Loaded Potato Soup #Recipe #TastyTuesdays

It's been getting increasingly colder outside, and with the cold weather all I want is a big bowl of warmth. I decided that I would try my hand at making potato soup, it was easier than I thought! Here is a quick recipe that can be made on the stove top or thrown in the crockpot. I've not made this in the crockpot, so I'm thinking you might need to add a bit more liquid to the pot. 

Loaded Potato Soup

                                                       5-6 large peeled and diced potatoes
                                                       1 32oz box of chicken broth
                                                       1 can cream of chicken soup
                                                       1 can cream of mushroom soup
                                                       1 box of cream cheese
                                                       1 ham steak, cubed
                                                       1 bag of real bacon bits
                                                        garlic, salt, and pepper to taste

In a large pot, par boil potatoes, drain when done. Put potatoes aside. In the same pot, add chicken broth, undiluted cream of chicken and mushroom soup and bring to a simmer. Season with Garlic, Salt, Pepper to taste. Add potatoes, bacon and ham to pot, turn to low and cook for 30 minutes. Cut up block of cream cheese into small pieces and mix into the soup. Continue to cook for 45 minutes or until it begins to thicken. 

This recipe makes a lot of soup and is even better the next day. 

Happy Tuesday, Enjoy!

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