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Keep Those Tootsies Toasty (and Cute) in Lugs Mahala Boots #Review + #Giveaway

Well friends, January is wrapping up already. It's hard to believe that the first month of the year flew by as quickly as it did, and we'll soon be looking toward springtime! Speaking of wrapping up, it has been cold- downright freezing here in the southeast all month long. We've had a few spotty days in the 40's, 50's and even near 60, but for the most part, it's been cold and windy. We even had our first snowfall of the year this week. Mind you, we only wound up with just under two inches of snow, but for this part of the country, that's pretty typical. 

One of the worst things about living in the mid-Atlantic/Southeast (I never know where NC really fits, as everyone likes to classify it differently), is that we never really have a need for heavy winter wear, so we don't buy it. When I was a little girl, living in NJ, of course we had real winter gear- like winter boots and snowsuits... we needed them! I have lived in NC for 21 years, and have hardly needed winter gear as much as I've needed or wanted it this season!


I was recently introduced to Lugz, a leader in the footwear industry, who bounced on to the scene, making a name for itself in 1993, when they introduced their first line of boots. What started out as two styles of boots, a quilted vest and a pair of jeans has grown exponentially through the years, and today, Lugz offers casual footwear, athletic shoes and boots to men, women and children.

With the cold settling in (and staying for a while), I knew that I would need a nice, comfy and warm pair of boots to carry me through the rest of the winter months. I was able to select a style and color of boots that were to my liking, and the kind folks at Lugz would ship them right out to me. Selecting just one style was no easy task. Since I have hardly any winter boots, of course, I wanted every pair I looked at. I narrowed my selections down one by one, until I was left with my top choice- the Mahala Boot.

My Lugz have arrived! Isn't the box pretty?

I love boot boxes for some reason. They're awesome to hang onto for project with the kiddos, or to store old receipts in for tax time! I was so excited to see the Mahala Boots in person. As I pulled back the tissue paper that was gently enveloping the boots, I was pleased to see that the tissue was made from recycled paper. It's always wonderful to come across a company who does their part in being kind to the environment.

Here's a peek at my boots- don't they look comfy?

Here are the Mahala boots in Charcoal, standing beside the box they arrived in. Wait until you see the back!

I chose the Mahala Boots by Lugz, because it offers a modern, fashionable twist on your typical winter boot. The boots are a beautiful suede- grey or charcoal in color. The Mahala Boots are also available in black and tan.

Look at the fuzzy lining! 

One of the best features of the Mahala Boot, is the lining! I am notorious for wearing super thin socks with my boots. I mean really, I don't have thick boot socks, and with these boots, I don't need them! The Mahala Boots feature a wool and acrylic lining that are absolutely dreamy! Number one, they're soft, number two, they're fuzzy, and number three, they are super duper warm!

Lush lining keeps feet and calves warm and toasty. Plus, there's plenty of room for your jeans down in there!

Also, the Mahala Boots feature an adorable tier of three buckles up the back of the calf. There's a lighter grey knit underlay, giving the boots extra style and texture. The straps and buckles are a fun, fashionable and functional added detail, which I love! They make these boots truly unique, and a lot of fun to wear.

Do you love these buckles, or what?

So, I was already in love with these boots, just by looking at them, and feeling the lining, and I hadn't even tried them on yet! Last weekend was the perfect opportunity for me to test the Mahala boots out- like out in the cold. We were off for a day of shopping and running around, and it was freezing outside! I wanted to stay warm, and be comfortable in what I was wearing, and thought the Mahala Boots would absolutely keep me toasty and comfy, too.

So, here I am- suited up in my winter jacket and Mahala boots by Lugz, ready to get my shop on!

My jeans fit comfortably inside of the boots, without bunching.

I loved wearing my Mahala boots while out and about! We were shopping for several hours, and my feet didn't start to hurt- even once! If I'd had any other pair of shoes on, my dogs would have been barkin'. What was even more wonderful, was that my feet were warm, but not too hot the entire time we were out of the house. I don't like my feet to be too warm, and I really don't like them to be confined, which is why I seldom wear shoes or even socks in the house. If I can't comfortable wiggle my toes inside of a shoe or boot, I won't wear them. I was pleased to have plenty of room to wiggle my little piggies in the Mahala boots.

And um, check out how cute these look with one of my favorite winter themed thermal tees.

Adorable, right? They're the cutest boots ever!

And of course, you know I have to give you my MBP review model poses...

I know, I know- I did it for the boots... and for you guys!

I love the Mahala boots by Lugz so much, that I have been wearing them everywhere! They're so comfortable, they make me feel like I'm walking on pillows, or in the clouds. Remember that I mentioned that I hate wearing shoes in the house? Guess what? I've been wearing these at home, and my husband wants to know who I am, and what happened to his non-shoe-wearing wife? No sense in my feet being cold from the tile and hardwood floors, right? (Wink!)

Lugz has a pretty incredible selection of footwear for the whole family. My husband seemed jealous that he didn't get a pair of boots! Check out some of the other styles from Lugz that we've been eyeing...

Men's Zone HI SR

Women's Laurel Slip On

Infant's Stryder Denim

I can't tell you how pleased and pleasantly surprised I have been by Lugz. As if they didn't already look great online, they look a million times better in person. They're durable, comfortable, affordable and are available in an incredible variety of styles, colors and sizes for men, women and kids! I can tell you quite honestly that my Mahala Boots have kept me comfortable, warm and have even held up in the snow! Lugz will definitely be making it onto my Christmas list for 2014, and probably my husbands, as well!

If you're looking for a functional, stylish boot to carry you through the winter season, be sure to check out the entire line of boots from Lugz!

Want Them? Buy Them!

To browse the entire line of Lugz footwear, head on over to the Lugz website! Don't forget to browse the youth and infant shoes if you have little ones! You can also connect with Lugz through their social media channels on Facebook, and Twitter.

Want Them? Win Them!

And now for the best part- thanks to our new friends at Lugz, one lucky MBP reader will win their very own pair of Mahala Boots in their choice of color! Now that's a giveaway that'll warm you up, right? Just use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter for your chance to win! Giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older.

Special thanks to the team at Lugz for introducing me to their fabulous boots, and for keeping my tootsies warm and toasty this winter season! Plus, a huge thank you to Lugz for sponsoring this awesome giveaway for our readers!

Good luck!

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Day Trips and Destinations: We're Heading to the Circus!

Happy Friday, all! After a week of near zero temperatures and snow and ice, we're ready to see a little warm-up this weekend. We've been hanging around at home, because it's been too icy to go very far. Today, however, it looks as though the snow is mostly melted, the sun is out and we're ready to hit the road and have some fun!

I saw a post in my Facebook news feed a couple of days ago from someone who said they saw the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus Train rolling through town. No doubt they were headed to Charlotte, preparing to unload the animals and the performers and set up for Built to Amaze at Time Warner Cable Arena.

We are super excited, because we are heading to TWCA tonight to check out the show! As much as I hated not to be able to go for opening night on Wednesday, and I so happy for the opportunity to go this evening! Last year's show was incredible, and it happened to be little man's first time at the circus. I have been talking the show up all week, and he's so excited to see the animals, he could burst!

If you're in the Charlotte area, there's still time to purchase tickets to the show! Built to Amaze runs at Time Warner Cable Arena (uptown) through February 2nd. For show schedule, to purchase tickets and for more information, please click here.

We're ready to be amazed, and I'll be back on Saturday to post my recap of the show! I can't wait to show you my photos! Hope you all have a fantastic Friday!

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Get a Taste of Luxury at Home with the Wedding Prep Gals! Monogram Robe #Review #ValentinesDayGuide

My husband and I had the joy of celebrating our sixth wedding anniversary in November of 2013. It's hard for us to believe that we've been married for six years already. I remember our wedding like it was yesterday- one of the best days of my life, spent with family and friends. I remember the prep that took place on my wedding day, too. My bridesmaids and I were all running around like crazy, having our hair and makeup done at different times, and even at different places. We all managed to meet at the church to get dressed on time, but looking back, I sort of wish that we'd all been together, getting prepped for the wedding in one place... I know it would have made a special memory.

Logo Wedding Prep Gals

If I did have all of the girls together, I would have loved to have gotten them all special bridesmaids robes to wear on the big day, as we laughed, cried and tried not to smear our makeup. I was so excited to find a beautiful company who knows a thing or two about creating special keepsakes for memorable days, such as this. Wedding Prep Gals was the result of two friends, Dolores and Debbie, who had been in the garment manufacturing business for twenty-five years. Debbie's daughter Megan, was to be married and the ladies were having an extremely diffucult time finding bridal/bridal party robes that were luxurious, high quality and affordable. They weren't looking for those pre-made waffle weave robes, nor did they want to overpay for robes, so they created their own business, which provides brides and bridal parties with options for beautiful robes.

I know my wedding was several years ago, but to me, anytime is a good time for a gal to own a fabulous robe. With Valentine's Day approaching, I thought Wedding Prep Gals belonged in our gift guide. I still remember the first robe my husband bought for me (back when we were dating), I still wear it, and I cherish it. Robes tend to make women feel comfortable and cozy, but a lush robe of fine quality, with a special touch can make a woman feel extra beautiful!

We received a special package from Wedding Prep Gals in sunny California...

Dolores was so wonderful to work with. She allowed me to select a robe for myself, and one for B, too! Wedding Prep Gals offers a lovely selection of quality robes for women, girls and young children, as well. I was so excited to see that they offered toddler sizes in their robes, which meant that I would be able to pick one out for B. The first thing to do, was to look through all of the available colors. For B, I obviously wanted something a little more masculine, so I chose a royal bue colored robe for him, and a turquoise colored robe for myself.

Our robes arrived packaged individually, and neatly folded. They also came with a care card, which gave instructions for 'unwrinkling them.' The fact that they were folded to be packaged and shipped, meant that they were bound to be at least a little wrinkled when they arrived. I was surprised that our robed were hardly wrinkled at all!

Here's a close up of B's new robe by Wedding Prep Gals.

As I removed the robes from their packaging, the first thing I noticed was how silky and soft they felt. The robes are made from 100% Polyester Charmeuse, which makes them feel like silk, but allows them to be machine washed and dried. These robes are a kimono style, which tie at the side (inside of the robe), and have a belted tie outside of the robe, as well. B's initial was embroidered on the left front of his robe in white thread, and looked stunning against the royal blue colored robe. 

I couldn't wait to present B with his new, and very first big boy robe. He is always asking me if he can wear my robes, and we've tried it out, but of course, they're much too big for him. He was so surprised to have his very own robe to wrap up in after a bath, or to throw on before bedtime, or even in the morning. The fit was just right, and he looked so handsome in it, too!

B and me, in our new robes, courtesy of the fine ladies at Wedding Prep Gals. Don't we look cozy?

I was very excited to wear my new robe, as well. I chose the turquoise, because it's a hot color right now, and my only other robe is black, so I thought it would be nice to add a little variety to my loungewear. The robe really does feel like silk, better than silk, if that's even possible. It's so soft, and almost cream-like against the skin. It's lightweight, but it isn't super thin. The robe actually has a little substance to it, but doesn't feel weighty. I felt like a princess as I slipped into my new robe, and didn't want to take it off before bedtime!

My robe was embroidered with my initial. I am really starting to take to things having an 'O' on them, and I think it looks lovely on the front of the robe.

The robe fits me beautifully, and even matches my very favorite yoga pants!

I love the length of the robe. It hits just above the knee (on me- I'm 5'5"), and I am pleased to say that the robe stays put. The tie stays tied- inside and out, and the robe doesn't 'fly away' on me, and get caught on anything. The heavier material keeps it where it's meant to be, without making the garment feel heavy on my body. The sleeves are also a wonderful length. I have long arms and legs, and often run into the problem of of my sleeves being too short. The sleeves on the robe end right above my wrists, which is perfect for keeping me nice and warm.

View of the back of the robe- again, kimono style, yet modern. The robe can be embroidered across the back, as an option.

One of the best features of the robes from Wedding Prep Gals, is that the waist tie is actually attached to the back of the robe. I love this, because it means that the tie won't slip and fall off, or go missing! I can't tell you how many robes I have had that have lost their ties! I feel like a princess, lounging in the finest silk when I wear this robe. It's the first thing that I slip into each morning, and I even slip back into after my morning shower, wearing it while I fix my hair and make up my face for the day.

Kimono Style Plain Robe (Turquoise) 1

Features of the Kimono Style Robes from Wedding Prep Gals

Made from 100% polyester Charmeuse. Feels like silk, but machine wash and dry.
* Modern fit with kimono sleeves, hits above the knee.
* Sizes available are x-small to x-large, fits both small and large frames. Sizing Chart
Plus Sizes available!
*Manufactured locally in sunny Los Angeles, California.
*Permanently attached tie so it won’t come off unexpectedly.
* Functional deep pockets to hold all your valuables for your special day.
Available in 22 colors, staring at $24.00 (for adults)

Check out some of the beautiful options available from Wedding Prep Gals...

Kimono Style Plain Robe (Coral)

Kimono Style Plain Robe (Emerald Green) 1
Emerald Green

Kimono Style Rhinestone Back Robe (Plus Sizes All Colors) 1
Rhinestone Back Title

Kimono Style Customized Name on Front Embroidered Robe 1
Name on Front

There are so many gorgeous colors and customization options available from Wedding Prep Gals. I love that they offer so many different colors, which makes it easier for brides to match their colors for their bridesmaids. I also love that you can purchase plain robes, or have them embroidered with thread or even rhinestones- with full names, monograms or just initials on the front or across the back!

If you or someone you know is getting married, these bridal party robes would make a beautiful gift, and make the time spent together all the more memorable. With Valentine's Day just a couple of weeks away, why not order a beautiful robe for your little prince or princess? Guys- how about a luxurious robe for the queen of your heart? Every gal deserves to feel extra beautiful, even when she's just lounging at home. These would also make wonderful gifts for a birthday, Mother's Day, graduation, baby showers (gift for the mommy-to-be), get well/recovery, etc.

Want It? Buy It!

Head on over to Wedding Prep Gals and take a look at their beautiful selection of high quality bridal party robes. You'll definitely want to take a look at the beautiful robe gallery, to take a look at some photos of brides and their bridesmaids enjoying their beautiful robes on the bride's special day. You can also connect with Wedding Prep Gals on Facebook, or visit their shop on Etsy.

Special thanks to Dolores and friends at Wedding Prep Gals for allowing me to review one of their beautiful robes, and for sending one along for my little prince, as well!

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Getting to Know You Thursdays with Jess

Thanks for dropping by to get to know the MBP team of bloggers a little better. This week, we're catching up with MBP Sr. Contributor, Jess Harris.

Good Eats – What’s For Dinner Tonight?
My amazing hubby has Thursdays off so he likes to cook for me. I think we’re having Cajun chicken pasta, one of his specialties.

Whatcha Reading?
Sadly, nothing… any good suggestions??

Listening to Anything Good?
I’ve got a couple of songs on my repeat list. Top 3 are: Say Something by A Great Big World, Pompeii by Bastille, and I'm slightly embarrassed by this but, Story Of My Life by One Direction.

Whatcha Been Watching?
Well since The Walking Dead is on midseason break I’ve been watching some of our other favorite shows: Grim, CSI, and Major Crimes.

I Dreamed a Dream of…
I’ve been having a lot of dreams about being back in school and forgetting about classes I’ve registered for. Not helpful for a good nights sleep!

I am so done with…
Snow days!!! As a teacher I don’t want to keep making up these random days off. They are super annoying!!!

Silliest thing this week…
The giant Flinstones size steak on of Josh’s coworkers ate at our company dinner. It was 48oz and had an 18in bone. It was huge!

What I'm looking forward to…
Warmer weather! Not hot by any means but like 75, that would be perfect!!! 

Thanks for catching up with me this week! 
I'd love to hear how you've been doing this week, too! Leave your answer to one of the questions listed above in a comment, if you feel like it!

Have a great Thursday!


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Juppy Baby Walker Review and Giveaway

**Since we at MBP like to bring an assortment of things to our readers, it makes sense that we offer a range of newborn items right now. We searched around for some of the best companies we could find and we have been blessed with some amazing products.**
Baby C is crawling already and I know what is coming next. Standing up, cruising, and oh my gosh-walking! The last 7 months have flown by with her and I can't even believe our baby is so big. She is super independent and wants nothing more than to keep up with B and S, so I know she will be ready to walk by her first birthday.
S was a different story, she was much happier just letting someone help her and although she could walk independently, she chose not to. We spent months on end holding both hands, one hand, one pinkie, she just did not want to let go. This was fine had she wanted to just be in one place, but she wanted to go, which led to us constantly doing the hunch over and let her walk with us. I so wish we had discovered this company back when S was a baby, our lives would have been so much simpler and I know in the next few months, we are going to be so thankful we have them in our lives now.
The Juppy Baby Walker company has parents in mind, as well as safety for babies just learning to walk. The Juppy is a 100% cotton, machine washable, one size fits most (up to 30 pounds), parent assisted baby walker. Check out this video to see what a Juppy Baby Walker can do for you!

I worked with Mayra, who asked us to review and share The Juppy Baby Walker with all of our readers. I quickly jumped at the chance, knowing our experience with S was more challenging and with Baby C getting bigger, this would be a great opportunity. Mayra promptly shipped out our Juppy Baby Walker and in no time at all, our package had arrived.

So fun! Our Juppy Baby Walker package is here!
Checking out the goods-can't wait for Baby C to try it out soon.
Inside we first found this informational sheet about the Juppy Baby Walker.
The Juppy is safe, simple, and affordable-it retails for under $30. It shows us the before and after of what using the Juppy can do for the parents. It also lets us know that the Juppy is loved by children, parent preferred, and doctor approved. I am so interested in seeing the Juppy in action. Remember this is not a carrier, this is a walker.
The Juppy is available in three colors-blue, pink, and yellow and can also be personalized for an additional charge. We chose the pink, since with most of our baby gear we picked neutral items, it is nice to get pink stuff too.
The Juppy comes in a convenient carry bag and will fit perfectly in a diaper bag or purse and comes with detailed user instructions.
The Juppy is well made, the material is strong and well put together. It is a soft fabric and does not seem to be scratchy or irritating to delicate baby skin. There are two Velcro straps that overlap a zipper for added safety too. There are also hand grips on the straps for extra parent comfort while using.
It is also super simple to use. I had S demonstrate with her Josie since Baby C is not quite big enough yet.
You first adjust the straps to the shortest length possible so your arms are straight. I am on the shorter side-5'4" and the Juppy was a great fit for me to stand without hunching over. I could see where someone much taller might still have to bend some, but not much. This is great, no back breaking from constantly leaning over. Next, place the baby on your lap and slide the Juppy up and over their legs, just like a pair of pants. You then zip the back of the Juppy over and secure the Velcro straps. Finally, carefully stand baby up while holding on to the straps and you are on the go.

As soon as Baby C is pulling up to standing, I will be grabbing my Juppy to get her moving on her own. She will be so thrilled to be getting around like big brother and sister do and I can't wait to help her do it.

Want It? Buy It!
Is your little one close to walking? The Juppy Baby Walker is just what you need! You can also follow The Juppy Baby Walker on Facebook or Twitter. Check out The Juppy Baby Walker on YouTube for some great action too. The Juppy Baby Walker also has a blog with tons of information, read more here.
Want It? Win It!
One MBP reader will win a Juppy Baby Walker, winners choice of color. Just use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter to win. Remember- if the entry field appears in BOLD, it's mandatory.

Thanks so much to Mayra and Juppy Baby Walker!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sneak Peek at Disney's MALEFICENT

If you happened to watch the 56th Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday night, then you probably saw the 90 second sneak peek at Disney's upcoming release, MALEFICENT.

Amazing, right? Award-winning, American singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey has recorded a unique reimagining of the renowned fairy-tale tune from Disney’s classic animated film “Sleeping Beauty,” which will feature in the end credits of the upcoming Disney film.  

Lana Del Rey’s “Once Upon a Dream” is free for a limited time, only on Google Play, Google’s online store offering digital music, movies, books, games and more. The song was made available as a free download today and will be available exclusively on Google Play through Monday, February 3rd []. 

Grab the song while you can, and mark your calendars for this exciting theatrical release! We can't wait to see it! Sleeping Beauty is my husband's favorite tale!

Do you plan to see Disney's Maleficent?

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Wordless Wednesdays: Waiting on the Snow

The weather dudes forcasted that we would get some snow on Tuesday. Since it like, never snows in NC (except for the mountains), were wanted to do 'snow day' activities in hopes that we'd see a little white stuff. We decided to make marshmallow and gumdrop igloos, while we waited on the snow.

B, stuffing marshmallows into his mouth...

Stacking the marshmallows...

...and here's the finished igloo.

Now we just need Pingu the penguin to come over and play... weird little thing (see below). Oh yeah, and snow... we need some snow.

I mean- weird, right? B loves Pingu, though- thinks he's hilarious.

AND... did snow! Not much, but enough to cover most of the ground and the roads, plus there's some ice under the snow. So, looks like we'll be having a snow day after all! Schools are closed and church activities are cancelled for the day/night. As soon as everyone wakes up, we'll be heading out to play in the powdery snow.

Have a beautiful Wednesday...

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