7 Tasty Soup Recipes to Keep You Warm This Winter #TastyTuesday

It's a cold Tuesday morning here in Connecticut and my focus is on cooking. There's just something about the winter months that bring out the kitchen obsessed Mom in me. The extra heat from all the baking and cooking is pretty nice, but to me, this season is all about comfort food. One of the types of foods I find most comforting is soup and we've shared some pretty great soup recipes here over the years. I've gone through and picked out 7 that I thought were pretty awesome, you know, in case you want to host an impromptu "soup week" at home. 

1. This Vegetarian Noodle Soup, that Lindsey shared last Thursday, proves that you don't need meat for a filling soup. While I'm typically not a fan of cauliflower, it seems perfect for this soup. I can't wait to try the recipe later on this week!

2. We just enjoyed some Hearty Stuffed Green Pepper Soup ourselves, last night! This is one of my favorite soup recipes and I cannot believe it took me so long to find it and try it. We had just a little bit left over and I cannot wait to heat it up for today's lunch!

3. This Double Pea Soup is based on one of my most favorite Weight Watcher's recipes. If you're not a fan of peas, this soup probably won't make you one, but it could. 

4. Another soup that proves you don't need meat to be filling, this Pasta e Fagioli is another favorite at Wigglesworth Manor.  It's a great one-pot recipe, which means it's a great meal to make when you have low energy and just need to get a quick meal on the table. 

5. A soup that was made 5 times in one month because it's THAT good? Yep, that would be this Green Chicken Chile Enchilada Soup! If you have a fondness for spicy/Tex-Mex styled foods, this soup may be the perfect fit for you! We'll be trying it here later this month!

6. Loaded Potato Soup. I love potatoes and even though I haven't found the right potato soup, this recipe gives me hope. Doesn't it look amazing? This is definitely getting made this month.

7. No soup list is complete without the chicken soup. This Crock Pot Chicken Noodle Soup has all of the hearty goodness you'd expect and it's all made in the crock pot! Anybody else drooling? 

Well folks, there you have it! 7 great soup recipes to help keep you warm this winter. 
 Which soup recipe will you be trying this month? If this post has inspired you to host a "soup week", be sure to stop by our Facebook Page and share some pictures.

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