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How to Have the Best Shower Ever

Having a shower is a great way to start the day. You roll out of bed, turn on the water and before you know it you are feeling refreshed, awake and ready to take on the day. That is, if your shower works properly. If not, your day is likely to start with frustration and misery. If yours isn't working perfectly then take a look at a showers buying guide from Tesco and you can have the very best shower, every day!

Temperature and flow are the most important factors when it comes to having a good shower at home. If either of these are wrong then you won’t leave the shower feeling clean and revitalized.

The wrong size water heater will leave you cold

To ensure you have enough hot water so you don’t have to finish rinsing in the freezing cold you need to have the right size water heater. The size will depend on how many people will use it, how often and whether you use water saving shower heads. The more usage, the bigger the heater.

Choosing the right type of water heater

The type of water heater will also depend on your situation. A storage system, which heats and stores water in an insulated tank, means that you have hot water instantly. However, when you run out it will take longer to fill up again to use.

A continuous flow system water is heated when it is required. The benefits of this are that no tank is needed and so it is more suitable in smaller spaces. It will also not run out because it is used ‘on demand’. The downside is that you will need to wait for the water to heat up to start with so you can turn the shower on and jump in straight away. You will need to use gas for this type of system.

The type of shower can make all the difference

When it comes to the flow of the water being right you need to ensure you have the correct type of shower for your system. The wrong type of shower can mean the water pressure is incorrect and your water will come out in a trickle rather than the cleansing burst that you want from your shower. If you are unsure what type of system you have and what your water pressure is you need to ask a plumber. This way you can get the best shower for your system.

Once you have worked out what size water heater you need and which type of heater suits your situation you can start choosing your shower. The right combination will lead to the perfect shower at home so choose wisely and if you are in doubt, just ask.

Images by stevendepolo and remmerysilke, used under Creative Commons license.

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