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Weekends with the Wigglesworths- Is It Summer Yet?

Happy Saturday. I try not to wish my days away, but the weather (the snow in particular) really has me wishing it was Summer already! Don't get me wrong, we LOVE snow days because that means more time together, but I need some sunshine and warmth! 

These Kids are Cute! The Snow? Not So Much!

I Wish I Was Taking Pictures of My Family Here Right Now!

This weekend I will be working on staying away from the house as much as possible because we are supposed to be getting another storm tomorrow night, which means we'll likely be "stuck" home on Monday. I have plans to help out at church this afternoon. While I'm there, I am hoping that the girls will get to visit with Matt's parents, who just got back from a cruise, which I'm sure they wish they were still on! Tomorrow it's church and our normal "visit with family" day, but depending on what time the snow is supposed to start, we might just be doing all of our visiting today, including a visit to the grocery store because if it's going to snow I have to make sure to get the bread, eggs, and milk!

I hope you all enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Boy do I know what you mean!! Can't wait till summer!! Just too much snow! Hard to get around in it~When I was young I loved the snow even the Blizzards except when I was 9 months pregnant and due anytime. So Much snow the policeman had to use snowmobiles to get around. I can still see my Dad (a Policeman) coming to my door telling me not to go into Labor! Lol~ Like I could stop it~~ Memories~~


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