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Day Trips and Destinations: We're Heading to the Circus!

Happy Friday, all! After a week of near zero temperatures and snow and ice, we're ready to see a little warm-up this weekend. We've been hanging around at home, because it's been too icy to go very far. Today, however, it looks as though the snow is mostly melted, the sun is out and we're ready to hit the road and have some fun!

I saw a post in my Facebook news feed a couple of days ago from someone who said they saw the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus Train rolling through town. No doubt they were headed to Charlotte, preparing to unload the animals and the performers and set up for Built to Amaze at Time Warner Cable Arena.

We are super excited, because we are heading to TWCA tonight to check out the show! As much as I hated not to be able to go for opening night on Wednesday, and I so happy for the opportunity to go this evening! Last year's show was incredible, and it happened to be little man's first time at the circus. I have been talking the show up all week, and he's so excited to see the animals, he could burst!

If you're in the Charlotte area, there's still time to purchase tickets to the show! Built to Amaze runs at Time Warner Cable Arena (uptown) through February 2nd. For show schedule, to purchase tickets and for more information, please click here.

We're ready to be amazed, and I'll be back on Saturday to post my recap of the show! I can't wait to show you my photos! Hope you all have a fantastic Friday!

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  1. I've gotten to go the see that one time out of my whole life. I think my children would love it. Enjoy your event! I'm sure the kiddos will.

  2. We took the kids to the circus a few months ago, and they had such a great time!

  3. We go to the circus every year it doesn't matter how old my daughter is!

  4. I went to see the awesome Circus when it was in town last year, and I took my niece and nephew and we had a blast seeing all of the animals and the excitement. You will have so much fun!

  5. Oh my goodness, I haven't seen the Barnum and Bailey Circus since I was a child and living in NYC. We took the kids to a one ring tiny circus this past summer and they enjoyed themselves, well, I guess i did too, but just not the same!


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