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Learning math with Rock N Learn #review #giveaway

Rock 'N Learn is great on so many levels!! We need some extra math work at my house but I have a son who is very hard to work with.  I guess I'm hard to work with too because we both get so frustrated with each other when it comes to math.  And he just finished 1st grade so I am really dreading the years to come!  

I received 3 DVDs from Rock 'N Learn....addition and subtraction, money and telling time.  These are the 3 things that Aiden struggled with in 1st grade but really needs to work on before beginning 2nd grade in a few weeks.  Aiden loves music and is always making up some sort of crazy song to go with whatever activity we are doing at the moment so I was hoping the DVDs would spark his interest.  We have used the money and telling time ones so far and there are some really rocking songs on them.  He doesn't like every song but has already picked his favorites.  I personally love the money DVD because it is really funny to see all the dancing money.  I also used the money DVD during a tutoring session I was doing last week and we found a couple of songs to help remember what the coins were each worth.  And watching that dancing money on the big screen at my school was so entertaining for me (it doesn't take much).  These will be DVDs that we continue to pull out to help Aiden.  And I'm sure they will be used in my classroom as needed to.  We all love some good music and we may as well learn something at the same time!

While browsing the Rock 'N Learn web page I found that they offer so much more than just math DVDs.  You can work on reading, phonics, spelling, speaking another language, social studies, science, test taking skills and much more.  The age range is Preschool - 5th grade.  This will definitely be something that you can use throughout your child's elementary school days.  You will want to check out their web page 

Our goodies have arrived safely!

Love these great DVDs I received!  

Money & Making Change

The back of the case offers parents and teachers a first look at the episodes and features of the disc.

We also received Addition & Subtraction Rock!

These episodes look and sound like so much fun.

We're ready to have fun with this Telling Time DVD, too!

The dancing money was awesome!!

Loved using these during a tutoring session. 

A little about Rock 'N Learn.....

Rock 'N Learn began as an idea that would help children learn by putting educational material to music with a current sound -- the kind of music that kids enjoy and find motivating. Now with over 50 products, we have sold millions of audio/book and video programs to teachers and parents throughout the United States, Canada, and other countries.

Rock 'N Learn programs help students learn math, phonics, reading, early childhood, social studies, Spanish, test-taking strategies, writing, and science. Our DVDs incorporate music with exciting, colorful imagery.

Headquartered in Conroe, Texas, just north of Houston, Rock 'N Learn is owned and operated by its founders, Richard and Brad Caudle.

Working as a school psychologist in 1986, Richard saw the need for multi-sensory learning programs using the styles of music that kids love. He consulted his younger brother Brad, an accomplished musician, to record their first program to help kids learn multiplication facts. Strong sales of this recording in the school specialty and book markets led to other programs and the start of a successful company.

Richard and Brad never varied from their number one goal of providing children with programs that would make learning easier and fun. Brad's wife Melissa, a former second-grade teacher, writes material and coordinates educational research for Rock 'N Learn. Richard's wife, Kathie, manages our sales and marketing team.

Rock 'N Learn programs have received numerous awards such as Dr. Toy, Parents' Choice, iParenting, National Parenting Publications, Learning Magazine Teachers' Choice, Early Childhood News, National Parenting Center, and Parent's Guide to Children's Media. Our programs lead in the areas of quality and customer satisfaction based on surveys of school supply stores.

As documented in case studies by numerous school districts, Rock 'N Learn programs work. The overwhelmingly positive response from parents, teachers, and kids generates tremendous word-of-mouth support. By consulting with educators and featuring talented vocalists and performers, Rock 'N Learn will continue to develop quality audio and video programs that hold interest and help kids learn.

Check out a short clip from the Money DVD... 

Rock N Learn products and resources are perfect for use at home- to further your child's learning beyond the classroom. They're a wonderful aid for teachers, and tutors, as well- and they make fantastic gifts! This is one of MBP's favorite educational product brands, and several MBP moms have Rock N Learn videos in their home DVD collections. Why not get your child prepped to head back to school with a little help from Rock N Learn?

Want it? Buy it!
Head over to Rock N Learn and check out everything they have available. When placing your order use the code KR8822 for an additional 25% off the site.  You can also connect with Rock N Learn through Facebook, Twitter, and G+.

Want it?  Win it!
One lucky reader will win 2 Rock N Learn DVDs of their choice! What a great giveaway to kick off Back to School season! This giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older. Use the RC entry form below to enter for your chance to win! MBP is not responsible for prize fulfillment.

Thank you to Cindy for the opportunity to use these wonderful Rock 'N Learn DVDs.  It has been a pleasure working with you and I look forward to many Rock 'N Learn experiences in the future!

11 Yoga Poses for Beginners #FitnessFriday

Thinking that yoga isn't for you? Think again. Anyone can do yoga, and there are so many health benefits from the practice. I don't do a lot of yoga, but I am building it back into my daily fitness routine, a little at a time. Yoga is fantastic for balance, coordination, spinal alignment, relaxation, mental and physical wellness, and so much more.

It's great to pick a couple of basic poses to start with. Child's Pose is a favorite of mine (one that I use a lot in Pilates, as well). Child's Pose is a wonderful way to stretch, and to just relax, focusing on your breathing, and allowing the stresses of this world to melt away.

Bridge Pose (or Bridging in Pilates) is both a great pose/stretch, and exercise. If you drop your hips down to the mat, and then slowly push back up, you'll be working your abs, tush, and thighs, all at once. Do a set of ten or twenty reps a day (slowly- rolling down one vertebrae at a time), and experience the difference it can make in the way you look and feel. Bridge is also a great pose to go back to, any time you feel that you need to take a break during a Pilates or Yoga workout or class.

Another favorite Yoga pose of mine is Pigeon. It might look a little intimidating at first, and you may not be able to go all the way into at first, as well. This pose is fantastic if your hamstrings are tight. Listen to your body, and don't push it further than it's ready to go.

If you are looking for motivation, support & accountability to stick to your fitness goals, join my FREE health/fitness group on facebook. Send me a friend request at

A lot of folks are afraid of Downward Dog, and it's one of the poses that I have trouble with, because I have a short torso, and a bad wrist. You may have no problem with this pose, depending on your personal felxibility. Use the image above as a guide, or better yet- practice with a friend, or take a class, to receive proper instruction. A Certified Yoga Instructor will be able to help you with your form. You may find that this is the pose teachers will have you return to through out a class, session, or workout.

Partner Bound Angle - Hatha Yoga Poses for Couples - Shape Magazine

I am actively seeking Yoga routines for couples. My husband isn't really into Yoga or Pilates, but every now and then, he agrees to practice with me. We have found that it's actually a beautiful, spiritual experience for us individually, and as a couple. We sometimes take 20 minutes before we head to bed for the evening to do relaxation Yoga together, which is very peaceful, centering, and helps prepare our bodies for a time of rest. It's such a nice way for us to spend time together at the end of a stressful day. Why not give it a try with your guy? Check out more Couples Yoga Poses.

Have you ever wanted to give Yoga a try? What are some of your fears or apprehensions? Already a Yogi, or occasional practicer? What has your experience been like?

Why not try a couple of the simple poses from this post? You might be very glad you did.

Take care & have a great Friday!

Tips for Traveling with Your Pet

Animals are precious, valued members of the family. We think of our own safety when we travel, so why wouldn't we do the same for our pets? All too often pets become injured or worse during what could have been a simple ride in the car. Following these tips for traveling with your pet will keep everyone in the vehicle safe.

Traveling with Dogs
It's imperative when traveling with a K-9 companion, that you don't let your dog roam free in the vehicle, while it's in motion. Sure, you can think that everyone driving past you will think it's adorable to see you with your dog on your lap, head hanging out the driver's side window, but in reality, it's a dangerous risk- for the driver, passengers, and the dog. Using a crate for smaller dogs, or dog restraints/dog seatbelts can keep you and your pet safer during a car trip.

Traveling with Cats
Cats should be kept in cargo carriers or crates, when traveling. For many cats, they aren't quite comfortable traveling in a car as it is, so you can ease their fears by creating a cozy, comfortable space for them to rest while in transit. 

Say No to the Front Seat
Pets belong in the back seat. If you happen to be in an accident and an airbag releases, it could injur your pet if they're in the front seat.

Stop for Breaks
Just as humans need to stop when traveling, pets do, as well. Make frequent stops for bathroom breaks, drinks of water, snacks, and walking.

Make Sure You Have Proper Pet ID
Any time you travel with a pet, make sure you have them in a collar, bring a leash along with you, and make sure they have a proper ID tag on their collar, as well.

Keep Their Heads in the Car
To keep everyone safe while on the road, keep the windows slightly open, but not so far that your animals can stick their heads out the window. Pets can easily be injured by debrid flying by, or can become ill due to cold weather. 

Don't Leave Pets in the Car
Just as you wouldn't leave a child in a car by themselves, you don't want to leave your pet in the car by themselves. The temperature inside of a car can quickly heat up in a matter of minutes, making it extremely dangerous for pets. If you see a pet in a hot car, report it immediately, and take steps to help the pet.

Unless you're able to stop and spend a good deal of time with your pet while traveling, it's a better idea to hire a pet-sitter, and leave them at home, or board them for the duration of your trip.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Change Up Your Outdoor Play Routine with a Shaving Cream Slide Activity #SummerFun

It has been a very long, hot summer, already- and we still have August and September to get through before the hot, humid NC days begin to taper off (fingers crossed on that). B just wrapped up his last day of summer play group, which means that we'll have a few weeks off before he starts back to preschool in September. I love my son, and love spending time with him, but boys are never content to just chill for a while. Arts and crafts and cute Pinterest projects seem so dreamy to me. These days, so many moms turn to these adorable ideas to save their sanity. My reality is that my rough and tumble boy just isn't into that kind of stuff, so we have to come up with alternatives to keep busy.

We found a fun idea for a Shaving Cream Slide Activity, and we thought we'd give it a whirl. We already had a Little Tikes slide, so all we needed was some shaving cream (Dollar Tree), and then I added a plastic tablecloth as a landing pad at the bottom of the slide. I didn't want B sliding into the itchy grass.

We added some shaving cream to the slide, and the tablecloth, and then off B went down the slide...

...over and over again.

B, running over to his water table to rinse his hands off.

We spent the better part of two hours just slipping and sliding away!

I had B wear his swim suit for this, but you can also have your kiddos wear an old white t-shirt with bathing suit bottoms, and add some drops of food coloring to the shaving cream. This will give them a unique shirt at the end of the activity!

Having a ball!

This is one of those crazy easy activities that you can do, anytime. B loves doing this, and asks to have a shaving cream slide party at least once a week. I have a feeling we'll be doing this a lot over the next few weeks.

Yeah- it's a little messy, but the mess it worth it, just to see the pure joy on your little one's face as they play.

When they're finished playing, just hose the kids down, and hose the shaving cream off of the slide and tablecloth. Clean up is quick, and fun- esp. if it's extra hot outside! *Your littles might need help getting up the steps on the slide if they become super slippery- just keep an eye on them, and help as needed.

We hope you'll give this fun activity a try!

Back to School Organization from #Review & #Giveaway

Disclosure: I received one or more of the below mentioned products from the sponsor in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ. MBP is not responsible for prize shipment in regards to giveaways. Giveaways are in no was associated with or endorsed by Twitter, Facebook, or any other social network.

If you are like me, it is REALLY hard to wrap your head around the fact that it is almost time for the kiddos to go back to school already!!!! I feel like summer just started, but in a few short weeks my monkeys will all be heading back to school and the crazy and chaos starts all over again ;) I have 3 kiddos in 3 different schools, so it doesn't take long for things to get bananas in our house. has some GREAT options to keep yourself and your kiddos organized with all their homework, projects, and after school activities!

Founded in 1999, brings together the latest Internet technology with the world's largest calendar inventory to create the Web's biggest and best calendar store. No other site offers you a greater selection of calendars or better experience with the calendar publishing industry. is an affiliate of Calendar Holdings LLC Our operations and fulfillment offices are in Austin, Texas, in a state-of-the-art 125,000-square-foot facility.
They are more than just calendars. They have everything from gifts to games to puzzles. They have it all! My oldest daughter and I were lucky enough to get a sample of different organizational calendars from their Back to School section. check it out!!

Our Package is here!

The first product we got was to keep us organized as a family! this 2016 wall calendar is AMAZING!!! I have NEVER seen a calendar like this.

This is the colorful and completely interactive activity calendar for girls and boys, designed to spark creativity and celebrate the joy of DIY. Each month, the Kid's Awesome Activity Calendar delivers a lively--but unfinished--scene rife with artistic possibility. Kids will be inspired to make it their own through coloring, drawing, and decorating with over 300 included stickers. Draw an alien spaceship in March. Help a hedgehog find his way to school in September. And, in October, visit a Monster Salon to give mummies, werewolves, and vampires cool hairdos. Parents and kids can mark important dates together, making the calendar fun for the whole family.
Each month has a place where the kiddos can color at the top. is also filled with cool stickers for each month.

In our house, EVERYTHING goes on the calendar... or this Momma forgets! This is a super cool calendar to get the kids involved and check for things going on too! LOVE it!!

The next item we got was Shape it Up Circles 2016 Softcover Academic Planner $5.69

My oldest daughter is starting middle school this year, and is already SO nervous she is going to forget where she is going or what she is supposed to be doing.

This school year is bound to be organized and fun with the Mead Shape It Up Circles Student Planner! Dated from August to July, with laminated paper cover and snag-resistant, partially concealed binding. The 2-Page per week layout is vertically oriented for clarity and space to write.
  • Mid-sized weekly academic planner with circle design on the front is perfect for the school year
  • Includes inside front cover pocket for convenient storage
  • Plenty of space for writing notes and reminders
  • Updated student reference pages and monthly reference views
It is going to fit perfectly in her backpack and has all sorts of neat features inside she is excited about. She loves the purple background on the pages for that extra pop! She also loves that there is both the standard calendar as well as spaces by week to fill in her nightly homework.

She also LOVES the first page where she can write her class schedule and teachers names.

The last organizational calendar is all for ME!! and I LOVE it!!!!
The Kaleidoscope Mom 2016 Weekly Planner $14.95
This planner will fit right in my purse and I will know at all times who is where and when I have to be there to pick them up! I also sub at a local elementary school and this will be Great for jotting notes about my day in.

Kaleidoscope Mom 2016 Softcover Academic Planner features classic and elegant styling and contains 240 pages. It is perfect as a journal, notebook or personal diary. The planner is manufactured with exceptional quality with plenty of writing space and inspirational text and tips for the busy mom. The interior pages are very high quality for easy smooth writing and lasting durability. This planner is optimally sized for your purse, tote bag or pack and spiral bound. This product makes a wonderful gift for mom!
  • Academic format with monthly and weekly grids: August 2015-July 2016
  • Features motherhood tips throughout the planner
  • Includes activity planning pages for each month
  • Comes with inside pockets in front and back of the planner
Want it?!? Buy it!!!!

These products and THOUSANDS more are available for purchase at You can connect with on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Want it?!? Win it!!!!

One lucky reader will win a Back to School Prize Pack, featuring one of each of the items shown above! Wow- what a way to start off the new school year! This giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older- one entry per household, please. Please note that MBP is not responsible for prize fulfillment. Just use the handy RC entry form below to enter for your chance to win!

Special thanks to for allowing us to share about their awesome organizational calendars, and for sponsoring this wonderful Back-to-School Giveaway for our readers!

Good luck!