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Change Up Your Outdoor Play Routine with a Shaving Cream Slide Activity #SummerFun

It has been a very long, hot summer, already- and we still have August and September to get through before the hot, humid NC days begin to taper off (fingers crossed on that). B just wrapped up his last day of summer play group, which means that we'll have a few weeks off before he starts back to preschool in September. I love my son, and love spending time with him, but boys are never content to just chill for a while. Arts and crafts and cute Pinterest projects seem so dreamy to me. These days, so many moms turn to these adorable ideas to save their sanity. My reality is that my rough and tumble boy just isn't into that kind of stuff, so we have to come up with alternatives to keep busy.

We found a fun idea for a Shaving Cream Slide Activity, and we thought we'd give it a whirl. We already had a Little Tikes slide, so all we needed was some shaving cream (Dollar Tree), and then I added a plastic tablecloth as a landing pad at the bottom of the slide. I didn't want B sliding into the itchy grass.

We added some shaving cream to the slide, and the tablecloth, and then off B went down the slide...

...over and over again.

B, running over to his water table to rinse his hands off.

We spent the better part of two hours just slipping and sliding away!

I had B wear his swim suit for this, but you can also have your kiddos wear an old white t-shirt with bathing suit bottoms, and add some drops of food coloring to the shaving cream. This will give them a unique shirt at the end of the activity!

Having a ball!

This is one of those crazy easy activities that you can do, anytime. B loves doing this, and asks to have a shaving cream slide party at least once a week. I have a feeling we'll be doing this a lot over the next few weeks.

Yeah- it's a little messy, but the mess it worth it, just to see the pure joy on your little one's face as they play.

When they're finished playing, just hose the kids down, and hose the shaving cream off of the slide and tablecloth. Clean up is quick, and fun- esp. if it's extra hot outside! *Your littles might need help getting up the steps on the slide if they become super slippery- just keep an eye on them, and help as needed.

We hope you'll give this fun activity a try!

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