very common in households and, just like any machines and equipment, they get modernized through time. 

If it causes more problems than it should be, then it’s high time that you purchase a boiler replacement. We have listed down eight reasons why you should upgrade your boiler before winter season officially starts.

You need a more energy efficient boiler.

Modern boilers are developed to be more energy-efficient compared to traditional models. If you have an old boiler, it is likely to have at most 75% efficiency, whereas, the newest models are required to have at least 92%. The more efficient it is, the more money you will save on bills. New boilers also have low carbon emissions which make them more environmentally friendly.

If your boiler is more than 10 years old, it needs to go.

The average lifespan of a regular boiler is 10 years maximum. Some may last 15 years depending on its build. However, through the years, its quality just decreases and it is not cost and energy-efficient anymore. A replacement should be in order. But before you purchase one, make sure that you check different British gas boiler prices to know which is more affordable at the best quality.

When you can no longer find replacement parts

One major sign that your heating system needs an upgrade is when you can no longer find its repair parts in any hardware store. It is simply out-of-date that no companies carry that type of boiler anymore.

It can save you more money.

One important reason why you need a boiler upgrade is cost-efficiency. If your system requires regular repairs, it is already a sign that you are paying more than what you should have. An old boiler also uses more energy than regular so it is likely increasing your bills.

Modern-day boilers are far more user-friendly.

New boiler models are developed to have simple but better controls which make them more user-friendly. You’ll be able to manage your heating system easily. Some even have additional features that show their status and temperature.

You need better heat and comfort.

A properly working boiler is crucial especially during the winter - you wouldn’t want it to malfunction in the middle of a freezing day. An upgraded boiler is likely to give you better comfort and heat that you need during these times.

New combi boilers are space savers

Combi boiler is the most popular type among UK households. Unlike traditional ones, the combi boiler is compact into one machine -- no more tanks and cylinders. It is convenient for homes that have little space as the whole system can fit in a kitchen cupboard.

A brand new boiler adds more value to your home.

If you are soon selling your home, it is a good idea to finally upgrade your boiler system. Brand new modern systems can add value to your home and potentially increase your selling price. It can also help attract more buyers.

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