Saturday, January 31, 2015

Make Some Noise with Kidz Bop 27 {Review}

We love, love, love music at our house. Pop tunes are constantly on our radio and the kids love dancing to the beats. With an 8, 5, and 1.5 year old, the variety of music can be large and we have to be mindful of lyrics and words used. KIDZ BOP has been a lifesaver for us, the kids can listen to popular music, while I can relax about it being 100% appropriate for them to hear. All of the songs on KIDZ BOP CDs are kid friendly versions of all the latest hits, just song by kids using appropriate language.
They are the #1 Music Brand for Kids in the US! KIDZ BOP releases two major numbered albums each year, along with a Spring, Halloween, and Christmas album. In 2014, we reviewed both KIDZ BOP 25 and 26 and also the Christmas album.
All of the KIDZ BOP singers are talented, young performers that sing on albums, star in TV commercials and music videos, and travel all over North America to perform live in more than 25 shows each year.  For four consecutive years, (2010 – 2013), Billboard magazine named the KIDZ BOP Kids the “#1 Kids’ Artists” in the U.S.!   Over 15 million KIDZ BOP albums have sold since the family-friendly audio collection debuted in 2001.
Available as of January 13, 2015, KIDZ BOP 27 entered the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart at #3. Sales of KIDZ BOP 27 have been up from previous albums, but all of them consistently top the charts as a best seller. KIDZ BOP 27 has also been #1 on the Billboard Children's Chart.
We were lucky to get a chance to review KIDZ BOP 27 and couldn't wait to get our dance on! 
Our KIDZ BOP package is here!
These two know when they see the KIDZ BOP label, they are going to have some fun.
Such fun opening these packages.
Inside we found our KIDZ BOP 27 information page and our CD
The packaging is always bright, colorful, and totally catches my kiddos attention
KIDZ BOP 27 features:
  1. Shake It Off
  2. All About That Bass
  3. Fancy
  4. Boom Clap
  5. Rude
  6. Problem
  7. Am I Wrong
  8. Maps
  9. Really Don't Care
  10. Latch
  11. Break Free
  12. Cool Kids
  13. Shower
  14. Rather Be
  15. Bonus Live Track: Say Something
To hear samples of each song, click here.
We were so happy to see some of our very favorite songs made this album. All 3 of my kids love Taylor Swift's Shake It Off, so seeing it as the first song on the CD was a pretty happy moment at our house.  
All of KIDZ BOP 27 works for our family dance parties and also singing along. The lyrics are safe, the music is fun, and we are huge fans. We can't wait to see what KIDZ BOP 28 will bring!
 Want It? Buy It!
KIDZ BOP is so much fun, they not only have music, but tons of fun merchandise, so don't wait any longer. With the release of KIDZ BOP 27 comes the Make Some Noise Tour, touring in 2015, in over 40 cities. Make sure to follow KIDZ BOP at all of their social media outlets--Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube,

Thanks to KIDZ BOP for our great CD!

Weekends with the Wigglesworths- Is It Summer Yet?

Happy Saturday. I try not to wish my days away, but the weather (the snow in particular) really has me wishing it was Summer already! Don't get me wrong, we LOVE snow days because that means more time together, but I need some sunshine and warmth! 

These Kids are Cute! The Snow? Not So Much!

I Wish I Was Taking Pictures of My Family Here Right Now!

This weekend I will be working on staying away from the house as much as possible because we are supposed to be getting another storm tomorrow night, which means we'll likely be "stuck" home on Monday. I have plans to help out at church this afternoon. While I'm there, I am hoping that the girls will get to visit with Matt's parents, who just got back from a cruise, which I'm sure they wish they were still on! Tomorrow it's church and our normal "visit with family" day, but depending on what time the snow is supposed to start, we might just be doing all of our visiting today, including a visit to the grocery store because if it's going to snow I have to make sure to get the bread, eggs, and milk!

I hope you all enjoy your weekend!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Five Things We Love About Cars and Driving

There's no question that Americans love to drive, and love their vehicles. Since the 1880's Americans have been driving for pleasure. Driving in congested areas can certainly be a headache, but there's nothing quite like hitting the open road and going for a drive!

Here are a few things we love about cars and driving...

Sense of Accomplishment

If you're driving, it's because you passed your driver's test and were issued your driver's license. Earning your license as a teen or an adult takes weeks of studying, participating in hands on driving lessons, and of course- taking and passing the sight, written, and on the road test. There's nothing quite like the feeling of being handed that plastic card or piece of paper with your photo on it, letting the world know that you are a licensed driver! The day one received their driver's license is a rite of passage, and often includes a special family celebration to mark the accomplishment.

Family Bonding

There's nothing quite like hitting the road with your family. Whether you take a family trip, or are just running errands, bonding definitely happens in the car. It may be the place where you have deep and meaningful conversations with parents, children, or siblings. Perhaps time spent in the car lends itself to a family karaoke challenge, or a new family game is invented.

The Sunday Drive

Believe it or not, Americans still love heading out for a Sunday drive. It can be nice to just get out on the open road, without a plan as to where you are going. Nothing beats the feeling one gets when driving with the windows open, underneath blue skies, and soaking up the sunshine. Sunday drives often lead to fun exploration. Perhaps you'll come across a country fresh fruit stand, or you'll happen upon an historic site that you never knew existed, just one town over from yours. Pull out a road map and take a road you've never traveled before!

Road Trips

Everyone deserves to experience a road trip at least once in their lifetime. Road trips aren't so much a thing of the past, as one in four Americans take a road trip every year. Couples, families, friends, and business partners travel together for many different reasons. Road trips can be a lot of fun, if treated as a road trip, not not as twenty boring hours in the car. Planning your road trip accordingly can make it worth-while. Do your research before you hit the road, planning to stop along the way, at must-try restaurants, must see attractions and sights, and more! Planning a fun road trip will make a long drive much more fun, and will provide lots of memories down the road.

Naming Your Car

We tend to humanize our cars, especially if they have been in our lives for a while. It's natural for folks to want to give their car a name. Cars are relied upon, and after a while, they tend to have their own personalities. Famous names for cars include 'Herbie, 'Bumble Bee,' 'Greased Lightning, 'KITT', among others. Women tend to give their car a female name, like 'Pearl', while men are more likely to give their cars names like 'Thunder Road.' Naming cars is fairly common, as your car sort of starts to feel like it's part of the family, after it's been in your life for some time. Naming the family car can be a lot of fun for the family. If your car doesn't have a name, why not have a car naming night, and allow your family members to make suggestions, and then cast votes for their favorite name?

What do you love most about driving?

Brought to you by Fiat USA of Hurst. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Stay Warm, Classy and Sassy in MeMoi Leggings #Review

One of my favorite fall and winter fashion staples is a good pair of leggings. There are a lot of reasons to love leggings. Leggings are incredibly versatile. You can wear them like pants, or you can wear them like tights. Some leggings are thin, and some are thick. Putting on a cute pair of leggings will help keep your legs warm when it's super cold outside, and you're itching to wear a cute dress. Leggings are perfect for winter, spring, and fall, and are available in so many adorable colors and patterns.

Like most gals, I have been loving the leggings trend for the past five or so years, and I hope it doesn't go anywhere any time soon. Although many women still love their skinny jeans, they have almost been replaced in the fashion world by leggings. I owned a few pairs of basic leggings, and wore them with everything! I love how comfortable they are. I gre tired, however, of my style starting to look the same all of the time. I was about to discover that by simply changing up my leggings, I was taking my wardrobe to a whole new level.


Enter MeMoi, a beautiful, trusted name in the world of women's fashion. MeMoi connects women with beautiful shapewear, leggings, tights, socks, and more! MeMoi also offers plus sizes, maternity styles, options for children, and men!

The kind folks at MeMoi sent me a box of MeMoi goodies, and I couldn't wait to open it up and see what was sent to me.

I was thrilled to find that they sent over all five of the items I suggested, which included four pairs of leggings, and a pack of sneaker liner socks! Wow!

I received beautiful fashion leggings in black and java...

...and grey, and gorgeous burgundy!

I was so excited about receiving these fashion leggings that I opened them up right away to try them all on. Most of the leggings I received were a size S/M (which I love, because trying to choose a definite S, M, L, XL in a legging can be tricky!). All of the leggings fit me beautifully, which I was very pleased about. I could hardly pick a favorite, because each pair was unique. I selected a pair to wear first, and then got to selecting which clothing I would wear with them.

Ankle Zipper Legging
First up: the Ankle Zip Legging in Gray

These leggings are a stylish and comfortable design, which I have enjoyed wearing. They can look casual, or can be dressed up for a day at the office, or night on the town. They feature a stylish zip ankle, and look great with boots, flats or a pair of pumps. Available in a variety of colors, including navy, winter white, black, and gray, they also provide you with all of the options you need to complement your wardrobe.

Machine wash cold, with like colors. Only non-chlorine bleach when needed. Tumble dry low. 73% Cotton, 22% Polyester, 5% Spandex

I love to mix gray and brown, so here's how I wore the Ankle Zipper Legging:

Tissue Sweater- Apricot Collection
Leggings- MeMoi
Boots- White Mountain

I am looking forward to some warmer weather, so I can feel good about leaving the house in flats and pumps again. We've had a pretty cold winter here in North Carolina. I can't wait to wear these leggings through the spring season, with flowy tunic tops! The Ankle Zipper Leggings are creamy soft to the touch, and just feel like butter against your skin. They're warm without being too hot, and definitely protect against the cold. As we approach warmer weather, I am looking forward to dressing these up with a white blouse, and black flats.

Ponty High Waist Leggings
I also chose the Ponty High waist Leggings in Tawny Port

The Ponty High waist Leggings are available in six colors, and are sold for $36.00.

How I Wore Them:

Cami- Forever 21
Sweater- Caralase Boutique
Leggings- MeMoi
Boots- Easy Spirit
Handbag- Glass Handbags
Necklace- Simply Mad Jewelry

The Ponty High waist Leggings by MeMoi are in my top two favorite pairs of leggings that were sent to me. I love that they look and feel like a pair of pants, and not a thin pair of leggings. They are stretchy and soft, but they fit well. I actually went with a size medium in these, because I didn't want to run the risk of a size small being too tight. I think I made a good decision. I have some wiggle rooms in these leggings, and a bit of room in the waist, but I like that they don't bunch up at the rear or the backs of my thighs. In my opinion, there is hardly a fashion crime worse than wearing too-tight pants or leggings.

Loving my Ponty High Waist Leggings from MeMoi.

I also love the bold color of these leggings! They are stunning! I have worn these out and about two or three times already, and have received so many compliments on them! I love how the color just takes what would otherwise be a simple black and white ensemble, and takes it to a whole new level! I wore this particular outfit when my hubby and I were out for a day of shopping, and then went out to dinner. I felt comfortable, and super stylish in the A+ outfit.

Micro Suede Legging
The Micro Suede Legging by MeMoi ($36.00)

Another wonderful choice in leggings from MeMoi, were the Micro Suede Leggings in Java. I really liked the idea of the micro suede, which isn't something I would typically go for. However, with it being so cold here lately, I couldn't pass these up... they looked so incredibly cozy and warm! I didn't have a pair of brown leggings, and really felt that I would benefit from a pair, because I like to wear a lot of olive green tones in tops and dresses.

How I Wore Them:

Top- Kohl's
Wrap Cardi- Yogi Clothing
Leggings- MeMoi
Boots- White Mountain

The Micro Suede Leggings in Java are a beautiful, rich color. I love that they actually do resemble a coffee bean color, and aren't just boring old brown. The micro suede is on the outside, and it so velvety soft! They are warm, but still thin-ish, and fit nicely. These are a S/M, and are a nice fit on me. I was pleasantly surprised when I wore these leggings out in the cold. They kept my legs nice and warm! I love that these leggings are so versatile, and look great with long tops or tunics, and dresses! 

Velvet Glory Leggings
My other favorite from MeMoi- the Velvet Glory Leggings.
$38.00, Available in Black

I knew the Velvet Glory Leggings were for me, as soon as I saw them. These beauties go well beyond your typical pair of black leggings. They are thick, warm, and incredibly slimming and flattering. They also feature a gorgeous velvet Damask-like pattern all over.

Take a look at how gorgeous these leggings look on!

How I wore them:

Cami- Forever 21
Cardigan- Forever 21
Leggings- MeMoi
Shoes- Kenneth Cole
Necklace- Bliss Absolute

I wanted the leggings to be the star of this ensemble, so I stuck with classic black and white. I love the way these leggings look and fit. When I wore them, I really felt sleek and slim. They are gorgeous to wear just by themselves- really too pretty to cover up! They wear like pants, keeping you protected, and are thicker than a cheap old pair of standard black leggings. They don't stand a chance of catching on anything, either! I received so many compliments on these pretty leggings- everyone wanted to know where I got them from, and I was happy to share! They are perfect for casual wear with a dress or tunic, or you could simply do what I did, and dress them up with a cute cardigan and pair of flats or boots! I moved around in these so comfortably all day- from working to playing with my son, and then later for a night out with my hubby! I can't tell you enough how awesome these leggings truly are!

These thin sneaker liners are available in one size (fits shoe sizes 9-11), and are available in four color choices, for $14.00, and offer a contrast heel trim.

I know it's easy to slip on a sneaker or athletic shoe, or even a canvas shoe without socks. It's sort of unhealthy, though... and nothing will make a pair of sneakers become gross and smelly faster than wearing them without socks. Plus, socks keep our feet dry, and blister-free! I won't wear sneakers without socks. I have memories of bad blisters on my feet from doing that as a child. It can look silly, though to wear chunky socks with your sneakers, or with a walking shoe or walking flat shoe. I just received a new pair of slip on walking flats, and really didn't want to wear them without socks. I needed a sock option that would protect my toes and heels, and wouldn't look 'dorky' when worn with my slip ons!

The Invisible Sneaker Liners from MeMoi offer great protection, and are virtually invisible when worn with sneakers or walking shoes/flats.

Check it out- when worn with my new athletic slip on shoes, you can barely even see the outline of the sneaker liner sock!

I love these socks, because they're thin, and they stay in place. They don't slip off of my heels, leaving me with blisters. I can wear them comfortably all day with just about any shoe, and no one would ever even be able to tell that I had them on!

MeMoi has so many amazing, and gorgeous products available, from leggings, tights, and socks to shapewear and products for kiddos, too!

Take a look at some of the other products I am loving from MeMoi...

Gradient Chino Capri
Gradient Chino Cotton Capri

Real Denim Capri Legging
Real Denim Capri Legging

Heather Polka Dot TIghts
Heather Polka Dot Tights

Lace Footless Tights
Lace Footless Tights (Plus Sizes Available)

Bubble Love Leggings
Bubble Love Girls Leggings

Moody Moustache Boy's Low Cut 6 Pair Pack
Moody Moustache Boys Low Cuts

6 Pack Micro Mesh Liner
Six Pack Micro Mesh Liner

Maternity A Thigh Shaper
Maternity Thigh Shaper

Whether you're in need of new shapewear, hosiery, leggings, socks and legwarmers for the kiddos, or maternity support, MeMoi has styles and sizes available for everyone- even men! You'll love the wide selection of styles, colors and sizes from MeMoi, and each product is well worth the price. I can tell you from personal experience, that you are purchasing quality products that will last you a long time, when you shop MeMoi! If you're not sure what size to order, please refer to the MeMoi Size Chart, which I found very helpful when making my personal MeMoi selections. I can't wait to add more MeMoi styles to my collection! I plan to wear leggings well through spring and into early summer, and I can't wait to see what new styles MeMoi will roll out in the coming months!

Want Them? Buy Them!

Head on over to MeMoi to browse their wonderful selections by category. MeMoi has a very special offer for MBP readers! Receive 40% off by using the code MEMOI4ME at checkout. MeMoi will also include a free pair of tights with every order! What a great deal! Don't miss out! Shop with MeMoi today! Be sure to check out MeMoi's Weekly Specials, look into their Refer a Friend Program, and sign up for the MeMoi Newsletter, so you never miss an update from MeMoi!

Special thanks to MeMoi for allowing me to style and share about their wonderful leggings and socks! We also thank MeMoi for sharing this exclusive discount for MBP readers! 

Fitness Friday: Walking Away The Pounds

When Ondria and I still lived at home with our parents, every evening our Mom, Ondria and myself, would exercise. It was a great way for us to stay in shape and do something together. We chose to do a Walk Away the Pounds by Leslie Sansone- DVD. The DVD is called Walk and Kick, and it incorporated kick boxing segments into the walk. It's low impact enough for my Mom to enjoy with her bad knee, but enough cardio to get your heart pumping and a total body workout.

It had been several years, 6 or so, since I had used that DVD, and I wanted to start it up again. I remember how much fun we used to have and I really enjoyed the movements. The only problem, I didn't own it, my Mom does and she lives 16hrs away! So I found it on Amazon, and ordered it. I couldn't wait for it to arrive. Once it did, I quickly changed into my workout gear and set out to workout!

There are eight segments in all during the course of the workout. Four walking segments and Four kick boxing segments. You'll learn to jab while bobbing and weaving, you'll learn how to do kick backs, step squats, leg lifts and so much more. You're whole body will be thanking you after this workout is done!

I love Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds series, it is so easy to workout in your home and all you're doing is walking. You'd be surprised at how quickly you'll work your way up to her 4 mile walk and how fast it will go by. I've been doing them every night for 2 weeks now and I am looking forward to adding a new one into the mix!

If you are new to excising, please consult a Doctor, and start off small. You don't want to over exert your self and have an injury.