Wordless Wednesdays: Waiting on the Snow

The weather dudes forcasted that we would get some snow on Tuesday. Since it like, never snows in NC (except for the mountains), were wanted to do 'snow day' activities in hopes that we'd see a little white stuff. We decided to make marshmallow and gumdrop igloos, while we waited on the snow.

B, stuffing marshmallows into his mouth...

Stacking the marshmallows...

...and here's the finished igloo.

Now we just need Pingu the penguin to come over and play... weird little thing (see below). Oh yeah, and snow... we need some snow.

I mean- weird, right? B loves Pingu, though- thinks he's hilarious.

...it did snow! Not much, but enough to cover most of the ground and the roads, plus there's some ice under the snow. So, looks like we'll be having a snow day after all! Schools are closed and church activities are cancelled for the day/night. As soon as everyone wakes up, we'll be heading out to play in the powdery snow.

Have a beautiful Wednesday...

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  1. Love this post, so cute! Don't worry I can send you some of the snow we have here in MI. LOL Love the igloo idea :0)


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