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Tips for Traveling with Your Pet

Animals are precious, valued members of the family. We think of our own safety when we travel, so why wouldn't we do the same for our pets? All too often pets become injured or worse during what could have been a simple ride in the car. Following these tips for traveling with your pet will keep everyone in the vehicle safe.

Traveling with Dogs
It's imperative when traveling with a K-9 companion, that you don't let your dog roam free in the vehicle, while it's in motion. Sure, you can think that everyone driving past you will think it's adorable to see you with your dog on your lap, head hanging out the driver's side window, but in reality, it's a dangerous risk- for the driver, passengers, and the dog. Using a crate for smaller dogs, or dog restraints/dog seatbelts can keep you and your pet safer during a car trip.

Traveling with Cats
Cats should be kept in cargo carriers or crates, when traveling. For many cats, they aren't quite comfortable traveling in a car as it is, so you can ease their fears by creating a cozy, comfortable space for them to rest while in transit. 

Say No to the Front Seat
Pets belong in the back seat. If you happen to be in an accident and an airbag releases, it could injur your pet if they're in the front seat.

Stop for Breaks
Just as humans need to stop when traveling, pets do, as well. Make frequent stops for bathroom breaks, drinks of water, snacks, and walking.

Make Sure You Have Proper Pet ID
Any time you travel with a pet, make sure you have them in a collar, bring a leash along with you, and make sure they have a proper ID tag on their collar, as well.

Keep Their Heads in the Car
To keep everyone safe while on the road, keep the windows slightly open, but not so far that your animals can stick their heads out the window. Pets can easily be injured by debrid flying by, or can become ill due to cold weather. 

Don't Leave Pets in the Car
Just as you wouldn't leave a child in a car by themselves, you don't want to leave your pet in the car by themselves. The temperature inside of a car can quickly heat up in a matter of minutes, making it extremely dangerous for pets. If you see a pet in a hot car, report it immediately, and take steps to help the pet.

Unless you're able to stop and spend a good deal of time with your pet while traveling, it's a better idea to hire a pet-sitter, and leave them at home, or board them for the duration of your trip.

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